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our government  is not going to investigate or do anything to its self,,,,we have a president who is fastly becoming a dictator with the help of the democrats and The senate,,,and yesterday the President Delayed Yet another portion of Obamacare,,,which he has no right to do,,,,the president can only enforce the law,,,that is until Obama came along and now he can just shout orders from the white house ,,,without the congress,,,and as long as he has the senate nothing will ever get done,,,and NOW he even stated he has a pen and a phone and he will just executive order whatever he wants,,,,need I remind The People HE IS NOT A KING AND DOES NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT,,,,BUT he is a TYRANT and if he cant get it his way he will just executive order it,,,,and NOW POTUS BECOMES KOTUS,,, KING of UNITED STATES

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