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Obamacare is a Recipe for Death Care!

      There are millions of Americans who believe Obama is eligible to be a US President even though he stated his father is a foreign-born Kenyan and Muslim and that he and his alleged dad are Subjects of Great Britain.  It's public knowledge that Obama stated that he lived in Indonesia and he was adopted by a foreign-born stepdad. So, how does Congress, the Senate, US Justices, Federal Judges, DOJ, and law enforcement at the highest levels, justify eligibility under US Constitutional law as well as the State's Identification Laws.  After all, every U.S. Citizen must comply with these laws, including public servants, until 2008!  How is it that he can be paid with taxpayer dollars without being properly vetted and identified is the million dollar question!  Millions of Americans now believe that eligibility doesn't matter and that Article II and the vetting requirements are obsolete! Yet, they approve of Obamacare imposed on Americans as a good thing while those who forced Obamacare upon the citizens, i.e.,  Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Congress, Senators, Justices, and their families, exempt themselves from the unaffordable Obamacare mandates and punishments.


Furthermore, the only thing that is becoming obsolete in the near future for Americans are U.S. Natural Born Citizens. The births of US Natural Born Citizens.  God. Christianity.  Judea-Christian Prayers.  One Nation Under God. Morals. Truth.  Integrity. US Constitutional laws.  The BIll of Rights. A majority race. Western Civilization.  It's my opinion that Obamacare is a recipe for death care!  In fact,  America's history is being changed through public schools.  Kids are being indoctrinated into foreign history and religions. Parental Rights denied.  Mandated chemical-laden vaccinations.  Privacy denied.  Quality health care rationed and denied.  Medicare reduced.  Social Security Benefits threatened.   America's Judea-Christian history, traditions and roots are being uprooted after 236 years. Should Americans not ask if too many Americans are too passive about an  unvetted man, unvetted 3x, elected into the highest office in the land granting himself absolute power so he can circumvent US Constitional laws, Congress, and the Will of the Majority of Americans, by writing excessive Executive Orders?  How is it not an abuse of power to write excessive Executive Orders contrary to constitutional laws and behave in a dictator-like manner without any objection by the legislative or judicial branches of government?

The circumvention of the judicial and legislative branches of government renders them "meaningless" and  eliminates Checks and Balances.  Shouldn't Americans be concerned that Obama's regime is carrying on the same agendas as the Clinton regime?  The Clintons and Obama support Hillarcare morphed into Obamacare.  The U.N.'s Agenda 21, Small Arms Treaty, Rights of the Child, and the NWO's inner circle agendas.  Their goals are to pilfer the wealth of America through redistribution and depopulation programs.  How is it that American people are forced to work hard and pay taxes while the federal government is using US taxes to build up the Muslim Brotherhood nations and their political and religious ideologies, as well as, Communist Nations?  How is it that the federal government is supplying foreign enemy nations with weapons, and Fighter Jets, while attempting to deny weapons to Americans?  Since the Clinton regime, the White House has been shipping off U.S.  jobs, technology, and manufacturing companies.  They opened up the borders and granted China access to the Long Beach Port tariff free.  Now, Americans are faced with Obama's rogue government and his threats of punishment for non-compliance if Americans don't  pay-up-front for the unaffordable Obamacare.  Excessive taxation.  Denying and rationing Health Care services under Medicare.  Americans are witnessing the destruction of the greatest health care system in the world!


     Therefore, the most explosive parody of how the United States of America is being economically and militarily ruined and set up for civil unrest through depopulation programs that are contrary to Western Civilization, the Bible, and America's lifestyle is now released on-line.  Americans are being excessively taxed and their wages diminished as the cost of living and Obamacare take its toll on jobs and wages. Obama's regime is creating a land of the rich and the poor and destroying the Middle Class, Capitalism, and free enterprise.  Therefore, I've created and written a parody and is a New Release, "Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks, and Radicals" written for this time in our history exposing the truth through fiction. But, Obama isn't a fictional character and he and his unconstitutional and bold agendas are real.  This parody is a warning to every loyal American of how Obamacare is "Death Care."  The short adventure story is a Keepsake for the years 2008-2012 with the hope that future generations will understand how a nation can be infiltrated and changed or wiped out. 


    The reader is enlightened about Obamacare as they join Noah, a prominent Professor of Archaeology, on an adventure into a remote jungle in search of the lost Tablets which were left behind for mankind.  The hidden Tablets must be discovered before the end of 2013 a.d. or they shall remain untouched by mankind.  The ancient Tablets disclose how the Judea-Christian Dinosaur Nation was seduced and mesmerized by a mysterious dinosaur, Obamasaurus, who suddenly appeared in their nation as if by magic.  Eventually, Obamasaurus uses his charms and makes false promises in order to gain power and control over their nation.  He came to steal their land for the migration of foreign enemies.  He uses his charms, smile, and unbountiful powers to indoctrinate the youth, enslave his opponents, and depopulate the majority of Judea-Christian Dinosaur citizens. In 2008, Noah sought adventure as the chosen one to complete a mission in a remote jungle in search of the ancient and hidden dinosaur Tablets that exposed the Legend of how the Judea-Christian Dinosaur Nation was enslaved and depopulated through mandates. The ancient dinosaur Tablets protect the secret message which Noah must decode before it's too late and discloses if mankind shall survive or be depopulated.  The parody reflects Obamacare and the mandates and requirements that are being painfully inflicted upon the American people with excessive taxation and punshment.  Please share the important message on the dangers of Obamacare included within the story, "Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks, and Radicals." You're invited to read complimentary pages on



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     China on the Move!   It's been four years since I blogged "China on the Move!" on Townhall, published  July 29, 2008, reflecting today's economic status.  Americans now find themselves facing the dragon!  China has now moved ahead as they slowly and consistently built up their armies, arms, and economic status with the help of globalists, such as Kissinger, and Soros, while China has been buying up every commodity in the world that they can get their grubby hands on and control, especially nickel.  Americans can thank President Bill and Hillary Clinton, COSCO, Walmart, U.S. corporations, the Obama's, as well as congressional members who did nothing to stop the"outsourcing" of America's jobs and secrets of technology and innovation to the detriment of America, the military, and the American people. Ironically, the title, "China on the Move" is somewhat prophetic.

