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Evidently, Tea Party members are not welcome at the Monsanto protest rally.  I can't believe this page won't allow me to paste my post here.  I'm not about to write it all again.  Anyone interested see the story on Facebook/GOD and Country Patriots. 

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My Awakening 2012

For eleven years I've been hacking at the branches of America's woes, searching for a place to strike the root.   So often I thought I knew the answers, until they seemed too simple.  So many factors muddied the water which was already reflecting a distorted picture.  And now I know that was by design.  Our entire social structure has been controlled and designed to manipulate and divide us to distraction from the root of the problem.  And I have not only been aware, but actually spending my own time, resources and money trying to make others aware.  I think the degree of difficulty opening peoples eyes wore me down to the point where I began to doubt my own theory and doubt myself.

But one unwavering constant brought me back around, and that is the Truth.  You can't change TRUTH.  It will never let you down, if you stand by it, it will be your sword and shield, no matter what.  And I was in a very unique position of being privy to a first hand chance encounter with it through a mainstream media screw up.  I just happened to hear it the one and only time it was aired on public radio.  At the time, I thought to myself how odd a story it was, and who would care about such nonsense.  It didn't seem news worthy.  What made it stick in my mind even more was that it was never repeated.  Very odd for the station which became monotonous by the end of each day.  Why was this one story pulled from the rotation?

Many years later, it came back to my mind like a lightning strike, when I discovered Aaron Russo, and listened to his testimony as he told it to Alex Jones in an interview.  And at the time, Aaron knew he was dying of bladder cancer.  All of a sudden the story of an elite banking family disowning and cutting the inheritance of one of their children made perfect sense to me.  He was hardly a child as I'd visioned him from the news story.  I won't go into detail, but you can find the story online easily.  Search for Aaron Russo / Nick Rockefeller.  In order to gain favor from Aaron, a Hollywood producer, Nick revealed deep dark family secrets about banking.  Having all the wealth and power imaginable, Nick wanted to be a movie producer, and told Aaron how 9 /11 would occur, which would lead to the United States invading Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela.  And how it would lead to a never ending war, chasing people around in caves fighting an enemy we could never define.  Truth is stranger than fiction.

Aaron said, that if we could put all our differences aside, just long enough to all concentrate on abolishing the Federal Reserve System, all the other issues would pretty much dissolve themselves.  I was never quite sure why, but finally, I understand, these problems like immigration, war, gun rights, religious friction, and so on, are all designed to divide us as a people.  While we are occupied fighting each other, we're too busy to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. 

Fractional banking by design, can only work as long as people continue to create debt.  Something else every American should learn about.  But since the recent bubbles leaving many Americans broke and homeless, many have tried to drop off the grid, stop using credit, saving money, investing in land, bullion, and generally creating a toxic environment for bankers.  Our government is bought and paid for, creating yet another smoke screen.  They wrap themselves in Old Glory and create the illusion that everything they do is in our interest, when nothing could be farther from the truth.  I'm relieved to realize that I made the right decision voting for Ron Paul in the GOP primary election, since he is the only one not ready and willing to bomb Iran off the Earth.  Yes.. hang my head in shame!  I too bought into the justification of preemptive strikes on nations who were minding their own damn business just before America bombed the hell out of them.  They were never a threat to America.  And when that was clear, we were sold the story that America has a moral obligation to provide stability and democracy to every corner of the globe.  What a crock of steaming shit!  We have only gone to war to exploit the oil from these countries, so the corporations can get wealthy, and the bankers fund both sides of every damn war, so they never loose.  They must keep that perpetual debt rising to survive.  But now, the house of cards it falling.  No nation on Earth with a fiat economy has ever survived, yet American's are just naive enough to believe that we are special.  We can be different.  


For so long, I had all the pieces to this puzzle, and have only now finally worked them all into place.  Like Ned Beatty said in the movie Shooter, "There are no Shiites and Sunni's... there's no Democrats and Republicans.. there's only haves and have nots!"  

