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Just when you thought it was safe to glance away from Congress for a moment, another poisonous issue raises its ugly head in the Senate.And it's on a very, very short fuse - September 6, to be exact, the very day the Senate returns from vacation.Yes, we were wrong to think that just because Congress is on vacation that we were safe to check in with how the kids feel about going back to school, or work on that sorry household budget, or enjoy the staycation.   As if the administration and Congress had not soured the economy enough already, on the Senate's very first day back in session, Harry Reid plans to make our challenged economy much, much worse.The "America Invents Act" is more poison for the US economyIt's known as  "patent reform" (HR 1249/SB 23) and it's anything but reform with it's current Section 18 intact.  It's a bald-faced sellout to Big Banking and Wall Street.  There are several difficulties with the bill, but the one that jumps out at me is the fact that it's simply a major job-killer.   And for unconstitutionality, it's a two-fer.Target: Hold and AmendThrough the kind graces of Sen Tom Coburn (R  OK) the Senate version of the bill is currently on hold, but that won't last when Reid moves for cloture.   We should vocally support Coburn in insisting that the bill be brought to the Senate floor in amendable fashion so Section 18 can be removed and the remaining act be given full public consideration, then passed.  As noted above, time is short, and this is our last chance.  The House version HR 1249 has already passed the US House.Section 18 is the poison pillNormally, when we speak of a poison pill, we think of an amendment to a bill that will prevent passage.   In this case, the poison is for property rights and job creation in the US.Predictably, Sen. Chuck Schumer is the one who inserted the Section 18 language into the Senate version of the America Invents Act, and Harry Reid wants the Senate to pass the bill without knowing what's in it, so he scheduled the bill to hit the floor in non-amendable fashion the day the Senate reconvenes.Section 18 applies only to the electronic payment processing industry* and it gives the US Patent and  Trademark Office (USPTO) the authority to revoke patents it has granted in the past.  Under this measure, the USPTO can only reconsider patents that have been upheld in federal court when challenged.   If the America Invents Act passes with Section 18 intact, then expect to see big banks and Wall Street challenge issuance of patents to inventors to whom they currently must pay royalties.There's the pay-off for the banks and Wall Street: they get out of millions of dollars of royalties paid to inventors by getting Congress to confiscate the property rights of inventors and kill plenty of jobs in the process - after a court has confirmed the validity of the patent!How does Section 18 kill jobs?If inventive companies get their patents revoked by the USPTO,  then those companies lose their royalty revenues and go out of business and the corresponding  jobs disappear.   But it gets much worse.  Remember, this measure applies only to the electronic payment processing industry.  Can you think of any companies that process payments electronically?   Venture capitalists are simply balking now at investing in new companies with new payment technology because of  Section 18.  Those jobs may never appear, and are certainly being delayed.But many venture capitalists aren't just balking at investing in new electronic payment companies, they are also hesitating to invest in any new company that will rely on electronic payment processing to receive a major portion of its revenues.When new companies don't form, new jobs never appear.Then there are many established companies that will almost certainly be threatened in one way or another if patents are revoked simply because Wall Street wants them revoked.  Paypal, for instance, holds at least 4 patents that I'm aware of.Oh yeah, then there's that bothersome Constitution thing...As one might expect, Section 18 gives the bill some serious constitutional difficulty.First there's the simple concept of property rights.The word "right" is used only once in the entire US Constitution.  That's in Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 8 granting powers to Congress:
“to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.”
Section 18 allows the USPTO to withdraw or void a patent, without due process, even if a high federal court has examined the patent, confirmed it, and ordered transgressors to pay the patent-holder damages for unlicensed use of the intellectual property.The second difficulty is the separation of powers issue (noted above) raised by allowing the executive branch to overrule the judicial branch.  Section 18 does not simply allow for the possibility of violation of the separation of powers, it requires it in every case.  The USPTO cannot consider a challenge to withdraw or void a patent unless that patent has already been challenged in court.Violation of property rights, absence of due process, and violation of separation of powers is non-trivial in my world.Politics is no predictorCuriously enough, politics is no predictor of the position a given member of Congress is likely to take on Section 18.   Obama and Reid are for it, but Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and uberliberal Maxine Waters are against it.   The best predictor of a politician's position on this issue is to look at campaign contributions. You can figure that one out. 
Unexpectedly, even Rep. Maxine Waters says Section 18 "is just wrong."
Since we know that politics is no predictor on this issue, there's nothing for it but for us to contact all our Senators and insist they they help Sen. Tom Coburn keep a hold on the bill until Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agrees to allow the bill onto the Senate floor in an amendable form.  Then insist that the bill be considered in the full light of day, with full public disclosure, before passage.Action Center AvailableMy good friends at TEAPAC - the Pasadena Patriots in CA have taken the lead on this issue.   They've erected a web site called which contains on online petition you can sign and an online Action Center with a sample letter to help you contact your Senator.If you are a new media/social media  type or a blogger, there's help for you there, too.Action NowIf we follow our normal drill of waiting until the Senate has been back in session for a couple of days before we check in on what they are doing, we'll have already lost this battle, and that's exactly the way Senator Harry Reid has planned it.Spread the WordThe Action Center also has tools to help you spread the word to your friends and this part is important: We only have 12 days to get the word out and get this travesty in the Senate stopped.   We'll have to overcome the natural inertia activists usually feel when Congress is allegedly on vacation.If we fail to slap ourselves out of our August angst for activism now, we'll see more jobs disappear, far less investment in new jobs, and a Congress that feels safe in confiscating still more of our rights in order to reward still more big campaign contributors.Join us.Crossposted to save jobs and protect private property rights*Disclosure:  I hold provisional patents, although not in the electronic payment processing industry.  I have been active in the payment processing industry, processing payments for more than 10,000 merchants for over 15 years.  I believe strongly in the value of intellectual property and the property rights of  inventors, artists and creators to enjoy the fruits of their creations.
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Ron Robinson is author/founder of, the online app that broke the PDI/VoterVault monopoly for your precinct walk lists and is a GOP precinct committeeman/state delegate in California.)Rushing past us now like the windows of a fast train are the precinct, county and state caucuses/conventions where the GOP leaders for the next 2 years are chosen. If it's your intent to change the direction of the GOP, you need to get involved now.Obama used the metaphor of a car that had driven into a ditch in the last campaign. Of course, he had envisioned that the car had gone off into the ditch on the right. Tea partiers see the car swerving to the left. What do you do when your youngster is driving and drifting off the the left? Send a fax or email? Sign a petition? No! You grab the wheel and yank the car back over into the proper lane.That's just what more and more Tea Party types are doing this season as they show up at the precinct and county caucuses to choose the new GOP leaders - the new leaders who will put our party back on track. They are getting involved and taking over governance of their own party.We tried letter, faxes, protests and petitions. Not much help. But as the GOP swings back t the right bit by bit, we are learning that our work is taking effect.Take responsibility for the governance of your party today. If you don't know how, you can go to to learn.(headline h/t: Pogo)
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Join Saul Anuzis, Candidate for RNC Chair, as he answers grassroots questions from all citizens/Republicans.