     According to Larry Edelson, the globalists set a goal that Communist China will supersede the economic status of the world and end the economic status of America by the year 2016!  About 1993, I felt that the Clinton's weren't on track with middle America as they were closly tied to Communist China and Russia.  I created and produced a talk radio show titled, Issues of the Day, and warned America that they may have to slay the dragon [Communist China] which was heard on syndicated radio produced at KIEV - the home of the dynamic George Putnam - who passed away. 

      In 1993, I had an epiphany and became more concerned about the injustices recurring silently in America's courts.  So, I aired a radio show at a time when talk show hosts didn't discuss stories which were wrongfully promoted as conspiracy theories.  I invited a special guest, who confirmed my beliefs and he predicted that China and Russia and the Middle East would come against America after the year 2000.  I was very concerned that China quietly built up a one million man army and that the Clinton administration was selling arms to Communist China and Russia.  But, this didn't seem to disturb the majority of the American people, who didn't want to hear the truth, perhaps out of fear.  Americans for the most part ignored the warnings of the patriots.  The information presented by patriots didn't  reflect the American way of life.  But, after the elections of 2008, millions of Americans began to awaken and the Obama administration changed the mind set of Americans who began believing that there were some rats in the attic.   

    Unfortunately, Americans weren't disturbed that President Bill Clinton sold arms to Communist China and simultaneously cut the U.S. Military Budget substantially.  He slashed the Military Defense Budget to the surprise of the Military and the American people.  Many military employees lost their homes, but as Clinton stated after taking office, "The American people must sacrifice!"  Well, he wasn't willing to sacrifice when he fled to Russia as a draft dodger.  Unfortunately, the American people and the media discredited the book and the taped documentary, The Clinton Chronicles, published by "Patrick Matricisiana. The reason [just an FYI: if you put the letter "t" before the word "reason" - it becomes "treason"] that American citizens didn't pay much attention is the simple fact that the media didn't really want to touch those stories in my opinion.  At the time, most of us were in la la land and didn't realize that we'd been brainwashed into believing it's a material  world and it's all about "me!"  Many of us bought into it, at least temporarily, others still believe it!  Americans were intentionally led to believe that the government was looking out for the best interest of the U.S. and U.S. citizens, but that was far from the truth. 

  Although, there has always been a nazi type mentality of citizens, who didn't let the nazi mentality die  after WWII, they went about their business unnoticed quietly indoctrinating people for decades until it spread like a cancer. Today, we have 80 card carrying Socialists in Congress and one known Communist lobbyist accessing the White House and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization who reportedly had ties to Hitler during WWII.  The secret socialists and secret anti-Americans continued to spread their anti-American views through the courts, schools, churches, and universities, without anyone paying much attention to their new agendas.  They wrote new laws under the guise of women's rights and charitable acts or "for the protection of the people" as they moved "forward," so Americans wouldn't object, but in fact, support their goals.  Also, Americans didn't feel they had any reason to question the public schools who were slowly introducing a more liberal educational system.  The socialists cleverly, slowly, and  quietly, turned good into evil and evil into good, infiltrating the minds of the youth without a cure today - 2012 -on how to restore conservative teachings.  In 2008 and thereafter, we've seen kids supporting socialists agendas, but as more people are awakened, they are realizing that the politically correct liberal agendas enslave a nation. 

     About July 29, 2008, my Blog "China on the Move" created an unexpected stir of controversy, even anger, by mainly liberals and Rinos.  Many readers at the time defended Obama with their very being.  They truly believe Obama to be a U.S. Natural Born Citizen based on  his published on-line publication of the blacked out on-line Certificate of Live Birth.  One of the opposing persons, who called him or herself Tinsldr 2, commented on my blog dated 11/5/2008, stating, "to continually say that he [Obama] has not proven his citizenship and is not going to be the next President is foolish in the extreme.  It makes you sound loonier than those who claim Bush stole the 2000 elections and those that claim 911 was an inside job of the Bush administration oil when you start going down those roads."  I wonder if Tinsldr2 still has the same opinion of Obama and the road on which Obama has led Americans for the past 3 1/2 years. Even today, there are millions of Obama supporters as well as supporters of Bill and Hillary Clinton who  approve of their socialist and global agendas. 

     There are millions of Americans who should ask if the Clinton's and Obama's sold out America and the American people when they outsourced U.S. technology, jobs, and manufacturing, and attempted to nationalize health care.  President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and opened up the borders devastating our sovereignty. He tried to lease the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese, but Anthony J. Hilder led a protest in Washington D.C. and prevented the lease.  Bill Clinton opened up the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese and helped Hillary Clinton, who was a member of  the Walmart Board of Directors for six years, while a partner of  the Rose Law Firm working to import consumer products made in China formerly made inthe USA. It appears quite convenient that President Bill Clinton implemented 'outsourcing" as well as opening the Long Beach Port all about the same time that Walmart was ready to cast off.  The Rose Law Firm represented Walmart.  So, as a joint effort their actions created easy access for Communist China to import consumer products into the U.S.A.  COSCO is a communist owned corporation.  By these actions, th Clinton's were the catalysts who caused the loss of U.S. manufacturing and U.S. jobs for millions of Americans and this obviously would help build up the economic status of Communist China. There's no doubt that the Clinton's and the Obama's worked diligently on making Communist China a economic powerhouse.  

     In fact, it appears that millions of Americans could care less that Hillary Clinton has been working with Obama and Feinstein, Holder, and Schumer, for decades in support of the U.N.'s Small Arms Treaty with the intent of disarming Americans.  Hillary and Feinstin support the U.N.'s Rights of the Child that deny parental rights to Americans.  Obama is propped up by the Clintons, but in reality, he's carrying on the same agendas as the Clinton's, which reflect not the U.S. Constitution, but the U.N., E.U., NATO, U.N., and Globalists also known as the New World Order.  In fact, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, stated at a congressional hearing that "we" [Obama and Panetta] seek international permission to take action! 

