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December 8

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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  • Steven...

    Was wondering...if you'd mind contacting me at my "regular" email address?:    Love4AllCritters@gmail.com


  • I think you are an infilitrator.

  • Hello Steven... 1st Sergeant 

    I am honored at your request. Thank you.

    I live in Montana, but am currently in northern Utah...and will be moving to God-knows where ? Haven't decided if I want to live in the woods, or get with like-minded "brothers". :>) 

    See my web site:

    Community Preparedness Information 

    ...of course, you may already know much of this......but what I do have posted, is sufficient to get folks started.

    Stay strong, and if you're close by, let's connect !

    Arthur Evangelista, PhD


    Community Preparedness & Neighborhood Security Operations Projects
  • Thanks Steven. It's time to
    stand together as one!
  • Hi Steven, thank you for inviting me to be your friend. I appreciate it.

  • Thank you for your friend request. I'm honored to accept.

  • Top,

    This illegal immigrant housing issue appears to be really bogus. The idea that HHS is offering $7000 per month for foster housing is way too expensive.  The federal gov't (GSA) has millions of sq. ft. of vacant buildings around the country. Why dump these kids/families off on private citizens? Secondly, every state NG has a National Guard Camp that has barracks and associated buildings. Let them bunk in those facilities. I don't buy the idea that Obama needs 3.7 Billion for the current crisis.

  • I'm honored that you would send me a friend  request!   

  • Thanks for the invite, "Top"!!  My 1SG in Vietnam at first objected to me calling him "Top", but he got used to it when he knew I meant it in the most respectful way!!  He kept me straight!  Having spent 6 years enlisted, I KNEW that he had his stuff together!!

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