So far, Anuzis is the only RNC Chair candidate to hold a grassroots forum. Be sure to let your RNC folks know, and let your state GOP delegates know as well.

Tuesday, Jan 4, 2011
8 to 9 PM Eastern
7 to 8 PM Central
5 to 6 PM Pacific

For the phone to call and more details, visit

PROCINCT is proud to be part of the effort to bring you a balanced, informed view of the race for RNC Chair.

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It's been said many times in many places: becoming a precinct committeeman makes you the most powerful public official in the nation. Why? Because it's mostly precinct committeemen who choose sounty and state party chairs, party candidates and delegates to state parties, the RNC and the presidential nominating convention.

If you are not a precinct committeeman, you are leaving your party ungoverned! Beleive it or not, most precinct committeeman seat in our country are unoccupied - empty - nobody is going that job or casting that vote for our party leaders. You should fill that empty seat.

As an example of just how much power a precinct committeeman ((PC) has, the PC in one tiny legislative district recently dumped (took out) the state chair for the party in AZ. How? Isn't the state chair for the entire state? Yes, but to qualify to be state chair, a person must be a state delegate. The home district of the state chair decided to give the state chairs delegate seat to someone else. Accordingly, the chair lost his basic qualification to occupy the chair. This guy was also the RNC Treasurer! So if you thinks PC is the bottom of the food chain and has no power, think again.

