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March 28

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?


Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises?

Yes! It would be a start but there is more than one bad apple and this basket is starting to stink.

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

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Ted DeMatteo for US Congress replied to Bob Walker's discussion How to stop emails? in Help Desk
I like that.  I was just using one file but I think you are managing even better with monthly files.
You are so right.  In 2014 we must win back our freedoms. 
Jan 24, 2014
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress replied to Bob Walker's discussion How to stop emails? in Help Desk
Go to your Settings and open it.  On the right will be a tab emails.  Click on this.  From here you can adjust emails you want to receive and those you don't.
An easier way, is to create a separate in box.  This way all your messages, that…"
Jan 24, 2014
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress posted a blog post
Owning my own business I thought I was pretty safe from this happening.  So, I have MS, which for me is very controllable with medication.  As usual, I called in my prescription and this year, it was denied by my Insurance Provider. A week later,…
Jan 21, 2014
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Keeping God In Pledge of Allegiance Faces New Legal Attack on America’s Soul
"Well, I will post a comment to this and apologize if it is an old subject.
However, The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Mens Charitable organization was very instrumental in having those words added to our pledge of allegiance.  It is not something…"
Jan 7, 2014
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress commented on Rev. Paul P Waldmiller's blog post 2014-Your Job-Clean Out The House, All Of It !
"Dear Reverend
I am running for Congress as an Independent.  It is a very difficult task with very little financial support.  However, it is time that someone did something to take back America and stand up for what is right.  Our current system is…"
Jan 7, 2014
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress replied to Gary Doering's discussion Videos not loading in Help Desk
"I think you first need to delete your photo and then you can change it. "
Dec 28, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress replied to David Kriegh's discussion Chat Room in Help Desk
"To be honest.  I have to wonder about this site.  I have never seen anything posted I started and some may have just been censored.
I am still trying to figure out what the donations go to other than administrative costs.
Ted "
Dec 27, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress posted a blog post
Dec 16, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress posted a blog post
Here we go again. Election year 2014,is almost upon us.This week, or what is left of it will focus on the budget. By Friday, Congress will announce a true Bi-Partisan bill that although had some give and take on both sides, is best for the country.…
Dec 11, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress left a comment for Mercy Huss
I sent you a friend rquest because I noticed you ran as an Independent.  I forgot to attach a message first.  I wanted to compare notes as I am doing the same thing.  Don't give up hope. 
Dec 2, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress commented on Ted DeMatteo for US Congress's blog post What is the point of this movement?

I didn't say you don't have a point, I was saying what is the point in asking for help from you for the last month. All I have heard is your going to sometime in the future make a candidate section. I would say that is a little late from…"
Nov 28, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress posted a blog post
I ask myself this because I am in line with the Movements beliefs and values to the letter.  Yet, I have taken one further step and have committed to run for Congress in 2014.  I have the desire to commit the time, run on self imposed term limits…
Nov 28, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress left a comment for Larry McAdams
"Thanks Larry. I love the IPad and just can't embrace Windows 8. I may have to just stay with my 6 lb Windows XP Laptop:)

Nov 11, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress left a comment on Help Desk
"I have been trying to post comments and send Director Dee a message. The send button does not seem to do anything. Is it the IPad or something else I am missing?"
Nov 11, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress left a comment for Claudine C. Hale
Did you live in PA at one time?

Ted "
Nov 10, 2013
Ted DeMatteo for US Congress left a comment on
"Joe, thank you for the personal email.  I wish I could vote in your district, I sure pay enough in NY taxes that I should be able to.  The 9th of November in Texas means the first day to declare my intent as an Independent Candidate.  The final…"
Nov 8, 2013

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  • Thank you for inviting me.  I will help the Tea Party movement any way I can. I also will be watching to see how things go in your run for Congress and to see if our views are similar.  

    Thank you again,



  • Hi Ted -  I did not RUN as an independent, for anything, I just registered as an Independent.  I worked my tail off for the last election, campaigning, phone banking, sign waving, donating, started a 9-12 group, networked, brought in speakers, trained poll workers, worked the polls, got involved with Freedom Works, supporting candidates and causes and Tea Party groups locally, etc.  After the election I am convinced that there is no hope left for this country for a political solution; I think we are going downhill with no brakes and I for one am through dragging my foot in the dirt to try to slow it down.  I supported the GOP totally, thought they were the last best hope this country had to counteract the "progressive" siege engine that has coopted the Democrat party.  But after the antics of the GOP machine lately, I'm DONE with them.  I have nothing but respect and appreciation for those few brave souls like Cruz, Lee, Gohmert, Paul, etc., who dare to take on the fury both of the Demonrats and the GOP power brokers.  However, I think that the corruption in this country, in the behemoth, incestuous tangle of crony corporate/governmentism, the fraud that has taken over our election system, and the depth and breadth of the conspiracy, YES, conspiracy to consolidate power and disenfranchise and control the people, is beyond repair.  We are going to have to melt down before we can rebuild.  And the schism in the GOP, which I applaud, because challenging the institutionalized lies that are running the show now on both sides is necessary, is going to make it impossible to have a prayer to defeat the Dems.   My feeling at this point is, let's roll.  It's going to be ugly.  But I'm through wasting my precious energy trying to forestall the inevitable, and I think I can better focus my energy on preparing to withstand it, and helping others be prepared for the next phase.  I keep my mouth open, have a rabid Facebook page that my conservative friends are always thanking me for and my last "progressive" so called friends have dumped long ago, but other than just telling the truth no matter what names I am called, I'm putting all my energy now into preparedness.  I am running a prepper group, helping my friends/neighbors be prepared for TSTHF.  At some point, I believe that prophecy tells us those of us who love God, love liberty and love our Constitution who are left standing will be able to help rebuild our community and our nation, as truly one nation under God, under our Savior Jesus Christ.  Until then, I'm just all about standing for the truth in whatever way or venue I have the opportunity to, and just trying to put oil in my lamp. :-S  Best of luck in your political endeavors. 

  • Ted, im fairly new my self, and im not aware if there could be problems with ipads,  I noticed your from Conroe, im in Sour Lake near Beaumont, someone will be able to help, it may take a bit to get back to you. Thanks for your patience.

  • Welcome Ted!



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