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You know, its funny how God works sometimes, at least to a cave man like me.  Yesterday, while I was out with my wife and my three girls swimming at the lake, I had to jump in the water and rescue a guy who had dove in and then swallowed a bunch of water and was drowning right in front of his girl friend's terror stricken face.  No one else moved toward the water, so I ran down and went after him.

After wrestling him to shore, I was exhausted.  I’m 46, descent shape,(still play paintball!) but honestly, I had had a couple of beers and a cigar - I wasn’t really prepped for what I had to do to contain a young, healthy man in his early twenties who was panicky as hell and trying to climb up my arm to safety.  I had to go under several times just to get him lose and get a hold of him.  Pretty rough sixty seconds, or so.

When we got to shore, I then noticed he was of Arab descent.  Maybe Jordanian, Syrian or Egyptian, but definitely an Arab.  His girl friend was Caucasian, but (I think) had an accent as well.  With tears in their eyes they thanked me.  I went and got the guy a beer - he looked like he needed it!  He thanked me for the beer, sat down and drank it and then him and his girlfriend left, their picnic spoiled by this near death experience.  As he walked by, he shook my hand and said thank you again.  I didn’t even get his name, nor did I give him mine.  I think I didn’t speak to him long simply because of how truly embarrassed he seemed. 

Needless to say, my three daughters were suitably impressed and I heard later that they all went to school the next day and shared the story with their friends, beaming with pride in the father, who they sometimes refer to as "Batman".  (I confess I am proud when they are ever proud of me!)

But the real lesson for them came after I had pulled the young man from the water, after he had walked away.  It was subtle, but I think all three of them got it within seconds.

My oldest said to me, "Daddy, was he from the middle east?"  I replied, "Yep, but I didn’t notice that when I jumped in, he was just a guy about to drown - and that wouldn’t have mattered, would it?"

My daughter said "no" immediately.  We talked about what it means to live your life according to Christ, and being willing to help your fellow man - no matter what he or she looks like. THAT is Christian love. 

I told my girls that THAT is the reason that people from where this young man had come from could never win in Jihad; they thrive on hatred and violence.  They wish to destroy others for differences that they feel they simply cannot abide.

America isn’t that.  America welcomes all, just as the Lord did.  America has rescued people all over the world, from floods and hurricanes and dictators.  In Egypt, they were killing Christians on Sunday while I was pulling this man to safety.

Love will prevail over hate.  That is why the Terrorist may kill some of us, but cannot prevail over us - and that is why we may suffer for what we hold dear, but cannot be defeated.  Pay love forward with no thought of a return and you will be blessed beyond all measure.

The most memorable Mother's day - Ever.

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Forget the "new tone of civility."  Forget that the Tea Party had NOTHING to do with the shootings in Tucson.  Forget the fact the shooter was a loon who claimed two of his favorite books were The COMMUNIST Manifesto and Mien Kampf.  None of that matters.

Now, those associated with Giffords, those who were there with her when she was shot (and who we can assume are themselves Democrats) are now targeting Tea Party have to read this!  It is simply unbelievable.

The Sheriff of Pima County needs to be sacked and run out of town - he started all of this, and if anyone in the Tea Party gets hurt, I will donate money to sue that fat bag of crap until he cant afford a freakin hamburger!!!!!!

I hope they lock this jack wagon up and make him do some time for making a death threat! Arghhh!! I am so pissed off!!!!

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If you havent seen this site, please visit it - a sister org is doing the pledge against Obama care that was referenced by Rush and the Wall Street Journal - below is info and links (If I get this right!)

If it doesnt post correctly, for sure you can find it at Floyd Reports.

Sign it TODAY!


