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Tea Party circles in East Tennessee might seem an unlikely environment for launching a Muslim organization. Will Coley, a 31-year-old Tennessee native, Muslim convert and Tea Party activist did just that.

His one person outreach project to Tea Party conservatives and libertarians grew into the first national organization countering Islamophobia on the Right.

Their message: Islam is compatible with an anti-big government or libertarian philosophy. They do not denounce sharia, but defend it within a libertarian framework. 

“Our approach is different,” says Coley. “We use principles within sharia like maqasid (primary goals) to show their connection with John Locke’s principles of life, liberty and property.”

Coley claims this strategy makes an impact.

“I have noticed everywhere we go it is about the same,” says Coley. “We talk to 50 people. The five to six that pointed the group in an anti-Islam direction still hate us, but the rest start thinking, researching.”

Most notably, in 2011 Coley persuaded the majority of Tea Party organizations in East Tennessee to take a stand against Islamophobia.

After speaking with fourteen Tea Party chapters about Muslim beliefs on liberty and sharia (Islamic religious law code), twelve of them agreed to reject anti-Muslim appeals. They even publically supported a petition opposing a proposed “sharia ban” in Tennessee.

Coley’s efforts drew the attention of members of the small but growing community of Muslim libertarians, especially after an initial article on the anti-Islamophobia website

Davi Barker, 31, a California journalist, national columnist at and blogger forSilver Circle Underground and Daily Anarchist, first contacted Coley to do a story on him. The two quickly began working closely together. Coley did the public presentations, and Barker writing on their philosophy of Islamic libertarianism. They were soon joined by Hesham El-Meligy, 41, from New England and Ramy Osman, 35, from Virginia.

The last two had started a website called, while Coley and Barker had independently started a Facebook group called Muslims For Liberty. They decided to combine forces.

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RT has reported that in a secretly unannounced move, President Barack Obama signed an executive order giving the Department of Homeland Security the ability to shut down all of the United States’ communications systems upon his request. Barack Obama laid out a statement he titled “Assignment of National Security Emergency Preparedness Communications Function”.  No doubt a very confusing title. The reasoning behind his issuing of this executive order, is that he feels the government may one day need to access all of our telephones, computers, cable communications, etc., in the name of national security.

“The Federal Government must have the ability to communicate at all times and under all circumstances to carry out its most critical and time sensitive mission.”

The American public should be concerned about what this “mission” could be. In a presidential election, one candidate’s mission may not be the same as his opponents. RT quotes the president as saying:

“Such communications must be possible under all circumstances to ensure national security, effectively manage emergencies and improve national security..”

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By, Schuyler Montague 

The act of beheading another human being has to be an example of man striving to reach his lowest common denominator within humanity.  Many Americans are completely unaware that beheadings are not just something that takes place “somewhere over there.”  In reality, there have actually been many cases of beheadings in the U.S. over the past decade, although you would never know it by observing the main stream media.  Almost all of these cases are suppressed or outright censored by government officials, agencies and media elites.  The primary reason for this being the “religion” of those carrying out the beheadings.  Islam.  Our current administration does not wish to disrupt the false-indoctrination of Islam being a peaceful and loving religion.

Within any society or culture that is inhabited by muslims there is a phenomena known as“Islam’s Rule of Numbers.”  Basically it states that; as the percentage of muslims in any society increases, so will the crime rate.  The crimes that always go up are instances of rape, child molestations, physical abuse to women, assaults, honor killings and murders.  Beheading is their preferred method of murder.  Often muslims will make up 5% of the population but account for 80% of the crimes.  This dichotomy has been experienced in every Western nation where muslim immigrants have moved in.  Below are just a few of the beheadings that have been committed by muslims in the U.S. over the past decade.

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by, Schuyler Montague

Blessed Greetings to you all from the people of America.  Congratulations to all of you on your recent success in your revolution for freedom.  Our hearts and our prayers are with you always.  In the face of adversity and tyranny, you joined together and let your voices for freedom be heard.  What courage and bravery your military exhibited, to announce to the world that.. “We stand with the people of Egypt.”  We have the highest level of respect and admiration for you all.

