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Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

Searched... -did not 'hear' about the Tea Party... 'found' it.

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Is America a republic?

...not only do I 'agree' that Obama 'must be removed from Office'. -he Never should have attained or obtained the Office of the Presidency of the united or United States of America. It goes without saying that 'his' (Barrack H. Obama, -or whatever his real name is... or, wherever his true place of birth is..., -all of which is provided to 'him' by the CIA) Must GO, -the sooner the better..., -but, perhaps more importantly, All those Alphabetic Bureaucratic Agencies MUST Go also (otherwise, nothing will really be accomplished ('We' will still be 'ruled' by NOBODY That 'We' Elected).

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

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Roland Bouchard commented on Rebecca M.'s blog post FREEDOM OF SPEECH DEMONSTRATION RALLY - CRITICAL......Protect the 1st Amendment!!
""We're Sorry"...???"
Jan 25, 2014
Roland Bouchard commented on Rebecca M.'s blog post FREEDOM OF SPEECH DEMONSTRATION RALLY - CRITICAL......Protect the 1st Amendment!!
"Rebecca... I am not particularly interested in present-day 'rallies', -especially since those 'attendees' have no clue about English &/or American 'history' concern the same... ('He who does not know history, is condemned to repeat it.' Please…"
Jan 25, 2014
Roland Bouchard left a comment for Rebecca M.
"Rebecca... do You, like Our Founding Fathers, know that You are also signing your own 'death warrant' (as 'they did')? "
May 30, 2013
Roland Bouchard left a comment on
""Read more: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/matthew-"...  -excuse me folks... I really don't mean to appear pontifical, dictatorial or pompous... but, really, I don't need to 'read' another thing... I am over-read by half... -I am all done with…"
May 15, 2013
Roland Bouchard commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Ambassador Rice Defends White House Watergate Style Lies on Benghazi Cover Up
"It is painfully & abundantly Clear that Congress WILL Not move to Impeach Obama, -sadly, it is also Clear that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U. S. Army General Martin E. Dempsey will not 'releave the 'Commander-in-Chief' from active duty' on…"
Nov 23, 2012
Roland Bouchard commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Reagan is Gone: Is Sarah Palin America's Next Great Cheerleader?
"Thank you Lloyd for a great article. My eyes well up daily for God's greatness, Country's greatness, Family's greatness on the one hand, -and on the other hand the absolute ignorance of the clueless Democrat Leftist. I, for one, would happily work…"
Aug 2, 2012
Roland Bouchard commented on Joseph Whitworth Smith's blog post About the Economy and Grace
"Leave out All references to "Jesus Christ"... That, more than anything else is what destroyed the 'Republican' Party. I am NOT a 'Christian'... I am a Conservative... I am A Constitutionalist. Talk of "Jesus Christ" is a 'turn-off."
Jul 20, 2010

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  • Roland,

    Yes, I know. I believe every patrioit that stands for freedom and understands the bravery of our fore-fathers - knows that we are in danger today by standing against tyranny and fighting for liberty. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish or nieve.

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