         About June 2011, I had the pleasure of visiting Washington D.C. and meeting with my Congressman. I told my Congressman that America doesn't owe anything to Communist China!  I stated that Communist China owes America!  They should wipe the slate clean! I said that we should close the Long Beach Port or charge China tariffs before importing consumer products formerly made in the USA that hurt America's economy and the job market in America.  I stated that we should withhold imports if they threaten to take over our soil as collateral for the loans owed to China.  After all, the U.N. and foreign nations are conspiring to reduce the manufacturing businesses in America and bring Americans to their knees.

     The American people should demand that Congress take immediate action and determine how much money does Communist China owe to  America for the use of  U.S. technology, innovation, manufacturing, and jobs that Clinton outsourced without any reciprocation on their part to repay America!  And Congress should enforce the tariffs.  For example, if  corporations want secret technology from an inventor or another corporation, they must pay for it, but the Clinton's gave U.S. jobs and technology to Communist China without an agreement to repay America for helping build up their economic status.  Under which constitutional authority did President Clinton outsource U.S. technology, manufacturing, and jobs, and how is that not considered to be economic espionage?

      I toured the Kennedy Center which was very impressive.  The tour guide told us to follow her and she remarked that there are two private rooms at the Kennedy Center. We viewed the one private room which was reserved for the U.S. President and his guests.  Afterwards, we were led to a second private room - this room was much larger than the room reserved for the U.S. President - and to my surprise, we were told that this second private room was reserved for the Communist Chinese and their guests.  I believe I am the only U.S. Citizen who is disturbed that a large private room is permanently reserved for a Communist nation on U.S. soil in a U.S. building dedicated to a U.S. President.  In fact, I'm probably the only American disturbed by the fact that inside the building is a glass entrance from the floor to the ceiling and on the glass was red lettering with Chinese writing - and the words "Red China" - but no one seemed bothered except for me.  I asked the tour guide why the red lettering written in Chinese and the words "Red China" was scrolled across the glass.  She stated that there was a performance about one year ago.  I asked, "Why don't they remove it if the performance ended", but she just shrugged her shoulders.  I don't know if it is still on the glass, but it should have been red, white and blue lettering stating, U.S.A.

       Recently, the economic guru, Larry Edelson, commented that there are 810,000,000 Communist Chinese employed today, but only 160,000,000 Americans employed.   Remember, it was President Bill Clinton, who opened the flood gates to Communist China by cleverly calling his actions that devastated America's jobs -  "outsourcing"  - helping build up Communist China, not America.  Clinton's outsourcing included America's technology, innovations, manufacturing jobs, and military arms, as well as opening up the Long Beach Port to the Communist Chinese, which Obama has moved "forward."  President Bill and Hillary Clinton catapulted their globalist agenda by working with the Communist Chinese to make COSCO and Walmart super discount stores.  But, China's economic status is devastating America's economic status as consumer products formerly made in the USA are now made in China for COSCO and Walmart.  George Soros stated that his goal is to make Communist China the economic power in the world and devalue the U.S. dollar. This raises the question if Obama is secretly meeting with the Communist leader to discuss the devaluation of the U.S. dollar.  Americans should be concerned and asking if Beijing is now the economic powerhouse in the world, not Wall Street?  COSCO and Walmart import about 90%-99% of their consumer products from Communist China.  The high quality standards for consumer products made in the USA was devastated by the Clinton's outsourcing of America's manufacturing businesses.  Their actions have lowered the economic lifestyle of every middle class citizen to a new low.  Middle Class Americans have had their lifestyles reduced by 39% since Obama took office. 

     Unfortunately, Obama has continued the agendas of the Clinton regime and outsourced 85,000 green solar jobs to Communist China while American workers suffer.  During that same time, Obama granted about $535M to Solyndra, who reportedly granted themselves huge wages and bonuses, and thereafter, bankrupted without accountability.  Edelson states that  China's economy has grown by 9.2%, while the U.S. economy has only grown by 1.7%!  Edelson says that the Peterson Institute and the University of Pennsylvania believe that Communist China is the #1 economic status in the world currently and has surpassed the economic status of the U.S.  Therefore, I've included excerpts from my Townhall Blog, "China on the Move!"  pub. 2008:

     "It appears that China is on the move and is outsourcing America's middle class workers [morphing them into Chinese workers].  It's ridiculous to believe that a Communist country will abide by a treaty except for the sake of appearance.  All nations, who are being negatively viewed by the world, can lead people to believe that a signature or a hand shake will resolve the problem.  The Middle East treaties for peace were violated before the ink dried. 

     The fact that the U.S. is providing its seal of approval for our women to compete in a Communist country, who punished women if they were pregnant with baby girls, by allegedly killing the pregnant women and aborting the female babies is the epitome of human rights violations against women. These alleged killings and abortions have gone on for decades so an unknown amount of blood has been shed in violation of human rights, which exceeds gender bias, against women.  In fact, the news reported and alleged that the fetuses were [cooked] and eaten as a delicacy......." 

     Also, "During the 90s, the CEOs of oil companies and prominent politicians and corporate leaders under the Clinton administration determined that we should open up our borders and give up our sovereignty for globalization which use to be called "The New World Order."  They determined that if they wanted to become extremely wealthy that they must "outsource" American jobs to India and Communist China.  They decided that they would "marry" China, a nice way of saying they were crawling into bed with Communist China.  So, they opened up the "superhighway" to China and outsourced [U.S.] jobs that had been created for future generations of Americans since the inception of our country.  U.S. corporations were greedy seeking higher profits and sold out the American people with the help of Bill Clinton and Congress. They determined that they would pay these foreigners less money and then sell the [consumer products] formerly made in the USA back to the American people for cheaper prices by opening up discount stores [COSCO and Walmart], which made those on Wall Street, even wealthier. 