I can no longer wrap myself in the stars and stripes, and call these so called terrorists towel heads when I know in my heart that 9 11 was a false flag operation to get us into these wars to create debt for the richest people on Earth, or all time.  I won't make fun of the Occupy people because I realize, these bankers have enough wealth to support every American completely for the next hundred years.  And I can no longer support our military, when I know they're killing people every day globally in the name of democracy.  Ain't that a joke.  And I have lost sleep over wondering if they will come smashing my door down at some point in time and march my family and me off to some unlawful place never to be seen again. 

This is not to say I abandoned the 3% concept, and that I won't fight to the death to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  But finally it is crystal clear to me exactly who perpetuates all of the unrest, and threats to America.  For the most part, these foreign nations we're at war with are defending themselves, as Ron Paul said; "What would we do if some super power surrounded us with military bases and was bombing us all the time?"  The bankers are creating policy and paying governments to create wars.  They are evil people.  They are the scum of the Earth.  They have no conscience or morality, and these laws that our government creates to protect themselves and the bankers are meaningless against The Truth.   It will only be a matter of time, and soon at hand, before Americans literally are dragging these bankers , and their inbred offspring into the streets and if not hanging them, taking them into custody for trial by their peers.   Their institutions burned to the ground, and family blood lines wiped from the face of the Earth may not be as radical as it sounds, if it's done in the name of peace, and freedom.


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When will Americans draw a line in the sand?  When is enough enough?  The federal government has one predominant responsibility, and that is to protect us.  We the people.  They seem to do everything except that.  Allowing corporations to poison our food and then make laws to protect the special interests is criminal. 


The vast majority of elected representatives get wealthy during their terms.  That's not supposed to happen.  So how exactly does it?  Wall Street CEO's, food and farm corporations, unions, environmental groups and the like rain money down on politicians in return for favors.  Favors that in many cases do great harm to the nation and its people to make a small group of elite wealthy cronies more powerful, and rich. 

The end result of this will, as our current president proclaimed in his election propaganda, "Fundamentally change America."  But he didn't tell us it would be from a free Republic, to a Socialist Oligarchy.  And the people, about 50% of them bought it hook line and sinker.  The current administration is blatantly without exception or apology destroying the middle class before our eyes.  And who stands up in protest?  Yes, maybe the Occupy loonies,  but they self destructed without a clear message and purpose.  So... where do we go from here? 

" Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." Daniel Webster U.S. Senator fron NY(1850)
It is clear that our government has no regard for our welfare.  The class warfare will end one way, with the middle class being taxed and burdened with regulation until we are all dependent one the elite corporations and government.  We can barely go to our E-mail without finding some sort of petition to call or write congress to do "Make the right choice," about something or other.  Really?  Is that what we have to do?  I thought we voted these people n to stand up, grow a spine, and do the right thing  for us.  That's why they make the big bucks and are compensated for life.  It is time my friends to draw a line in the sand.  Individually, or as a whole.  America's problems will never be solved from the top down, because the elite masters couldn't  care less about us.
We need to take control from the bottom up, and refuse to participate in the rules of their oligarchy.  They areNOTour masters.  and government is supposed to depend on its people, the people are not supposed to depend on their government.  Are there ways to do this?  Absolutely.  We can find every little way to not play their game, by refusing to depend on them.  If a corporation is doing us harm, starve them to death by not using their products.  I could write volumes on how to do this but the information is available for the taking on the internet. 
As I write this, our private militias are ready, willing, and more than able to do what is necessary to save our Republic.  Our government is unsure of where our own military will stand when we are finally backed against the wall of survival so they have made alliances with foreign nations and private mercenary armies.  Hired goons paid to do their will when they discover that our own soldiers will stand with the people and private militia's when we are forced into servitude. 
I implore every American to prepare for what is to come.  Militia leaders have already spoken before congress and warned them what American people will do if they don't back off of us now.  Each of us must become totally self sufficient now, and the government cut down to the bare necessities.  It's not a matter of Left and Right, but a matter of Right and Wrong.  We must all work together and fix this out of control government before the Tree of Liberty requires fertilizing again.
Arm yourself with knowledge, starting with the article above, and protect yourself and your loved ones, and hopefully we can prevent the next violent revolution, because it is closer than you can possibly imagine right now.
4063440111?profile=originalThis is what they look like when they have all our guns,
4063440157?profile=originalThis is what they look like when we shoot back.
But do we really want to go there?  It's up to you as an American.  Each and every individual how this end game will play out.  Four more years of the current regime in charge will put us over the top.  Four more years of someone else won't be much better, it will only buy us some time.  "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." ~ JFK
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Our Constitution's Value to Others