PROCINCT (as in Proactive Precinct) was started six months prior to the last election to provide precinct walk lists for Tea Party and 9/12 activists who could not get those walk lists from their local party. It was a splendid success providing walk list to activists in 20 sates, helping them reach 16 million voters. That aspect of PROCINCT is still available to you for your upcoming city/county elections or scholl board elections, etc.

But the good folks over at PROCINCT knew that more is required for long-term victory of conservative ideals. That's why they just put up a special resource so you can learn how to become a PC in your state. Using resources similar to here where you can post your opinions and questions (and get answers) and receive documentation on just how the process works in your state. The emphasis is on authoritative information that you can rely upon to be seated on your party central committee and actually govern your local party.

A good example of how PROCINCT is serving the needs of folks trying to join their party central committee comes from the state of New York: PC activists in NY discovered that the local Board of Elections had taken them off the ballot! PROCINCT researchers investigated. In the process of investigating the event, we discovered expert and native help right in NY that has been helping folks get elected to their PC seats for years, and we are connecting PC activists with that agency.

So it's not just about furnishing authoritative information, it's about removing obstacles - even unjust obstacles - wherever we find them.

The goal is to have our party governed by the true conservative grassroots - and PROCINCT connects the people who are trying to do that.

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Take Over the Party - From the Inside

Many of you may have heard about the Precinct Committeman project where we encourage patriots to get involved with their local parties and actually *govern* their parties from the inside.

Of course, the theory is that many of us will be drafted upward to state and even RNC service where we can exert real influence and finally have the party we desire.

But in the next few days and weeks, there is an opportunity in many states to bypass that local level and acquire a seat directly on your state party committee.

Many state committees have a bylaw that allows candidates (even in UNsuccessful races) to make one or several appointments to their state party committee. If you worked on one of these campaigns, you are certainly in a position to request one of those appointments.

Those appointments certainly won't go to people who do not ask for them!
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Colbert 'Push to Victory' Spreads Far & Wide