Fellow Patriots,
Far and wide, Americans sent a message last November that we want less taxes and smaller government that starts with the Repeal of Obamacare. The 112th Congress was sent to Washington with this mandate and now we must support John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the other members in succeeding at these specific endeavors.
The U.S. House has scheduled a vote for a full and complete Repeal of Obamacare when it holds a vote on House Resolution 2 next week.
Members of Congress need to hear from you TODAY. need you to remind them that Repeal of Obamacare is the will of the American People.
They need to be reminded that Repeal of Obamacare demonstrates a commitment to the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, and fundamental American freedoms.
Independent Women's Voice along with Americans for Tax Reform and American Majority have formed the only official coalition to Repeal Obamacare in full, once and for all. We've since been joined by dozens of other state and national leaders who share our desires to end Obamacare in the 112th Congress.
Will you join the tens of thousands of other Americans in voicing support for H.R. 2, the full Repeal of Obamacare?
Our efforts have been supported by Rush Limbaugh, who on September 28, 2010 stated:
"Obamacare must be repealed... Okay, you say you want to repeal it? Sign the pledge."
Then the Wall Street Journal followed suit on September 30, 2010:
"Launched a week ago by the nonprofit outfits Independent Women's Voice and American Majority Action...The hard political slog ahead could use an accountability tool like The Repeal Pledge."
By signing the letter in support of H.R. 2, you will be sending a clear message to Members of Congress, the U.S. Senate and the White House. We must be clear next week and for the fight ahead in the Senate that Americans do NOT want Obamacare.
We know there are many requests in your inbox to sign petitions to Repeal Obamacare. This, however, is the only one that is tied to concrete and specific actions required of our Representatives and Senators - this is the Repeal effort where your signature amplifies the importance of their pledge, and helps us hold them accountable.
Moreover, this is the letter that will put pressure on those who claim to oppose ObamaCare but so far are signaling they will follow the wishes of Nancy Pelosi. Your signature reminds them that 2012 is coming sooner than they think and that there will be a price for ignoring the will of the American people AGAIN.
Voice your support for H.R. 2, the full Repeal of Obamacare by signing the letter here.
Let's save America and put an end to Obamacare in the 112th Congress.
Yours in freedom,
Heather Higgins
Independent Women's Voice
P.S. Fighting to Repeal Obamacare is not cheap. So will you follow this link to make an urgently needed donation of $50, $100, $250 or more to help us repeal Obamacare in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate? I am counting on your immediate support so we'll have the resources to dispose of this unconstitutional, shameful law as quickly as possible. Thank You.
You may also mail your contribution to:
Independent Women's Voice
4400 Jenifer St., Suite 240
Dept Code: 39530
Washington, DC 20014

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In a potentially controversial move, the Pentagon will announce the formation of a new all-gay, all male company named the "Fighting 69th Sodomites." Sources credit the creation of the 69th to House member Barney Frank, who has reportedly been working "very, very closely" with gay Pentagon officials.


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Nice Try Demotards...

They didnt have the decency to wait one day. Forget twenty four hours, they didnt wait twenty four minutes!!

After the shootings in Tucson, while the blood was still drying on the pavement, loons like this moron PARTISAN Sheriff in Pima County, the east coast elite scumbags in Congress and the oh, so, deep and serious Kieth Olberman came out swinging at us.

US.  You and me, Tea Party Patriots, Republican activists, Radio Commentators and other conservative voices that are unabashedly against what Obama and his syndicate of SOCIALIST/LEFTIST cronies and what they are doing to the country.  Their evidence?  From what did they draw this response and attack with this rapid and rabid response?

Nothing.  Nada.  Their instinct to "not let a good crisis go to waste" caused them to start running their loud, arrogant mouths, before their koolaid soaked brains were engaged.

I am glad personally - and I am not going to slink away in fear of the threats they are currently making regarding my SACRED, CREATOR ENDOWED RIGHTS, encoded in the CONSTITUTION.

You cant throw this down on US. You cant make this wack job one of ours - no matter how much you blather on and on about "changing the terms used in political discourse."

I want to call you a SOCIALIST...I am going to, and I dont give a tinkers damn if it offends you or your liberal hack cronies in the press.

I will say this for the entire crowd on that side of the isle, though - you guys really do know how to move in quick to score a political point or two.  Really.  Too bad you just jumped the shark on this one...maybe next time you get your freakin facts in order before YOU start engaging in hate filled rhetoric directed towards YOUR political opponents.

Nice try....Not.


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Another piece falls into place:                                                                      

In a press conference last week Obama was not wearing his wedding ring nor his watch. When noticed, his staff said his ring was out for repairs.  No reason was given for the missing watch.


So ?   Is it just a coincidence that Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan ?

Can't possibly be that, because although he hasn't gone to a Christian church service since entering the White House, we know he's a committed Christian 'cause he said so during the campaign.


