Wakefield, VA


June 4

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  • Hey:  Thanks making contact.  I enjoy talking with like minded people.  Not sure what I would be, was born in the Mid West, but have lived in GB for over 50 years.  Thanks for being in service to our Veterans, that is great.  If you have time visit www.nationallibertyalliance.org  it is a good site and they are doing something really great for America.  You may even want to join your state.

  • Yes, we do have patriots in MD.  Sounds strange I know, but we are here and working everyday to have more patriots.  Thanks for noticing.

  • I'm a Half Breed, half Southerner and half Northerner!

    My Mother was from the South and Father was from the North.

    I myself was born in NC!

    Born & Bred a Loyal Patriot of our US Constitutional Republic!

    I have dedicated a good portion of my life in being of service to our Veterans.

    My personal motto for my dedication is: “Forever Indebted, Dedicated Till Death”

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