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Is America a republic?

Yes ! The charlatan must go. Slong with the democratic party members who blindly supported him.

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Terry Weston replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Maricopa County Officials Admit to Deleting Election Data After Receiving a Subpoena From AZ Senate
"Then these demo-commies need to be charged, prosecuted and JAILED !"
Oct 8, 2021
Terry Weston commented on Admin Dee's blog post Liberal Blogger: If Ben Carson Runs for President, He'll Play the Role of 'Black Avenger for White Self-Pity'
"I bet you right now. That the liberals will find some woman or women who will claim Ben sexually harassed them like they did to Cain in 2012. You watch ! They'll try anything. NEVER trust a liberal !"
May 18, 2014
Terry Weston commented on Richard R. Allen's blog post Who is the American Anarchist
"People don't know they're history anymore. It was the democrats who opposed the civil rights act that corrupt nasty ole LBJ signed into law. If it hadn't been for the republicans ? The blacks would still by unable to live anywhere, shop anywhere,…"
Apr 27, 2013
Terry Weston commented on Richard R. Allen's blog post Who is the American Anarchist
"Hey   Janice Bloomfield the only prayer we need right now. Is put your faith in god. But keep your powder dry ! Let them step on it one last time. The southern racist democrats (What so sad and most people refuse to see is that the real racists are…"
Apr 27, 2013
Terry Weston commented on Richard R. Allen's blog post Who is the American Anarchist
"Let the shooting start right after the first rookie cop (No veteran police officer would be that stupid.) goes up to the first innocent private home with a warrent to confiscate any firearms on the premises. Then pulls a Waco killing some or all…"
Apr 27, 2013
Terry Weston commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Should U.S. Supreme Court Overturn Michigan Anti-Affirmation Action Vote
"Affirmative action has been a disaster from the word go ! It's nothing but another thing the liberals put into place to get votes and feel good about their racist selves. It's a lie ! It does a huge diservice to it's suppose to help. Look at BHO ?…"
Apr 5, 2013
Terry Weston commented on Carol B's blog post WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN FACED WITH SWAT TEAM WITH BOLO 4 YOU ?
"People ! My friends. Now is the time to watch your and each others's back. This is the begining of the police state of the socialist/communist/Libtard'NAZI state. They will use any excuse to arrest and throw you into those concentration camps that…"
Mar 25, 2013
Terry Weston commented on Daniel Detwiler's blog post Is martial law the ultimate goal?
"It doesn't matter how may exe-orders BHO wrote. What matters is that this commie/muslumbrotherhood plant in the White House. Screamed loudly about Bush writing exe-orders and he is going crazy writing them. What matters is he is laying the ground…"
Jan 31, 2013
Terry Weston commented on David M Batten's blog post Obama Administration Silent After Egyptian Constitution Restores Slavery
"HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS...... it worked once in our History... Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the…"
Jan 25, 2013

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