     Therefore, If the government intentionally lowers the standard of living for Americans,  so they can implement  globalist agendas in line with the U.N. then Americans had better wake up now!  The goal would be to decrease manufacturing companies in America so China controls the manufacturing on American soil. If that were the case, Americans would become enslaved to a Communist nation and treated and paid accordingly.  This would reduce the middle class down to poverty level dependent upon a foreign government for jobs and wages.  They would not tolerate a Middle Class as communists oppose a Middle Class. They would not favor  Christianity  -the  Jewish religious beliefs - Catholic beliefs and there could be mandates to reduce the population of U.S. Natural Born Citizens.  The end result could be devastating to America - the end of America - and possibly the end of the U.S. Natural Born Citizens dominating the United States of America.  America and U.S. Natural Born Citizens could become the latest lost land and people - like Atlantis - only lost because of being dominated by foreign nations under an iron fist!  

     But, the serious problem of being forced to purchase inferior products and unsafe products, or products that are known to have caused injuries, death, or illness, which have been reported on a steady basis is not to be taken lightly.  Unfortunately, Americans are the recipients of these serious problems caused by consumer products made in Communist China.  There have been reports of high lead content, children in China dying from the high lead content in products; mold reported in dry wall which caused people to lose their homes without reimbursement; dangerous issues with blinds and cribs as well as death from tainted baby's formula.  Congress or presidents who followed Clinton haven't done much to stop or limit the out-sourcing of U.S. jobs, technology, and manufacturing, to Communist China and India, for more than 20 years.  The outsourcing of jobs has caused middle class Americans to suffer the consequences of higher unemployment and loss of  businesses as well as forcing businesses to downsize and lay off employees.  That's the reality!  Americans can barely afford to buy products at a discount that are imported even from China or India today.  Also, Americans are suffering from the high cost of gasoline.  For example, if you paid $20 to fill up your tank back in 2008 - the same tank of gasoline could cost $60 or $80 - in today's market at $4 per gallon.  

     Never forget that under President Clinton's reign, he sold arms to Communist China and Russia.  He sent millions of dollars to Russia.  He had defected to Communist Russia where he was protected from dodging the U.S. Draft.  Obama never served in the U.S. military.  So, how could a draft dodger be eligible to be a U.S. President who defected to a Communist nation?  Obama stated he comes from a long line of Mulsims and that his grandfather and father, Barack Hussein Obama, were born and raised in Kenya, under the rule of Great Britain, and they herded goats.  Obama's statements make him ineligible to be a U.S President according to Article II, but who cares about Article II in the government?

     Clinton supported Communist China's building up of China's one million man army by selling arms to Communist China and Russia, while simultaneously defunding the U.S. Military Defense Department and reducing the number of military personnel.  He closed military bases around the nation.  Clinton caused a substantial number of  military personnel the loss of their jobs and many military personnel lost their homes. [also, Obama's goal has been to reduce the military and military budget, even though he created more wars].  But, did any of these actions shout out to the masses back in 2008 - "China on the Move!" - to the sleepy Americans who were swooning over the handsome and wealthy players [such as Bill Clinton] at that time -[or swooning over Obama's glistening pectorals or sending chills up the legs of Chris Matthews?] 

     In conclusion, the Clinton's and the Obama's are leaders who one could say seduced a nation with the help of the Hollywood glitz!  The 2008 Obama campaign was nothing short of the world's biggest audience on live theater - the most successful reality show ever produced!  The Obama campaign and inauguration superseded the excitement of "American Idol"  In fact, the 2008 Obama presidential campaign and inauguration could have been produced by Hollywood as  - "Political Idol!"  

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     Fast and Furious is a crisis!  Take a walk with me down memory lane.  Let's try to understand how Speaker Boehner would even suggest ending the investigation as alleged since USAG Eric Holder stated he would increase funds to stop "gun trafficking into Mexico."  Isn't Fast and Furious equate to "gun trafficking into Mexico?"  America has been headed into a socialist agenda for decades.  This agenda began prior to the Clinton administration, but reared its ugly head during the Clinton administration.  The Clintons implemented socialist agendas without public resistance by the majority of Americans.  There was a minority of us, who Clinton referred to as patriots, who stood on the front lines exposing the agendas, but patriots were attacked and some were killed, died, suicided, accidents, or jailed.  Today, the attack is the same, but the name has been switched from "patriots" to the "Tea Party" or the "Oathkeepers."  The media and Clinton administration discredited the patriots as  conspiracy theorists, but conspiracies have been implemented since the devil seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Remember, Hitler conspired and nearly exterminated the Jews.

     First, we should ask the question, who is Eric Holder?  After all, we don't know the true identity of the man in the White House elected as a U.S. President known as Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, Bari Shabazz, Harrison Bounell and so forth...born in Hawaii or Kenya....a subject of Britain or a naturalized or legal citizen or an adopted Indonesian citizen, which are unanswered questions all blowing in the wind.  At least we know that Eric Holder is not eligible to be a U.S. President because he was born to two immigrants born in Barbados who immigrated into the U.S. about 1951.  They remained in New York City and Holder is reported to have grown up in Queens.  He's also been reported to be raised as an Episcopalian.  He's the 82nd USAG and the first African American to hold the position confirmed by the Senate.

     Eric Holder admits that he didn't answer congressional questions honestly at least twice while under oath when asked when he learned about Fast and Furious.  He was reported in the news to be uncooperative and not providing credible answers to the questions at the committee hearings, or producing the documents that had been requested, by the committee members. This crisis is just as serious as Obama refusing to uphold Article II, which he swore to uphold and yet, he failed to produce his Certified U.S. birth certificate which a federal judge ordered him to produce in a court of law, but he did not. Obviously, the majority of Americans are concerned about public servants who refuse to identify themselves on public record for public scrutiny. 