Our Constitution's Value to Others

Last week my lovely wife treated me to an all inclusive week at Puntacan in the Dominican Republic for our anniversary. At a rendezvous with some new friends at one of the bars, I struck up a conversation with a man seated beside me. "Serge' my friend from Moscow" as I greeted him for the rest of the week, as he would always greet me with a flamboyant "LARRY! My friend from Boston!" was on vacation with a group from Russia.

So, we started that conversation out upon meeting, and it soon turned to politics. I give Serge' credit for his grasp of the English language after only a three month study. I had to complete many sentences for him as he understood better than he spoke, often searching for words he knew but couldn't find. After much talk of freedom and fear, and the emergence of his nation, he said to me, "What we need now... is a constitution like America's" I took my pocket size copy out and placed it on the bar between us and said "You mean this one?" He put his arm around me and said "I can tell that you are a good man." At that moment, the Dominican waiter behind the bar stopped, and stared as if I had placed a ten pound gold brick on display.

I looked at this young man, and saw innocence and desire radiating from his expression as he asked me if there was ANY WAY I could get him a copy. It was my only one, somewhat smooth in the middle and worn on the edges from constant carry and use. I looked at Surge' and back at the waiter, and I say without shame, my eyes welled up, and I couldn't speak for a moment, which my wife who'd been engaged in conversation with others beside me noticed. She asked if I was ok. I could only nod that I was, and I pushed that copy of our most precious document across the bar to my other new friend. I hope it will in some way change his life for the better.

It was a most humbling experience to be abroad, and meet two people from two other countries, who expressed such reverence and respect for the operating manual for my own country. Especially since so many people around the world display hostility and hatred towards us with no apology, and total lack of appreciation for what we do globally. Though our government is often sickeningly shameless in their actions, I believe the majority of American people are generous and giving when we aren't being forced to help others.

That was the most rewarding and memorable moment I took away from that week in paradise. I realize now that there are others around the world who want what we have. Who don't see America as the evil empire so many portray us as being. With the governments out of the way, I believe that we can be friends with most people globally, without being a global society. Inherently, people are good, despite the few greedy elite poisoning their minions who we elect and grant power to, which they abuse. And it pains me every day when I see the complacency, lack of appreciation, and disrespect many American's have for this great gift our founding fathers gave us which we have to defend and preserve so diligently. A Republic's Constitution others so desire, respect, and yearn for.

When our backs get pushed against the wall. When evil crosses the line we draw in the sand. When we are finally forced to make our stand against evil, rest assured patriots, we will not stand alone.

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We mutually pledge to eachother...


The John Birch Society has provided this excellent video. I get tired of hearing so many news anchors, liberal bloggers, talking heads, politicians, and even Obama, referring to America as a "Democracy." I am saddened to see the political machine Democrats and Republicans alike prop up and manipulate foreign countries, while destroying the sovereignty of the nation they swore and oath to defend. I have seen great men go to Washington with a vision to restore America to it's former greatness, only to fall in lock step with the already entrenched sock puppet soldiers of the elite bankers who already rule most of the world. Our elected officials are like piranha, tearing this wounded nation to shreds. A death of a thousand cuts.