Please know that, we the people of America do not seek to involve ourselves in your political affairs.  Your analysis of Barack Hussein Obama is correct.  He is a supporter of terrorism.  He is a supporter of tyrants.  You clearly see the effects of his policies in Egypt and around the world, so just imagine what it is like to live under his rule.  He is not merely a supporter of terrorism and tyrants, but he is a terrorist and tyrant, himself.  The far majority of Americans do not support his foreign policies or his involvement in foreign wars.  He is destroying our nation and robbing us of our freedoms.   

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Kieran, 18, was heading to look for a job when Imran Hussain, 27, walked up to him and “without warning” stabbed him four times in the chest, Manchester Crown Court was told.

By, Manchester Evening News

A teenage gap-year student was knifed to death in the street in broad daylight by a “laughing” stranger in Manchester, a jury has heard.

Kieran Crump-Raiswell, 18, was heading to look for a job when Imran Hussain, 27, walked up to him and “without warning” stabbed him four times in the chest, Manchester Crown Court was told.

Witnesses to the shocking scene in Whalley Range said Hussain appeared to be “sniggering” as he ran to his car and drove off, jurors heard.

The killing was the second of two street assaults committed on total strangers within 12 days in January.

Mature student Hussain, from Bracknell, Berkshire, drove from his student flat in Coventry on January 4 and punched a man in the face in Nottingham and ran off.

On January 16, he travelled up to Manchester from Coventry.

Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, said: “It is the prosecution case that on this occasion, fortified by the apparent ease at which a stranger could be attacked, this time he travelled to Manchester armed with a knife and intending to kill someone.”

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by, Wirral Globe / (Thank you to BNI)

A 26-year-old former soldier from Moreton has died after being attacked in the town of Rugby in the early hours of Sunday morning.

David Ryding was so badly injured he was put on a life-support machine at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire.

A statement from Warwickshire Police today said: “It soon became apparent that nothing could be done to save him and life was pronounced extinct at 3.30am this morning and his life-support machine has been turned off.”

Police arrested a 21-year-old man from Rugby on suspicion of murder following the incident, which occurred at 5am on Sunday, at the Clock Tower in Market Place, Rugby.

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By Andrew R. Milburn

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew R. Milburn, USMC, is assigned to Special Operations Command, Europe, Future Operations (J3).

There are circumstances under which a military officer is not only justified but also obligated to disobey a legal order. In supporting this assertion, I discuss where the tipping point lies between the military officer’s customary obligation to obey and his moral obligation to dissent. This topic defies black-and-white specificity but is nevertheless fundamental to an understanding of the military professional’s role in the execution of policy. It involves complex issues—among them, the question of balance between strategy and policy, and between military leaders and their civilian masters.

Any member of the military has a commonly understood obligation to disobey an illegal order; such cases are not controversial and therefore do not fall within the purview of this article. Instead, the focus is on orders that present military professionals with moral dilemmas, decisions wherein the needs of the institution appear to weigh on both sides of the equation. Whether the issuer of the order is a superior officer or a civilian leader, the same principles apply. However, because issues at the strategic level of decisionmaking have greater consequences and raise wider issues, I focus on dissent at this level.

In the face of such a dilemma, the military professional must make a decision, which cannot simply owe its justification to the principle of obedience, and must take responsibility for that decision. But when and on what grounds should the officer dissent? And how should he do so? I offer three propositions:

