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Liberty versus Tyranny

Normally I don't blog about political matters. However, today I will break that silence. Why? Like many of you, I have become quite concerned with America and the direction in which it is heading. As Mark Levin says, we are now living in "Ameritopia."

Under the Obama doctrine, we live under authoritarian and an ever-growng bureaucratic rule. Congress--and that includes progressive Republicans--has fallen in goose-step line with him and his marxist agenda. So has the Supreme Court, thanks to John Roberts whose vote ordained the Obamacare law as "constitutional." (In truth, Roberts rewrote the law as a tax to satisfy those who promoted it as a penalty. Tax. Penalty. What's the difference?) It is amazing to me how a [unconstitutional] law, which no one in D.C. has ever read, can dictate to We the People what we can and cannot do in regard to our own health care.

Sadly, there's more--much more. As Dr. Levin contends, we live in a form of soft tyranny. This president has lied to us time and time again. Examples: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and NSA scandals. I never thought I would say this in my lifetime, but we live under the heel of a dictator whom the print media have embraced and who has with his snake-oil charm and propaganda duped the American people into voting for him twice. Very sad.

One of the things that really irks me about this bureaucratic government takeover of our liberties is the mistreatment of our military personnel, their families and our veterans. They are losing the very benefits for which they fought, and in many instances gave their lives. This is outrageous. A prime example of this abomination is the purposeful maneuver of the Veterans Administration of putting veteran benefits on hold. Many of our heroes have waited several years just for their applications to be reviewed. And what have our elected officials done to fix this problem? Nothing.

But I won't stand by idly. I will continue to do whatever I can, mostly through the net proceeds of the sales of my military novels, to financially help our disabled and homeless veterans. It is the best way I know to demonstrate my cause to help our military and veterans, all of whom gave so much so that I might live in freedom. Please join me in doing whatever you can in saving our great constitutional republic from the iron-fisted tyranny in which we now find ourselves. With God's help, we will win in the end.

God bless America!

T. K. Marion

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