....And I've got a bridge to sell you also.

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Where's Bob?!

Hi all,

Just wanted to say I am sorry if I have missed your emails - I have been unplugged for awhile so I could focus on family and friends and the holidays.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a New Year filled with hope for our movement, our families and our sacred Republic.

If I owe you a response I will get it to you, I am in catch up mode right now!


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An Update on the Amnesty Bill

THIS IS AN URGENT UPDATE FROM ROY BECK, President of NUMBERSUSA.ORG - if you see your reps listed below please contact them and tell them NO!!

Reid Says Amnesty Vote Pushed Off To Early Next Week

GOOD NEWS -- No New YES Votes For DREAM Amnesty

BAD NEWS -- Talk of hiding amnesty inside giant spending & tax bills

See below for our latest target list for today.

Massive pro-amnesty pressure this week has failed to get a single new YES vote. Congratulatons to all of you who have been phoning with practical and rational comments about the DREAM amnesty. Just as last week, we would beat that amnesty if the vote were held in the Senate today. But we can't stop phoning because Senate leaders are trying to give pro-amnesty advocates every moment possible to find the last of the 60 votes they need.

No. 2 Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) now is pushing the DREAM Act amnesty vote out of this week and he says likely early next week. Nonetheless, he continues to claim that the amnesty vote is a higher priority for the Senate leadership than all but three or four of the long wish list they have before Christmas.

Reid also indicates that if amnesty doesn't pass before Christmas he may bring Senate back between Christmas and New Year's. He also has suggested he might bring the old Senate back on Monday and Tuesday after New Year's for the final two days before the Congress that was elected in November takes over. He knows that an amnesty has zero chance of passing in the newly elected Congress, so he seems intent on holding the old Congress around as long as he needs to get an amnesty to the President's desk.

Danger of hiding amnesty inside larger bill during the Lame Duck? The website for immigration lawyers carried some fascinating comments this week about the desperation among pro-amnesty advocates. In giving three reasons why the nation's attorneys should support the DREAM amnesty was: "a not-insignificant fraction of DREAM beneficiaries will need legal counsel, one of the few bright spots on the horizon for law firms suffering from the Great Recession." While noting that Reid still doesn't have the votes to pass the DREAM amnesty on its own, "If DREAM passage is to be ensured, the sure-fire method is to attach it to a must-pass bill. Two such bills are currently in play and DREAM could conceivably be attached to either. The bills are of course, the tax cut bill and the Continuing Resolution for Appropriations for FY 2011. . . even serious discussion about attaching DREAM to the must-pass bills would go a long way to getting the 60 votes on the stand-alone bill."




Sen. Murkowski (R)
No statement on her web site and no media quotes. Daily Kos says multiple whips counts have her as a likely supporter. Most of the PRO-amnesty groups are counting her as a YES.

Sen. Landrieu (D)
She indicates that the House bill needs to be considered because it has some changes (suggesting that she will claim the House bill closes loopholes). She talks of major concern for the "children."

Sen. Stabenow (D)
She was a certain YES on cloture to start debate. But she has not indicated whether she would vote YES to end debate and thus pass the bill. She is up for re-election in 2012 in a state that turned sharply Republican in the 2010 elections. Now (as noted above), we are facing only a cloture vote to END debate. PRO-amnesty forces count her as theirs. But I don't think she has to be at all.

Sen. McCaskill (D)
McCaskill has a wide-ranging interview on her web site. Appears to be leaning toward yes but its non-committal. She says (1) we have never punished children, (2) this is a different bill than the one I voted against, and (3) if this bill is more narrowly drawn, I will take a serious look at it. She needs to be reminded that any amnesty support will certainly show up when she tries to be re-elected in 2012 by a state that went sharply Republican in the 2010 elections.

Sen. Dorgan (D)
He was a certain YES on cloture to start debate. But he has not indicated whether he would vote YES to end debate and thus pass the bill. Now (as noted above), we are facing only a cloture vote to END debate. In the past, he has been one of our most reliable NO votes on amnesty. But he is retiring and acting squishy. PRO-amnesty forces are counting him as theirs. I don't think that has to be true at all.