     On Tuesday, Holder failed to produce all the requested documents and stated, "I want to make it very clear that I am offering to sit down by myself, offering to sit down with the Speaker, with the Chairman, with whomever to try to work our way through this in an attempt to avoid a constitutional crisis....."  Well, the crisis began in 2009!  If the two U.S. agents hadn't been murdered by untracked guns sold to untracked cartel members on Mexican soil then the 42,000 innocent people, who had been executed, wouldn't have been silenced forever - what I refer to as a genocide - wouldn't have been exposed.  In fact, the executions are continuing as there are untracked guns remaining in the hands of dangerous untracked cartel members reported in the news to be robbing and killing people everyday.

     Furthermore, Holder stated at congressional hearings that he didn't know about Fast and Furious until the hearings commenced or he had just learned about Fast and Furious, but that isn't in line with the fact that he attended a conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009, which may be the same meeting Hillary Clinton and Napolitano attended. Holder spoke at the conference and stated, "First, let me express my thanks to Attorney General Media Moras, Secretary of Government Gomez, mostly for making this conference possible,  This is my first trip to another country as Attorney General.  I wanted to come to Mexico to deliver a single message.  We stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the fight against the narcotics cartels.  The U.S. shares responsibility for this fight and problem and we will take responsibility by joining Mexican collegues here today....on our side, [HLS- Janet] Napolitano and I am committed to putting the resources in place to increase our attack on arms trafficking into Mexico."

     Well, how is it possible to believe that Holder knew very little about Fast and Furious when it was reported that Holder traveled to Mexico and attended the conference with Napolitano and possibly Hillary Clinton, who is reported to have spoken directly with the President of Mexico - Hillary specifically traveled to Mexico to speak  about  gun trafficking into Mexico in 2009!  Remember, Holder stated in his 2009 speech that he was "committed to putting the resources in place to increase our attack on arms trafficking into Mexico." The point isn't about Holder's statements during his speech, but the fact that he has vast knowledge of gun trafficking into Mexico and how could he not have knowledge that Obama launched Fast & Furious and named Holder and Ogden to lead the program on national television back in 2009 as stated by Deputy A.G. Ogden?  Holder's statements under oath during congressional hearings implying that he recently learned of Fast and Furious should be hard to swallow.

     Holder has worked for years under the Clinton-Reno administration and was familiar with Obama, ACORN and Schumer, Rod Blagojevich and many more Chicago and far left players who are activists or politicians.  How could he not know that Obama, Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Feinstein were seeking gun control laws?  Obama stated loud and clear on Meet the Press back in 2008, which took place during the campaign, that his goal was to disarm Americans.  And Hillary Clinton has made it clear that her allegiance is with the U.N.'s Small Arms Treaty.  In fact, Schumer questioned Holder during the USAG hearings. These same public servants are democrats who support the U.N.'s Small Arms Treaty with the stated goal of disarming Americans. So, how is it that the Obama-Holder-Napolitano-Clinton-U.N. goal is to disarm Americans while simultaneously supplying untracked guns to untracked criminals on foreign soil using U.S. tax dollars turned to blood money?  The irony is that Homeland Security and the DOJ attempted to implement their spying and tracking program of law abiding American citizens, who are  Walmart customers and purchase legal guns to be thoroughly investigated, while Fast and Furious was in full force, and they didn't even apply law enforcement 101 against the cartle members.  Deputy A.G. Ogden, who appeared on national TV about April 2009, stated that Obama approved removing $10,000,000 of  U.S. tax dollars from the Recovery Fund, which he promised for job creation, in order for the BATF, which is under Holder's watch to implement Fast and Furious.  Ogden said on national television that Obama named Ogden and Holder to head up Fast and Furious on or about April 2009, probably prior to USAG Holder's visit, when he attended the Mexican conference on gun trafficking into Mexico.

     In fact, under Clinton's reign, Holder represented Chiquita Brands International who paid an entity using the name - United Self Defense Forces of Columbia -reported by a State Department to be listed as a terrorist organization, who murdered about 4,000 innocent Banana farmers, which is similar to Fast and Furious,except that In Mexico, 42,000 people were slaughtered.  Also, Del Monte and Dole paid the same terrorist group! In fact, news articles alleged that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was reported to have had a financial interest in Del Monte.  So, Holder is very knowledgable about the inner workings of terrorist groups, cartels,  gun trafficking, and money laundering, which makes it difficult to understand how it's possible that he didn't know anything or very much about the Fast and Furious gun trafficking reported in the news for two years.  It's difficult to understand how he didn't know that the news reported that thousands of executions along the borders were recurring on a dialy basis, including beheadings. After all, Holder did attend the conference held in Mexico back in 2009, as a key speaker on gun trafficking, offering his help, Napolitano's help, and the assistance of the U.S. government to control the gun trafficking along the borders.  Can congress overlook his traveling to Mexico and his speech on gun trafficking?

     Obama was the mentor and educator to ACORN.  Also, Bill Ayers is alleged to have some involvement with ACORN prior to the elections.  Holder is alleged to refuse the implementation of an investigation into voter fraud involving ACORN.  In 2009, Holder gave a speech in 2009 and stated, "America is a Nation of cowards" relating to racial issues.  Holder stated at a college with a majority of Black students that "there will be no majority race in the United Stated in 15 years."  Race appears to be high on his list.  In fact, Holder won a judgment against the New Black Panther leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and chose to drop the case.  White House records reveal that Shabazz visited the private residence at the White House two months later.  It's strange that in 1982, a warrant for a man named Bari Shabazz was issued in Hawaii, but the man fled and almost 25 years later, a mysterious action took place as it was reported that a prosecutor dismissed the warrant. Remember, there weren't any computers back then to have even known about that warrant!  Malcolm X's last name is Shabazz and Obama's daughter is SaSHA.  Could the new leader be related to Malcolm X?  Who is Bari SHAbazz?

          Furthermore, Holder represented Jose Padilla aka Abdullah al Muhajir, an Islamist, who provided material support to al Qaeda and was leading a dirty bomb attack against the United States according to an article by spongedock. Its alleged that during the Clinton administration, Holder was a member of the American Constitution Society (ACS) funded by George Soros, the Streisand Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.  His close friends are Peter Rubin, founder of the ACS, and in fact,  Janet Reno was an advisory member. 

