Hello.   I have not been on a site like this since Sarah Palin was a candidate, but even though the election of 2020 is technically over, seems like it is a time to get more involved, not less. 

I am so thankful for President Trump.  I was doubtful when he became a candidate in the beginning, but I have been listening to his press conferences, especially during the Covid 19 crisis, and I see a man who did his best using all his gifts and resources to mobilize the country to create testing, ppe, ventilators, treatments, and now the vaccine. 

He is a business man who is used to working hard to make things happen, and I think that is something different from what we had in the past.  Others were stopped by political concerns, stopped from building the wall, stopped from making better trade deals, stopped from moving the embassy to Israel, and just stopped from solving the real problems of this country.  I see in President Trump someone who listens to both experts and ordinary people, and I am glad he has listened to godly leaders who have had a positive impact on this nation as well.  He has stood for life both at home and internationally.  In contrast, previous administrations wanted to force other nations to accept abortion, as well as other intrusions against their values. 

If we could have him for another 4 years I believe he would work to make things even better as well as protect the gains in the economy and freedom of speech.  He has been a strong advocate for freedom of religion and freedom of speech, including on college campuses, and that has been sorely needed.  He spoke out against Critical Race Theory, which is a truly destructive divisive approach dressed up as an answer to racism. He promoted an alternative curriculum for our schools: https://1776unites.com/  I hope and pray that schools across the country will replace the destructive 1619 Project with the 1776 Unites curriculum, so our children will learn the full history of America with the positive as well as the negative, so they will know they are not doomed by the color of their skin and can learn the principles that made our country possible.

I will continue to pray for the full investigation of voter fraud and a real recount of the ballots in question, and I hope in the end we will see another 4 years with President Trump.  I think he more than earned them.





Toledo, OH

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Did you watch the 5 hour senate hearing led by Senator Ron Johnson?  Very few law makers attended, but the room was filled with doctors with first-hand experienceand other scientists in addition to people who have been injured by the vaccines.  Here…
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