Columbia, SC

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  •                                                  Dear Scot

    I'm not to good with a PC and Mine is sick as a dog, but it's all I have to fight with. But that is enough to get me in trouble. My email has been emptied out 3 times  they even took the trash and the spam, once they grabed one out from under my nose while I was reading it. But I hope that if I just keep yelling loud and long enough maybe I can make a difference.

    I heard from my 12 year old grandson at the end of last school year that they had started teaching the muslim religion in his school in Mt. Pleasant , SC.  I keep trying to  make a dent in the sate Capital.

    My PC is in bad shape. So I an never be sure of getting on line. But I'll give you my email address , In case you can't catch me on the tea party sight.


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