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by, Schuyler Montague

As many of us Americans watch the events unfold in Egypt, it is hard not to compare their situation to that of our’s.  Mohamed Morsi was allegedly fairly elected by the citizens of Egypt and he ran on the platform of being a “uniter.”  Sound familiar?  He pledged to the Egyptian people to govern from the center and represent all of the various groups and factions, to include the Coptic Christian minority.  As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the 2012 elections in Egypt, it should have been clear to the people where his loyalties would be placed.  If it was not obvious to the Egyptian citizens from the beginning, it certainly did not take them long to see the effects of the misplaced trust.  Morsi stated that he would protect the Coptic Christians and their freedom to worship as they chose, although in reality, this was not the case.  He actually formed hard line Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Militias to attack the Christian minorities and there were many instances of deaths, tortures and disappearances.  Not to mention the damage to Churches and private property owned by the Coptics.  Morsi went hard left and led a fascist regime that was controlled by the few and for the fewer.  On his watch, the economy went south while unemployment skyrocketed and all he cared about was maintaining his grasp on power.  Well, the people decided things had gone too far for too long and the cry for freedom went out.

This cry for freedom did not go unheard.  About a week ago, millions of Egyptians decided to gather in protest in Tahrir Square and let their feelings be known.  It did not take long before one General within the Egyptian Army made the decision and subsequent announcement that “We, the military stand with the people..”  Not only did he issue a statement that clearly expressed the sentiment that the military would defend the people from attack, but he gave President Morsi a 48 hour ultimatum to step down from office or he would be taken down.  True to their word, as Morsi refused to relinquish his position, the military came forward and surrounded the Presidential quarters and declared “Morsi is out and we are in control.”  And, just like that.. the people were handed their nation back from the hands of a dictator.  What began as a movement of dissension within the citizens, was picked up by one General in the military and from that, freedom was reborn.  How ironic that Egypt may now find the Fourth of July as their day of Independence as well.

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Facebook Submits to Islam and Tyranny

by, Schuyler Montague

Over the past few days, Facebook has unleashed a complete assault on the Constitution of the United States.  Apparently, the first amendment is null and void at Facebook Corporate.  It appears that “..freedom of speech” and “..freedom of the press” are merely antiquated notions that have passed their prime, as well as their expiration dates. 

We have received several statements from administrators of various educational pages that focused on the subject matter of Islam.  Administrators, as well as guests were utterly shocked when they logged into their Facebook accounts and discovered that their pages had just “disappeared” without reason, nor explanation.  Well, not exactly without reason…

There has been a massive campaign in progress by various muslim organizations and individuals to get these pages removed for quite some time now.  We found this pagedating back to 2010 instructing muslims on techniques of how to get pages they perceived as “anti-Islam” removed from Facebook.  We also uncovered a Facebook page entitled “We Want Facebook To Remove All Groups & Pages That Against Islam.”

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The Muslims are coming… the Muslims are coming!  

One if by land and two if by sea.

Okay.. it probably won’t be by land.. but, they are coming!

by,  Sharona Schwartz

The Obama administration is considering resettling some refugees who have escaped war-torn Syria in the United States, a development first reported by the Los Angeles Times on Sunday and later confirmed by the State Department.

According to the Times, the resettlement of the refugees would be “part of an international effort that could bring thousands of Syrians to American cities and towns.”

The Times reports [emphasis added]:

A resettlement plan under discussion in Washington and other capitals is aimed at relieving pressure on Middle Eastern countries straining to support 1.6 million refugees, as well as assisting hard-hit Syrian families.

The State Department is “ready to consider the idea,” an official from the department said, if the administration receives a formal request from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, which is the usual procedure.

The United States usually accepts about half the refugees that the U.N. agency proposes for resettlement. California has historically taken the largest share, but Illinois, Florida,Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia are also popular destinations.

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by, Schuyler Montague

A video has been released by the FSA (Free Syrian Army) Rebels in which they clearly make direct threats of a release of both chemical and biological agents against the people of Syria who support Bashar al-Assad.

In this video, FSA Rebels are  in a laboratory stocked with chemicals that are labeled as being produced by a Turkish company named Tekkim .  Just a couple weeks ago, a group of men were apprehended transporting 2 kilos of weapons grade Sarin gas en route to Syria from Turkey.  These men were from al-Nusra Terrorist organization which is allied with the FSA Rebels.  Just a few of the chemicals seen in this video are:   Potassium Permanganate, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Chlorate, Sodium Nitrite, Acetone and Hydrochloric Acid.