Events have conspired to serve us well. Please help yet another race to victory!. Our battlefield is prepared for us as few ever are.Except for small, isolated pockets, there simply is not any good news for the Democrats in these midterm elections. Read the facts that obtain nationwide below and consider - prior to my own report on the local Colbert v Schiff campaign here in CA CD 29.Speaker Pelosi, seeing the challenges just a few days ahead, has suggested that she will not seek the office of Speaker of the House again (of course, she will probably not be eligible anyway).Democrats who consistently voted with Pelosi are now consistently attacking her and promising not to support her for Speaker again.Early voting in Nevada shows Republicans barging ahead in a heavily Democratic state.Nearly every pundit in the press is predicting a landmark year for Republican candidates.Even in many districts previously thought safe for Democrat incumbents, conservative challengers are moving ahead in the polls.Campaigning Democrats are trying hard to hide their party affiliation, their past votes in Congress, and their track record in voting with Speaker Pelosi.They are trying hard to hide or disavow the millions in contributions they have taken from unions and their plans to give union hundreds of billions in pension bailouts soon.Obama and Democratic congressional leaders continue to hold voters in contempt referring to us as ‘naïve’, ‘not aware’, ‘ignorant’, ‘challenged’ and more.Depending on which polls you follow, the pollsters are predicting Republican upsets of Democratic seats in the House by 40-90 seats. It’s an almost certain House majority for Republicans after November 2.CBS today predicted that 1/3 of 2008’s Obama voters will not be voting Democrat in a few days.Major employers are beginning to disclose the *true* cost of the new healthcare law. And Democrat legislators are retaliating in anger as the truth is revealed.Congress adjourns without passing a budget, leaving Obama with no adult supervision so he can raise spending even further, although he has already raised the national debt more in 2 years than in the country’s entire previous history (230-odd years) combined.We see an administration that promised us a post-racial, post-partisan, transparent administration working hard to stir up racial resentments, locking out political opponents from legislative negotiations, refusing to protect voting rights of rank-and-file citizens and the military, and blocking access to critical oversight information. Pus lots of 'miscalculations' (not political ones, although there may be a few of thsoe, too) or 'mistakes'.There is even loose talk that Obama 'has gone' quietly but diagnostically bonkers and is simply waiting for the Cabinet to oust him and appoint Pelosi vice president (unlikely by my reckoning).More reasonably predictable would be the perfect storm composed of these rows of dominoes: a deepening recession that some argue borders on a depression, coupled with Obama's obvious intent of doing nothing about it - in fact antagonizing it with anti-business policies and rhetoric - coupled with troublesome multi-employer union pension plans combined with new accounting rules that would require companies to fairly state the liabilities these pensions represent to their balance sheets (huge liabilities) and the resulting impact on these companies stock prices and ability to obtain loans or even bonds (and the resulting impact on the lending and insurance industries)... combined with the Fed's proposed $100 billion per month in government obligation buy-backs ('printing' money with it's attendant inflationary pressures)... combined with a proposed Fed policy of allowing inflation to cure low interest rates... and let's just don't stir the mortgage mess into that mix, OK? ...and you have a conjunction of events perfectly aligned to produce an economic meltdown on the scale of the Weimar Republic, only much, much worse. (Remember, the whole purpose of the Fed is that they merely talk about doing something and the economy responds like a Ferrari. In most cases lately with a sustained, yet repeated case of cardiac arrest.)All because of corrupt public 'servants' who made a virtue out of felonious behavior over a 30 year period.Combine all that with the oft-heard suggestion that this crisis is exactly what Obama privately and earnestly wishes to produce, and we have the most compelling or reasons to take no further risks with our economy and wealth. We must fight - and fight hard - to restore the US to its former greatness - if only for our personal survival as individuals and families.The Democrats attempt all this while laying various plans to really stick it to us (in multifarious interesting and creative ways) during the lame duck session of the US Congress right after the same election that will disown their agenda.All this embroidered with the tapestry of the prodigious 'me too' idiocy we saw today in the 1773 v 1776 meme transmitted instantly throughout the lefty blogosphere without the most cursory examination by their weighty intellects. A perfect metaphor for the unexamined acceptance of socialistic memes over the last 50 years, and even the national conversation we had over healthcare legislation this past year. Intellectual giants ready for the really big thoughts, to be sure.We don't even have to mention serials of tax cheats as cabinet Secretaries, including Treasury, or Supreme Court justices that you wouldn't trust to represent you in Small Claims Court, or the hurried departure of so many senior administration officials producing a stunning spectacle similar to rats departing a sinking ship, do we?And all of this is being reported by a mainstream media that still doesn’t ‘get it’ about voter anger this season. A media that won’t report about the pending disasters confronting our country such as the union pension fund crisis.The conditions for victory have been set and the battle lines are very clearly drawn.All we need to do is step onto this season's battlefield for the final fight of the season and work hard for victory. My team is ready to do that.Galeazzo Ciano said that victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry took the thought even further by noting that "commonly, people believe that defeat is characterized by a general bustle and a feverish rush. Bustle and rush are the signs of victory, not of de feat. Victory is a thing of action. It is a house in the act of being built. Every participant in victory sweats and puffs, carrying the stones for the building of the house. But defeat is a thing of weariness, of incoherence, of boredom. And above all of futility."Those of us who are tuned in to the volunteer emailings from and similar groups know for certain that they are feeling the weariness, incoherence, the futility of their struggle. Nowhere in their communications is there the joyous bustle of a house being built. Oh, they realize that they must convey this, but they just can't. Bravely as they try, their dejection comes through clearly.Tonight, as on many nights, that bustle and feverish rush was manifest at the Colbert HQ in CA CD 29. I was tossed out of the HQ so a phone banker could use my desk.Earlier, a white tornado buzzed through the HQ, cleaning and straightening to prepare for the nightly volunteer overload.A volunteer coordinator trots thru to deliver more call sheets to one worker and more credit card forms to another. In the corner by the big monster printer, the candidate and Hugh, the database rock star, consult quietly over the 12,000 peice mail merge they are about to run. A paper mail merge that will require first class postage. They move over to a computer to order a mechanical folder/stuffer online.Yet another worker scans bar codes on returned vote-by-mail enrollments so the precinct walkers don't have to chase down that set of voters this weekend. We now know 75% of them are going to vote.Somewhere in the central time zone an email server is churning bravely away on the daily 90,000 emailing for the money bomb.It's a good sort of crazy. The very finest variety of chaos. Honestly, it's not what we expected in a D+14 district when we discussed it 3 months ago. We are ending the second day of an 8 day money bomb. We are about to double our overall fundraising goal for the bomb because we are nearly halfway to our goal after only 2 days.We are contacting 4,000 voters on weekends (walk plus call) and several hundred each weeknight. Now, many people we talk to are telling us that this is our second or third contact with them.Quality problem. We have seen our opponent warn his followers that our challenge 'must be taken seriously' and that our campaign 'is no joke'. Yes. Schiff is disclosing that he has never had much of a clue about campaigning - he only required a serious challenger to get at the truth.Our Newt fundraiser raised about $100,000.00, causing many other donors to make a brave effort to match it.Fundraising is getting much much easier - not harder - as campaign workers involuntarily transmit the scent of victory to the voters they are cold-calling. They match this, and those match that, with a snowball effect.Victory is a rolling, roiling machine that seems unstoppable.Those who are inclined to study war know that logistics and preparation are the god-parents of victory. Provide what is needed, ensure it's pushed reliably and far forward enough to be of use to the soldiers who need it. Prepare the battlefield so that the conditions for victory are firmly in place.Then send in the infantry.My candidate and I both served in a time when 'preparing the battlefield' was an untried idea whose merit had yet to be proven. By the 'oughts, our military was so comfortable with the idea that generals talked about it regularly on TV as if it were something that could be learned in JROTC.Scan the above again at your leisure. Those are the conditions for victory. Our battlefield has been well-prepared. We've had the luxury of having our enemy prepare parts of the battefield for us to our favor.We need only make sure our socks are dry and our boots tightly laced, and tap those mags to ensure every round is well seated. Plan on putting every round squarely on target - no 'volume of fire' doctrine in this battle.Never has any battlefield been so well prepared with the final conditions for victory so well established.Even outright risks - perhaps even gambles - taken now, will almost certainly pay off.If you like, help Colbert's fight here:It's time to tear into them and finish this fight.
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Jason Allen has chosen the wrong adversary if he wants to spread lies about an opponent. Dr. Dan Benishek simply has too much grassroots support and Allen's union-based campaign of lies fell flat, flat, flat by late Friday evening.