      Eric Holder is reported in alternative news to be the Director of the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation which is funded by groups such as the Tides Foundation and ACORN.  So, it is apparent that the same public servants and organizations, celebrities, and corporations, who are currrently in control of the United States today have been interconnected for decades. The majority of these same people changing America are long time supporters of the United Nations and strong supporters of the evil Agenda 21 as well as disarming Americans and gun control.

     Holder gave a speech in 1998 while under the Clinton and Janet Reno administrations on drug cartels, weapons, and money laundering, so he is up-to-date on these serious matters.  In fact, Holder is reported in the news to have asked for clemency for 16 FLAM Puerto Rican terror organization members and that resulted in reduced prison sentences.

     There is much more history relating to Eric Holder and his ties to the Clintons, Rod Blagojevich, and many more, along with the Oklahoma City bombing; WACO, Ruby Ridge, and so forth....that it makes the entire federal government appear as one big theatrical stage of players who have been putting people in place since the Clinton years.  They obviously are people who have worked together in the past, belonged to the same socialist or leftist organizations, and are a majority of either democratic, liberal, socialist, marxist, communist, atheists, with a globalist, one world order, mind set.  Those who are socialists within the Congress or senate, or within other government agencies, appear to believe that they are not accountable to Congress or the American people, but the U.N., E.U., NATO, or international powers as expressed by Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, the man who has the U.S. Marines disarmed, during his visits.  Their behaviors reflect a disregard for the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence as well as possible disdain for freedom, liberty, the U.S. flag, the U.S. military, Judea-Christian roots, U.S. and Christian-Catholic-Jewish traditions, unborn babies, U.S. Natural Born Americans, and legal generational Americans who don't support their agendas.

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Rose Colombo  Rev 6/21/2012, 6/3/2012

(Award winning author, Poet Fellow, Jeannie Angel Award winner as Creator, Producer & Host of radio and cable TV shows, Women Fight Back, Issues of the Day, and currently, Rose Colombo's World Views;  and Consumer Advocate for Social Justice, Entrepreneur - dedicated to fighting back against injustices helping people across this nation for 25 years as a Legal Coach and Activist.)

On or about 2007, Senator Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro announced in a taped interview that he would not run for U.S. President because he's too inexperienced.  Obama proved to be a flip flopper before the 2008 presidential campaign began!  After announcing his lack of experience to be a U.S. President, Obama changed his mind and announced he was a presidential candidate. He applied for the job after he succeeeded in the implementation of his worldwide mandated abortion bill, the Global Poverty Act, secretly requiring Americans to pick up the tab for worldwide abortions, which was approved by Biden, Kerry, Feinstein, and the CFR on or about December 7, 2007.  Immediately upon his inauguration, Obama signed his worldwide mandated abortion bill as an Executive Order aka the Millennium Development Goal, in line with the U.N.'s Agenda 21, which promotes reducing the population of the planet at 50% by the year 2015.   

According to a myriad of eligibility lawsuits, Obama traveled from Indonesia to Pakistan about 1980-1981 on a foreign passport and the question remains unanswered as to why he traveled to Pakistan right before his re-entry into the U.S.  Did Obama repatriate himself upon his re-entry into the U.S. as required by law, which would make him a "naturalized" citizen only?  Or, did Obama re-enter the U.S. using a foreign student visa?  And, what about his legal Indonesian adoption? Also, the question remains unresolved if Obama re-entered under the name of Barry or Barack or Bari and when did he legally change his name from Barry or Bari to Barack on U.S. soil?  When did he apply for a social security number so he could work or attend universities or take out foreign student loans within the United States? Also, the unanswered question is a criticial as to whether or not Obama legally repatriated himself upon re-entry into the U.S.? 

In fact, Obama states that his father entered the U.S. as a foreign born exchange student and attended the University of Hawaii as well as Harvard on America's dime, yet he's an alleged Communist and anti-American Muslim who believed Americans were an oppressive people. If you recall, Obama refused to wear "that pin" the U.S. flag on his lapel stating that other countries believed America was an "oppressive" nation. On the other hand, why would Obama be provided a U.S. Social Security number if he entered the U.S. with a foreign student visa after re-entering the U.S. about 1982?  Remember, Obama couldn't have been issued a U.S. Social Security number as a child even if born in Hawaii because the U.S. didn't issue social security numbers to U.S. natural born and naturalized U.S. legal citizens upon birth or as minor children until the late 70's, which was at a time, when he was alleged to be living as an adopted legal citizen of Indonesia. And, why did Obama register with the Selective Service if he entered the United States on a foreign student visa after his legal Indonesian adoption while living in Indoensia?  The Indonesian law at the time Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, married Lolo Soetoro, required that Obama automatically renounce his U.S. citizenship at the time of the legal adoption. According to documented records, Lolo Soetoro and Stanley Ann Dunham legally changed Obama's name to Barry Soetoro?  All these questions remain unanswered as well as a scandal and a mystery.

Shockingly, Obama stated on video that his "real" Muslim dad, Barack Hussein Obama, was a foreign student and that his dad and grandfather, were born and raised in Kenya, while under British rule. He states his grandfather herded goats. It's mind boggling and difficult to understand how the U.S. federal government and the media can hear those words from Obama's own lips and ignore his statements in writing and from his own lips that his long line of Muslim relatives, his grandfather and "real" dad, Barack Hussein Obama, was foreign born in Kenya and Kenya was ruled by Britain.  Yet, the congress and Justices intentionally "avoid" those words, which are not in accordance with Article II of the U.S. Constitution, which the U.S. Justices, Congress, Senate and law enforcement swore to uphold. Ironically, the U.S. federal government isn't concerned about Obama's identity, but they are over reaching and trampling on the U.S. Constitution and the power of "limited government" by intrusively invading and spying on every U.S. law abiding American who pay their wages.