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And the hits just keep on comin’…

By Daniel Greenfield

Well this is really good news... for Iran. Also Hamas. And really bad news for the 99 percent of Americans who oppose invading Israel.

President Barack Hussein Obama has named former aide Samantha Power as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Power will replace Susan Rice, who will take over as Obama’s national security adviser.

If you thought Susan Rice was bad, just wait till you get a load of Samantha Power.

The chair of President Obama’s new Atrocities Prevention Board once called for the United States to force troops into Israeli-controlled territory in order to end abuses she said were being committed by both sides in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Having placed Israel’s leader on par with Yasser Arafat, she called for massive military intervention on behalf of the Palestinians, to impose a solution in defiance of Israel and its American supporters. Billions of dollars would be shifted from Israel’s security to the upkeep of a “mammoth protection force” and a Palestinian state—all in the name of our “principles.”

Just the perfect person to represent the US at the UN. Or represent the UN at the UN. I think Obama has finally topped Carter’s appointment of Andrew Young as UN Ambassador.

In the video at the link below, Samantha Power calls for the U.S. to provide "..billions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority for a military and state of the art defense system, and then assist them at invading Israel"

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by Ben Benton

MANCHESTER, Tenn. — U.S. Attorney Bill Killian was greeted with shouts of “traitor,” “serpent,” and calls to “resign” or “go home” Tuesday night at an event aimed at improving relations between local residents and their Muslim neighbors.

Killian and Kenneth Moore, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville office, were featured speakers before a hostile crowd of well over 300 at the “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” event at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center.

Despite the noisy crowd, Killian began a dry delivery of information about hate crimes, civil rights and the federal laws that prescribe violations and penalties.

The event was sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee, which was formed two years ago when state lawmakers were considering legislation that would ban Sharia, the law followed by devout Muslims. Killian initially pitched the event as an effort at improving understanding and tolerance of Muslims and their religious beliefs.

See the video of the event and

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Why has the U.S. government called certain Islamic groups supporters of terror in federal court, and then turned around and called these same organizations “moderates” and embraced them as outreach partners? In a number of cases from the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations, the leaders of these organizations (some of whom are now in federal prison) were under active investigation at the same time they were meeting with senior U.S. leaders at the White House and the Capitol and helping develop U.S. policy. Now these same Islamic organizations and leaders have openly encouraged a purge of counterterrorism training that have effectively blinded law enforcement, homeland security, and intelligence agencies to active terror threats as seen in the inaction of the FBI concerning the Boston bombing suspects and other terror cases. This study poses serious questions as to the efficacy and even security concerns about U.S. government outreach to Islamic groups, which often turn out to be Islamist militants, enemies of Islamic moderation, and even supporters of terrorism. 

The aftermath of the April 15, 2013 bombings in Boston, Massachusetts, has focused attention on the failure of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to carry out an adequate investigation of the suspected bombers despite warnings from Russian authorities. This failure has partially been attributed to a full scale campaign of political correctness waged inside the bureau and throughout the U.S. government under the Obama administration against any attempt to link jihadi terrorism with anything remotely connected to Islam of any variety (the most radical versions included).[1] This has extended into other segments of the government as well, particularly the Department of Defense.[2]

One of the primary contributors to this widespread political correctness campaign has been the U.S. government’s disastrous Muslim outreach policies extending back to the Clinton administration and the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. The U.S. government’s historical outreach program, regardless of whether it has been a Democrat or Republican in the White House, has been based on a schizophrenic policy: In many cases federal prosecutors have gone into federal court and identified American Islamic organizations and leaders as supporters of terrorism, and no sooner have left court before government officials openly embrace these same organizations and leaders as moderates and outreach partners. In several notable cases, the FBI’s outreach partners have been under active FBI criminal investigation and were later convicted on terrorism-related charges at the time the outreach occurred.