Don't take my word for it, ask Herman Cain.

What caused this not-so-little tempest in a teapot? Jason Allen is the union-backed Republican who has received major union backing. Some union members are web/social networking savvy and have been producing a stream of lies about Benishek. Every one of these lies are thwarted by Benishek's values, his words in campaigning and even his web site. Just be proactive as an information consumer and be on top of the truth.

If you are even mildly conservative and hear even the least unsavory 'fact' about Benishek, it was probably propagated by Allen's lie mill. Got friends in Michigan 01? Pick up the phone and let them know! Better yet, enroll in Dan's online call center and let voters all across MI 01 know the truth. Act now.

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It's a shame when any community loses a good volunteer, and Eve Schiff seems to be a very good volunteer indeed. She appears on 4 different committees on the PTA roster in her local neighborhood in Maryland. Obviously a hard worker.

Carpetbaggers: Democrat Adam Schiff does not live in his district, carpetbagging from Maryland to California. His wife Eve seems to be a member of a Maryland PTA. Guess that's where they are raising their kids.

So it's a darn shame that Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena in California has lost her volunteer services. Because her husband is Congressman Adam Schiff representing the 29th District in California.

I guess this means they are sending their kids to school in Maryland. I guess this means they actually live in Maryland. I'd provide a link, however her personal phone seems to appear on the roster.

John Colbert has a better vision for his constituents in California's CD 29. For starters, he actually lives in California. Heck, he actually lives right in the district he wants to serve. And he's a real businessman. Endorsed by

Matter of fact, you know when you're watching those CSI shows and the evidence techs are doing those computer/internet forensics? That's John Colbert's enCase software. Developed at the end of his 13 year career with the LA County Sheriff as their lead cyber investigator. John's team (both at LASD and Guidance software) developed the the gold standard for cyber-forensics that can withstand judicial scrutiny.

There's a lot more to learn about John Colbert and his journey to Congress, but in this post I wanted to let you know how easily we expect him to replace Schiff - because of who Schiff really is.