In addition to Obama's words, the definition of constitutional laws are written in the book, the "Law of Nations."  The "Law of Nations" is the law book that the Framers used to define Constitutional Laws.  The Framers wrote the "Law of Nations" into the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence as their bible which lawmakers use when defining all constitutional laws, so judges and lawmakers wouldn't manipulate the laws, or abuse their power. So, for 235 years, the Justices, Judges, Congress, and Law Professors have used the "Law of Nations" as the final definition of constitutional laws which includes Article II.  The "Law of Nation's" definition clearly states only a U.S. Natural Born Citizen is to be eligible to be a U.S. President.  It clearly states that a "baby born on U.S. soil to two legal U.S. citizens" is the only citizen eligible to be a U.S. President, otherwise, the usurper steals the opportunity of the U.S. Natural Born Citizen to be a U.S. President for they believed that only a U.S. Natural Born Citizen will love his natural born nation like no other who has natural born foreign roots upon birth.  It is a birthright passed down from U.S. Natural Born fathers to their children to preserve U.S. Constitutional laws, the Bill of Rights, traditions, Western lifestyle, Judea-Christian roots, Western civilization, as well as, prevent foreigners from conspiring to steal America and change America into their nation.

Sheriff Arpaio and his posse as well as Obama's lawyers state that Obama's on-line birth certificates are forgeries or fraudulent which have been published on the internet since 2008. Obama and Michelle refer to Kenya as Obama's "home country."  His Kenyan grandmother and the Kenyan Parliament, and many Kenyan and worldwide newspapers and magazines over the years without opposition by Obama state that Obama was born in Kenya.  Yet, when questioned, they suddenly state it was a "mistake," but how could so many professional publishers with liability issues make up Obama's birth and risk publishing false information about Obama for decades? Michelle and Obama stated that he was born in Hawaii, but to my knowledge, he hasn't openly stated, "I am a U.S. Natural Born Citizen."  Isn't it a fact that some of the most famous and successful tyrannical leaders have suffered from illusions of grandeur and narcissm and ended up believing whatever they wanted to believe about themselves lusting for power - control - wealth - believing they're untouchable - indestructable -feared - for self-gain?

Consequently, the question remains a mystery why senators Obama and Hillary Clinton attempted to remove the words U.S. Natural Born Citizen by attaching an amendment to Rep. McCaskill's military bill prior to the presidential elections back in 2008.  After all, the only person who might be able to benefit from eliminating the words "U.S. Natural Born Citizen" from Arrticle II of the U.S. Constitution, would be Obama, not Hillary.  The question also remains why did Hillary Clinton assist Obama in an attempt to eliminate the words, U.S. Natural Born Citizen, from  Article II, if she wanted to win the presidential election?  Did Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and John McCain have knowledge that Obama's father was foreign born and a subject of Britain prior to the elections?  If so, why would they conceal that information during the campaign and mislead the American people? 

Again, Obama wrote in his book, Dreams of My Real Father, and stated on video more than once during speeches that his father was a foreign student and his grandfather and father were foreign born and raised in Kenya. He said that he comes from a long line of  Muslims born in Kenya and that his foreign born grandfather herded goats in Kenya. He also mentions that Kenya was under British rule.  So, how is it possible to be a U.S. President when one parent is admittedly born in a foreign nation and a subject of Britain even if Obama had been born in Hawaii, as he'd still be ineligible to be a U.S. President according to Article II.  In fact there are published articles stating Obama sr. was married with children in Kenya when he attended the University of Hawaii and Harvard, so how could he marry Stanley Ann Dunham?  Where's all the photos of Stanley Ann's pregnancy?  The photos of the happy grandparents?  The photos of the new mom and baby?  Why did Stanley Ann end up in Washington at the same time as Malcolm X, who also traveled to Jakarata, thereafter? This is a web that probably began after WWII ended.  The world cheered and were led to believe Communism was defeated, but was it defeated or just dismantled?  Could it be that underground reptilians began plotting to create a Manchurian Candidate and a movement for the resurrection of Communism on U.S. soil?   

Furthermore, shouldn't Obama be declared a "naturalized" citizen if he repatriated himself upon re-entry into the U.S. about 1981, which occurred after he was legally adopted by his Indonesian stepdad and legally named as Barry Soetoro, upon re-entry into the U.S.?  Obama inherited his birthright from his Kenyan born father, who was a subject of Britain, making Obama the son of a foreign born father and a subject of Britain at birth under the British Nationality Act of 1948, if Barack Hussein Obama, sr. is his "real" dad.   

Consequently, my research reveals that the U.S. and Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship at the time of Obama's legal adoption by his Indonesian stepdad, Lolo Soetoro, an alleged Communist. Lolo Soetoro legally changed Obama's name from Barack or Bari Shabazz to Barry Soetoro according to many lawsuits and news articles, but when did Obama legally change his name from Bari or Barry to Barack on U.S. soil upon re-entry remains unanswered by the federal government.  Ironically, talk show hosts talk about dual citizenship, but as I stated many times, at the time of Obama's adoption, Indonesia didn't recognize dual citizenship but required that a U.S. citizen renounce his citizenship or he couldn't attend school in Indonesia which can be verified by researching Indonesian law. 

The significance of Article II is profound and most Americans don't understand why.  As I continue to reiterate because it is of the utmost importance, the Framers believed that only a baby born on U.S. soil and born to two U.S. legal Citizens (not one foreign born parent)  will love his country and her people with a natural passion and desire to preserve U.S. laws, roots, religion, traditions, culture, and Western Civilization for their children and grandchildren and future generations as a "natural" born act.  The Framers believed Article II could help Americans prevent a usurper, a foreigner, an anti-American enemy and his supporters, who loved their foreign nation, from infiltrating and stealing the United States of America, or exterminating Americans or enslaving them.  The Framers crafted the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence with the intent was to prevent foreigners, whose natural roots lie elsewhere or they are torn between two nations, couldn't change or dominate America with the intent of eliminating Western civilization and through attrition changing America into their foreign civilization. Hitler stole European countries during WWII through tyrannical laws using threats, fear, and punishment.  Hitler was extremely successful at implementing his evil and inhumane acts against humanity.  His laws mandated compliance or else people were indefinitely detained or inhumanely experimented upon, raped, starved or assassinated by his accusation alone for non-compliance.  