In the case of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, mosque attended by the suspected Boston marathon bombers, when the plethora of extremist ties to the Islamic Society of Boston were reported, a mosque spokesman replied that they could not be extremists since they regularly participated in outreach programs with the FBI, Department of Justice and Homeland Security.[3]

This exemplifies the chronic failure of the U.S. government’s outreach programs.

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by, Kyle Olson

How is the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations bending public school policy to its will?

Two stories from Michigan tell the tale.

From a CAIR press release: 

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) said today that a Detroit-area school district has apologized for handing out permission slips for Bible study classes to elementary school students. 

CAIR-MI sent a letter to Roseville Public Schools after receiving a complaint from two parents of children who attend Huron Park Elementary School about distribution by teachers of permission slips for the Bible classes at a local Baptist church.

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Since 1999, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has sought rejection of the First Amendment of the US Constitution through a so-called “Global Blasphemy Law.” With help from the Obama Administration, UN Resolution 16/18 passed in the United Nations in 2011. EVERY American should be aware of what is happening to our freedom of speech whether by UN international law or by political correctness endorsed by the national media, government, and educators. Make no mistake that the goal is simply to silence Christians.



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by, Avi Lipkin

On the surface, the fact that the U.S. Commerce Department is considering granting “disadvantaged minority” business status to Arab Americans doesn’t appear to elicit a cause for alarm.

But when aligned with other developments, both here in the U.S. and across the Middle East, it creates a larger context that says otherwise, states Avi Lipkin, a U.S.-born Israeli citizen, former member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and a former translator inside the Israeli Prime Minister’s office.

Apart from maintaining his circles within Israel and the international diplomatic community, Lipkin also—together with his wife, Rachel, an Egyptian-born Israeli—closely monitors various media transmissions throughout the Arab world.

Combining the content of those transmissions with American domestic developments under the Obama administration—from Obama’s policy decisions with regard to Iran, Israel and the so-called Arab Spring, to many of his czar appointments, right down to his infamous 2009 bow to the Saudi king—the notion that Obama could be executing a Saudi plot to Islamize America becomes increasingly unnerving.

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12 Syrian Civilians shot dead in Deir Ezzor by the CIA and Al Nusra Front.

Al Nusra is largely made up of mercenaries recruited in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Covert (Western) special forces and military advisers have also integrated their ranks.

The Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists directly funded by Obama in Washington constitute the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance. Confirmed by CNN, the Al Nusra terrorists have also been trained in the use of chemical weapons by special forces on contract to the Pentagon: The training [in chemical weapons], which is taking place in Jordan and Turkey, involves how to monitor and secure stockpiles and handle weapons sites and materials, according to the sources. Some of the contractors are on the ground in Syria working with the rebels to monitor some of the sites, according to one of the officials.

The nationality of the trainers was not disclosed, though the officials cautioned against assuming all are American. (CNN, December 09, 2012), emphasis added
And once these Al Qaeda rebels had been supplied and trained in the use of WMDs by military contractors hired by the Pentagon, the Syrian government would then be held responsible for using the WMD against the Syrian people.

Link here to see video:

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The Obama administration has sent covert agents to deliver weapons purchased “from the stockpiles of Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi” to the Salafi extremists known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

These weapons include:

• Rocket propelled grenades
• Anti-tank missiles
• SA-7 heat-seeking anti-aircraft

Foreign aid is being provided to the tune of $510 million, according to John Kerry, Secretary of State. This money is actually being given to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey under cover of compensating those nations for the displaced Syrian refugees; however this funding is actually being paid to those countries who have assisted in the cover proxy war the FSA have been involved in with the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Surprisingly, this operation, previously top secret, was part of J. Christopher Stevens mission in Benghazi. He was involved in gun running deals between the National Transitional Council (NTC) and the Saudi government for shipments of arms and ammunition which was directly sent to the FSA.

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