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We all have someone we wish we could have walked that last mile with. Here's your chance.On June 22, 2009 at 9AM in Southold, NY, filmmaker Matthew Perdie began his walk across America, carrying a large American flag. Protesting big government (especially the spending part), Matthew’s journey is ending on July 4 in Santa Monica at 5pm.He will walk the final yards across the beach and plant his flag in the West Coast Pacific surf. Just google ‘Matthew Perdie’ to see how his walk across the country has been celebrated for over a year now.You can walk the last mile with Matthew and thank him for his patriotic journey on July 4 in Santa Monica!perdie.jpgIt looks like several networks are putting big coverage on this event, so get all your Tea Party volunteers out there in full regalia. We are arranging a patriotic fife and drum corps to accompany Matthew on the last mile. is coordinating the last mile. Contact Ron Robinson rsr@cartsupport.com3:30PM July 4, 2010 – Memorial Park, 1401 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA(map:,+Santa+Monica,+CA&sll=34.013278,-118.489267&sspn=0.015812,0.025191&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=1401+Olympic+Blvd,+Santa+Monica,+Los+Angeles,+California+90404&ll=34.019088,-118.483644&spn=0.031622,0.050383&z=15)Meet in the parking lot behind the Police Youth Center.Parking: park on Colorado or Olympic east of the park. The park isexactly on the route and exactly one mile from the beach. Parking inSanta Monica on 4 July is always crazy, so get there early.More About Perdie:website: http://www.perdie.comRoute: online documentary:
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Click on the image to see the extent of this vandalism in all it's gooey glory. Of course, when you are a registered Democrat who puts a Republican's yard sign in your yard, it elevates the misdemeanor to a felony and thus requires a response in kind. Yes, that's heavy, heavy construction glue that was used to glue the yard sign to the garage door. Congressman Adam Schiff - Dem CA CD29 D.C. Office: (202)225-4176 Pasadena Office: (626)304-2727 Campaign Office: (626)583-8581 Photo by Ron Robinson.Adam Schiff Is a Master at the Sleight of Hand That Fools No OnePhony "Town Hall" meetings and dirty money contributed by convicted union officials aside, we now get another glimpse of the real Adam Schiff and his 'service' to his country, along with the values he insists on conveying to his staff and volunteers..We see it in almost every campaign at one time or another. Until the candidate's senior staff leans hard on the junior staff and volunteers, yard signs of the opposition seem to grow legs and disappear by themselves. Completely innocently, of course.But two recent incidents in this genre suggest more sinister motives. While John Colbert's (Candidate for CD 29) campaign has been trying to work quietly with Schiff's campaign for weeks now to resolve the 'disappearing yard sign' mystery, suddenly the covert action escalates. In both instances, it took a decidedly unsavory turn.Usually, when yard signs disappear, they are simply lifted off the ground and removed. But it takes a 'special kind' of sinister to remove a sign by snipping the wires just beneath the sign, and leaving hard-to-spot wires protruding from the ground as a hazard to passing children. Yep, happened in Pasadena within blocks of the Rose Bowl.In the most recent incident, it went beyond a mere 'free speech' issue to a vandalism and property issue. In the yard of an 88-year-old Democrat, the sign was removed from the yard and thick industrial glue was used to glue the sign to the property owners' garage door. A senior, probably on a fixed income, will now have to pay several hundred dollars to repair her garage door and have it repainted.Of course, that's OK with the liberals - that's just progress on their 'social justice' agenda.Now those of us who were really paying attention knew exactly what to expect from Obama by watching his supporters. Those of us who value the safety of our children (and I am now a nut on that issue), who value free speech and who insist that our government honor our property rights have just the insight we need into Adam Schiff's real values and real motivations. His refusal to discipline his volunteer staff reveals his real values: win at any cost.Because Republican John Colbert's challenge is a very, very serious challenge this season. (I've been meaning to treat you to a great 'Meet John Colbert' diary entry, but this event overtook me. I promise that post real soon.)Adam Schiff: Get your volunteers under control! You are no man and you have no honor until you get this resolved with your volunteer staff. (aside: can't we just get Neil to bid him G'bye?)But the sleights of hand don't stop there - turns out there is good reason to assume that Schiff may have voted with his feet, and become a carpetbagger.It's really tough to fit a family of four into a 640 sq. ft. Burbank apartment, so we are assuming that Adam Schiff's real primary residence is his Maryland home. Alas, the fine residents of Burbank are deprived of a capable (and influential?) PTA member as Eve Schiff has elected to be a PTA mom at Bells Mill Elementary School in Bethesda rather than in Burbank. I'd support this with a Google link, however a properly worded Google search returns all her contact information right in the Google citation/preview. Guess he's educating his children in Bethesda, too? How's that for contempt for your own CD?Many of us are calling Schiff's office every day until he publicly denounces the vandals who are trying to 'help' his campaign.Congressman Adam Schiff - Dem CA CD29Washington D.C. Office: (202)225-4176Pasadena Office: (626)304-2727Campaign Office: (626)583-8581
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If I were to sum up President Obama's administration so far in only two words, I would call it 're-distributive misery'.