These Senators' staff continually tell our members that they will vote NO. But based on past performance, on current pressure from PRO-amnesty forces in their states, etc., our Hill Team believes they need lots more phone calls thanking them for their expected NO vote and reminding them why they are taking the ethically and practically correct position.

Sen. Collins (R)
Sen. Snowe (R)

Sen. Baucus (D)

Sen. Hagan (D)

Sen. Conrad (D)


Please make those calls. We can win this, like we have beaten every amnesty in every year since 2000.


Keep this in mind about Senators who are Undeclared, or who say they will vote NO but are squishy, or who say they will vote YES but are potentially movable to NO:

They all are sympathetic to the poster children of the DREAM Act -- those are the minority of potential amnesty recipients who were brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were infants or toddlers and who are now good high school or college students.

You will gain nothing with the Senators we are trying to reach today by being negative about these students.

Instead, you have to approach these Senators on the basis of practicality. Perhaps the poster children do deserve consideration in the future but not before the enforcement is put in place to stop future illegal immigration. Your argument is that it is not possible in this rushed Lame Duck session to create and pass an amnesty that is limited to the deserving and which will stop future unfair illegal labor competition to unemployed Americans.

My thought is that it would be helpful today for every phone call to make the same pitches to Senators who are sympathetic to the poster children of the DREAM amnesty:
No matter how sympathetic these students may be, you can't give out another mass amnesty without fixing the weak enforcement that allowed their parents to bring them here and keep them here for years and years. DREAM has ZERO enforcement.

The DREAM Act amnesty includes no requirement that jobs be shut off to the millions of future illegal aliens who will bring THEIR children and put them in this exact same predicament that DREAM puports to resolve. It is totally irresponsible to the 22 million unemployed Americans to give out a big amnesty without requiring mandatory verification to keep illegal aliens from holding jobs.

This is the line in the sand you are asking every Senator to draw . . .

. . . . . The line is that whatever one's feelings about the merits of some illegal aliens for an amnesty, no amnesty should be even talked about until the border is secure against continued mass illegal immigration and our jobs are secure from illegal aliens being able to take them from Americans.


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Amnesty by another name!

This Dream Act got a boost from 8 turn coat Republicans in the House - they have sided with the Illegals. This must be met with the strongest response and we are all facing an adversary that will do anything to win - LA RAZA (the Race.)

Please send this link to all of your friends and compel them to go here, sign up and start sending the message to your representatives that you DEMAND that they stop this lame duck congress from passing this garbage.

Numbers USA is a one stop shop for doing out reach to your reps and it is quick and easy.

Let's stop this. Other wise you can kiss America as we know it GOODBYE.

God Bless!


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A Message to Republicans

Mr. Boehner and the other members of the Republican Leadership,

Some of you were not on the chopping block this election cycle, but you might be next go around...I just want to point a couple of things out that you should keep in mind until 2012.

These are not threats, they are reminders so that you dont lose your focus between here and then.

All those new people? We sent them up there. All those cronies and insiders who are packing their bags to go home? We did that too. You need to look at this from where we stand - we did it once, and we can damn sure do it again - we will do even more next time, as we have almost two years to work on our agenda, and we are going to be watching you.

Yep, you have a nationwide network of auditors looking at your every move. If you care about this country, thats great, thats what we want, but if all you care about is your politcal future, you should factor this into your equations for success. We didnt put your party back into power because we like you or trust you. YOU ARE ON PROBATION.

We didnt send you all back up there to make nice with socialists.

We didnt send you up there to compromise away our national security, our financial future or our childrens hopes and dreams.

We sent you up there to STOP THE MADNESS!!

You skilled politicians be very careful with how you treat our house and our government, because it doesnt belong to you. It belongs to US, and it is on loan to you for the next two years. If you want to keep the positions you hold, then mark these words well...otherwise, it might be YOU packing up your office next time around.

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Google EVIL?

If this is the way they are going to be, I am going to have to start boycotting them.

That means no clicking on Google ads (they get paid for that)

and no more searches with their engine.

I will use this instead.

I dont put much stock in Huffington Post most of the time, but read this article:

You may or may not agree with Alex Jones, and if you dont, you probably dont know him very well or listen to his program. I know Alex, I met him personally years ago and have followed his work - whether you agree with him or not, you have to agree that censoring his opinion IS evil. It is anti - first amendment, though in this case it isnt the Government playing big brother, its the new technorati, the globally oriented info-corporations.