Remember, a baby born on U.S. soil to one foreign born parent and one U.S. Natural Born parent is not a U.S. Natural Born Citizen, but can only be a "naturalized" citizen, and naturalized citizens aren't eligible to be a U.S. President as stated in the "Law of Nations."  An adopted foreign who renounced his U.S. citizenship automatically according to that foreign nation's laws is no longer a U.S. Citizen,  For example, Indonesia at the time of Obama's adoption did not recognize dual citizenship nor did the United States of America. it would seem logical that upon Barry aka Bari aka Obama's re-entry into the U.S. as a young adult that he must have re-entered about 1981 using his foreign passport after traveling between Indonesia and Pakistan to the U.S.   Barry Soetoro would need to repatriate himself as Barry Soetoro, which would make him a U.S. "naturalized" citizen, not a U.S. Natural Born Citizen, but did he repatriate himself upon re-entry into the U.S.

Remember, only upon his re-entry into the U.S. could he legally file for a name change with the courts.  So did he have a U.S. Driver's License about 1981-1982 after re-entry and under which name did he apply for a U.S. Driver's License?  How did he register himself with immigration, law school, or Selective Service and so forth, yet, all that information has been concealed, but for what purpose?

The Framers believed that it is a right to inherit U.S. Natural Born Citizenship at birth as the birthright of the U.S. Natural Born baby is passed down from his or her father as a generational inheritance.  The Bible gives many examples of the importance of a birthright and that it should be respected, cherished, and preserved so strangers can't steal the birthright passed down through generations.  The Framers also used the Bible to write constitutional laws. The Framers intentionally included Article II and the words U.S. Natural Born Citizen so a usurper, a foreigner, a naturalized citizen, an illegal, and anti-American, who didn't believe in the Bible or Judea-Christian roots,  freedom and liberty, couldn't slip into the highest office in the land and change the nation to a foreign nation against the will of the American people.  They wanted to prevent a usurper from shredding their hard work including due process of law or shredding the entire U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. 

After all,  American citizens can't enter into foreign nations and run for the highest office in their land because they'd be jailed, killed, or deported if the American stated they came to change their foreign nations and behaviors, laws, and religions or traditions and if their citizens didn't comply, they'd be punished.  So, why would Americans allow foreigners to change America?

Most important is the fact that the Framers wrote constitutional laws to prevent a usuruper or his anti-American supporters from eliminating Judea-Christian roots, or indefinitely detaining Americans and assassinating unarmed Americans based upon the accusation of one man. They didn't want Americans to experience full body radiation without protective coverings by strangers playing doctor without State Board Licenses. The Framers didn't want American women and children naked x-rayed, or molested by government.  They didn't want  American families radiated and spied upon with smart meters or tracked with microchips. They attempted to prevent a usurper and his supporters from  pilfering  America's wealth and resources or redistributing America's wealth to foreign lands.

Of course, there are people who say Article II is unimportant, but it is vitally important.  The Framers created and suffered for attempting to write laws that would prevent future innocent Americans after their passing from having their property stolen through eminant domain or wrongfully incarcerated. The Framers intentionally attempted to protect - the right to life - so that usurpers wouldn't slaughter millions of future U.S. Natural Born Citizens with the intent of reducing the population of future U.S. Natural Born citizens by implementing mandated abortions.  They wanted to prevent the reduction of U.S. Natural Born Citizens born on U.S. soil resulting in U.S. natural born citizens ending up as the minority in America.  If rationing and denying health care services and mandated abortions of U.S. Natural Born Citizens were to be enacted by the federal government under ObamaCare, similar to Communist China mandating abortions, the federal government could reduce the population of U.S. Natural Born Citizens in line with Agenda 21 within 10-20 years under the guise of of women's rights.  Such an evil mandate would reduce the number of U.S. Natural Born Citizens and create a majority of foreign born citizens and U.S. Natural Born Citizens could become a forgotten people and nation such as Atlantis. This is why Article II is vital to the preservation of the United States of America.  After all, Europe could have been a forgotten nation and it was nearly a reality that  the Jews and Catholics could have been totally exterminated if the United States of American hadn't intervened and defeated Hitler and his Nazi regime.

In conclusion, based upon Obama's public writings and statements exposing the fact that his grandfather and father were Muslims, foreign-born, and raised in Kenya under British rule, even at the time of Obama's birth, making Obama a subject of Britain established by the British Nationality Act of 1948, the eligibility issue according to Article II continues to remain a mystery as to how it is of little concern to the U.S. Congress and U.S. Supreme Court Justices as well as the mainstream media. 

Never forget that the "Law of Nations" defines a U.S.Natural Born Citizen as a baby born on U.S. soil to two U.S. Legal Citizens and as a Birthright.  John McCain was born on a U.S. Military base to two legal U.S. Natural Born parents making him a U.S. Natural Born citizen, so there is a big difference between Obama's eligibility and that of McCain's eligibility. It's important for every American to Preserve, Protect, and Cherish their Birthright inherited at birth when a baby is born on U.S. soil  to two legal  U.S. Citizens for the sake of their children and grandchildren. The U.S. Justices and Congress may "avoid" Article II, but they cannot avoid the fact that Article II is the law of the land.  All federal public servants, who have "avoided" or "ignored" properly vetting a U.S. President to determine if he is a "usurper" have done a great disservice to our Framers, U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Freedom, Liberty, Republic, and U.S. Flag, as well as our nation and the U.S. Natural Born and legal generational American citizens, who by their blood and sweat pay the price and their wages believing that they would uphold, defend, protect, and preserve the U.S. Constitution, including Article II!  Shame on them!


Rose Colombo, an award winning author and public speaker as well as the author of the Irwin Award winner book seen in international magazines and on-line, "Fight Back Legal Abuse" empowering people to protect themselves from constitutional violations and legal abuses, is the host of a new on-line radio show - Rose Colombo's World Views Live on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm (pdt-usa) - and archived for your listening convenience -  (visit Rose on FB or Twitter: Rose4Justice) 




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