While listening to Kyl's story of Obama telling him that he would take no action to defend our borders until/unless Republicans help him pass comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, we learn that Labor Secretary Solis is inviting illegals to turn in employers who are not paying them enough. We already know here in LA that the Mexican consulate next to MacArthur Park is plastered with posters luring immigrants to apply for welfare and other benefits.

It's no surprise then that citizenship seems to mean less and less - especially to those who already possess it - and means still less to those who 'visit' us.

Meanwhile, the president's 'do nothing' Gulf policy & drilling moratorium throws tens of thousands more out of work while preparing final delivery of that 'energy prices will necessarily skyrocket' campaign promise. As if 10% unemployment was not bad enough! Well, add $5 gas to that by summer's end.

We discover ourselves in a position where we (and even many states) are nearly at war with our own government. Our Congress and administration regard the Constitution as a mere inconvenience and they pick and choose which laws are worthy of enforcement.

It's the closest thing to anarchy that you could still (with some amount of puzzlement) call a republic.

We see it in his thin-skinned avoidance of the press. We see it in endless 'teachable moments' Obama uses to pontificate to us of the Great Unwashed. We see it in the general arrogance, common among liberals, that no idea from outside the privileged circle deserves any consideration - and the many and manifest blind spots that produces.

Misery loves company, and Obama intends to have plenty of that.

It won't be enough to simply go vote in November. We must encourage others to go to the polls with us.

We should meet our neighbors, even the Democrats, and let them know that we'll be proud of them when they vote to save their country this fall. Get to know those folks. There's probably not much need to try to persuade them to change their liberal views, just be friendly and helpful with them. Let them know how you feel on some of the issues, and let them know you'll be pleased if they vote your way on an issue or candidate or two.

Few people will vote for their own continued misery.

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Nobody even thou7ght an app like this might be useful - ubtil this year: PROCINCT - Proactive Precinct Victory Management will make your job much easier when you send your precinct captains out to walk their precincts. Allow every precinct worker in all your precincts to use a powerful online voter recordkeepping tool that will make their jobs much, much easier.ColdWarrior said it best: " I’ve tested Procinct with Ron and it works great — far better than Voter Vault. This is exactly the kind of tool we need to help get out the vote in our own precincts/wards/whatever-they’re-called-where-you-live where the rubber of the precinct activists meet the road of the actual precinct voters we want to get to the polls."Follow the link to the article at Redstate - where it explains in clear detail how PROCINCT allows precinct captains - and those who must manage collections of precincts - share voter data privately online with your precinct workers.Or simply go here and get started with PROCINCT.

Ron Robinson
GOP Committeeman for CA AD49
California State Chair, National Precinct Alliance
Your host at Precinct California
(A web site for budding precinct captains and committee-people)
Developer of PROCINCT - Proactive Precinct Victory Management - a free online app for folks who must manage precincts or collections of precincts. PROCINCT is contributed to the cause in a spirit of gratitude and victory!

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Precinct Movement Success in California

It's good to know efforts have inspired measurable results in locales across the country. I'm going to speak here of my own state which is the liberal hotbed of California.


Many Tea Party and National Precinct Movements are stressing the importance of taking back our country and our party by becoming Precinct Captains or the local equivalents. Here in CA they are called Central Committee members, and yes, they do have a vote in their party committee at the county level.

My own Assembly District (AD) where I am a new candidate is a perfect example of this success. In AD 49 there are 7 seats available on the Central Committee. For the first time in a very, very long time, we have 12 candidates running for those 7 seats. That's vigor! That is going to bring fresh blood into the party, and most of the new committee members are going to be demanding big changes.

Of course, the filing period for new candidates is already closed here in CA and we are in campaign mode - but we are also preparing for 2012. If you live in CA and are interesting in joining the effort to place new blood on your local party committee, we can put you to work! You can help in a very local CC candidate's campaign or share your own political experiences with folks who are getting their feet wet for the first time. You can also help us prepare for more successes in 2012 - please feel welcome to join us at Precinct California and make your presence felt at the grassroots level.

Ron Robinson
California Chair, National Precinct Alliance
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