I can only imagine what leads them to this traitorous behavior. It has been said only two factors lead people to action; "pleasure and pain." I believe that "Fear" is a variable of the pain which can drive good people to doing things they may never have dreamed themselves capable of. My theory is that once politicians get to Washington and find who holds power over the government, they are overwhelmed with the vast promises of wealth dangled before them. And if that is not enough of a motivational tool, they soon realize the unimaginable horrors which could be inflicted upon them if they fail to obey. A carrot and a switch moves the most stubborn mule. I say to all members of Congress who have been led astray, your greed and cowardice disgust me, and millions of patriotic American's like myself.

You have abused the powers entrusted to you by the people. You forget, you are not our masters, but our servants. We pay you to do a job, and you use your legislative powers to gain wealth and power, and write laws to strike fear into those who would confront you. You constantly remove God from public view, because you realize without God, the Constitution is meaningless. I deeply regret that Anthony Wayne and George Washington talked the Continental Army out of killing every member of Congress at one point. It might have set an example for the spineless members occupying those seats today, who make it a crime to even speak ill of them.

But I remind Congress now, from the Declaration of Independence, Action of Second Continental Congress, July 4, 1776:

"-- That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness... "

Congress would be advised to note there are over a hundred million Americans who do not share their fear and cowardice of the global bankers, who have like their elected representatives, sworn and oath to protect and defend America against all enemies, foreign, and domestic. The difference being, they will actually uphold their oath, and “we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

To those of you who have lost sight of what the Great Experiment is, and how blessed we all are to be citizens in this great nation, I urge you to take pause, and look at our history, and realize how fragile our freedom is, and how it is being eroded by those who nearly enslave us at this moment. Start by viewing the video above, and learn our history, and share it with everyone you can. Most of the world is already run by a global elite society and America is the last stronghold of freedom. If we lose freedom here, there is no place left to go. It is time to put down your proverbial plows and forge them into weapons. Virtually every state in the country has a private militia, and it is incumbent upon every American to serve in some aspect of support to them. You OWE it to your children, for though you may escape the slavery of a global government, your children surely will not unless YOU take a stand NOW.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."
~ Samuel Adams, debates of 1776

God bless you, and God bless America.


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Useful Tools

The OWS crowd is like a bad dream come back from the 60's.  Smelly camped out hippies from rich families protesting what? they haven't a clew.  Anything and everything, just as long as they can smoke dope and get by on the blood sweat and tears of OTHERS.   This motley crew of hired illegal immigrants holding signs they can't even read, SEIU thugs, union followers and college drop outs have individual messages for social justice.  They have no idea who Che or Mao really were; the millions of innocent lives they snuffed out in the name of communism, yet they don their shirts and signs.  Disgraceful uneducated children driven by selfish union corporations money.  Can you say "Hypocrite"?  


The concept of them representing 99% of Americans is a joke.  They aren't even the (imaginary) 9% unemployed, because those numbers are under inflated.  Since they have nowhere to be and nothing to do besides get high, defecate on public property, destroy and deface private property, and cause general inconvenience and cost to the general public, I think they should be rounded up, hosed down and fumigated, given clean jump suits to wear and some food, and put in holding pens to serve on jury duty, and perform some meaningful tasks to better the public areas, then sent home to their wealthy folks to coddle. 


Another week or so, and mother nature will send them home to their comfy Cambridge and Long Island homes.  They are nothing more than a flash in the pan.  A minor inconvenience.  Ignore them, and they will go away.  Do NOT let them instigate violence and involve the Tea Party.  This has the classic makings of the "Bottom up" portion of Cloward & Piven.  We are smarter than that.  The top has come down.  If we refuse to participate in the violence for the bottom up, there will be no "Inside out."  This is a conservative Christian based nation with a constitution.  If they don't like it, maybe Cuba will welcome them.

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