This is the new face of the NWO. Corporate NGO's who will assist the government to suppress the opinions they do not like or threaten their power. Wake Up.

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WHAT 2nd Amendment?!

What 2nd Amendment?You're sound asleep when you hear a thump outside your bedroom door. Half-awake, and nearly paralyzed with fear, you hear muffled whispers. At least two people have broken into your house and are moving your way. With your heart pumping, you reach down beside your bed and pick up your shotgun. You rack a shell into the chamber, then inch toward the door and open it. In the darkness, you make out two shadows.One holds something that looks like a crowbar. When the intruder brandishes it as if to strike, you raise the shotgun and fire. The blast knocks both thugs to the floor. One writhes and screams while the second man crawls to the front door and lurches outside. As you pick up the telephone to call police, you know you're in trouble.dl probably plea the case down to manslaughter."What kind of sentence will I get?" you ask."Only ten-to-twelve years," he replies, as if that's nothing. "Behave yourself, and you'll be out in seven."The next day, the shooting is the lead story in the local newspaper. Somehow, you're portrayed as an eccentric vigilante while the two men you shot are represented as choirboys. Their friends and relatives can't find an unkind word to say about them. Buried deep down in the article, authorities acknowledge that both "victims" have been arrested numerous times. But the next day's headline says it all: "Lovable Rogue Son Didn't Deserve to Die." The thieves have been transformed from career criminals into Robin Hood-type pranksters. As the days wear on, the story takes wings. The national media picks it up, then the international media. The surviving burglar has become a folk hero.Your attorney says the thief is preparing to sue you, and he'll probably win. The media publishes reports that your home has been burglarized several times in the past and that you've been critical of local police for their lack of effort in apprehending the suspects. After the last break-in, you told your neighbor that you would be prepared next time. The District Attorney uses this to allege that you were lying in wait for the burglars.A few months later, you go to trial. The charges haven't been reduced, as your lawyer had so confidently predicted. When you take the stand, your anger at the injustice of it all works against you. Prosecutors paint a picture of you as a mean, vengeful man. It doesn't take long for the jury to convict you of all charges.The judge sentences you to life in prison.This case really happened.On August 22, 1999, Tony Martin of Emneth, Norfolk , England , killed one burglar and wounded a second. In April, 2000, he was convicted and is now serving a life term.How did it become a crime to defend one's own life in the once great British Empire ?It started with the Pistols Act of 1903. This seemingly reasonable law forbade selling pistols to minors or felons and established that handgun sales were to be made only to those who had a license. The Firearms Act of 1920 expanded licensing to include not only handguns but all firearms except shotguns.Later laws passed in 1953 and 1967 outlawed the carrying of any weapon by private citizens and mandated the registration of all shotguns.Momentum for total handgun confiscation began in earnest after the Hungerford mass shooting in 1987. Michael Ryan, a mentally disturbed Man with a Kalashnikov rifle, walked down the streets shooting everyone he saw. When the smoke cleared, 17 people were dead.The British public, already de-sensitized by eighty years of "gun control", demanded even tougher restrictions. (The seizure of all privately owned handguns was the objective even though Ryan used a rifle.)Nine years later, at Dunblane , Scotland , Thomas Hamilton used a semi-automatic weapon to murder 16 children and a teacher at a public school.For many years, the media had portrayed all gun owners as mentally unstable, or worse, criminals. Now the press had a real kook with which to beat up law-abiding gun owners. Day after day, week after week, the media gave up all pretense of objectivity and demanded a total ban on all handguns. The Dunblane Inquiry, a few months later, sealed the fate of the few sidearms still owned by private citizens.During the years in which the British government incrementally took away most gun rights, the notion that a citizen had the right to armed self-defense came to be seen as vigilantism. Authorities refused to grant gun licenses to people who were threatened, claiming that self-defense was no longer considered a reason to own a gun. Citizens who shot burglars or robbers or rapists were charged while the real criminals were released.Indeed, after the Martin shooting, a police spokesman was quoted as saying, "We cannot have people take the law into their own hands."All of Martin's neighbors had been robbed numerous times, and several elderly people were severely injured in beatings by young thugs who had no fear of the consequences. Martin himself, a collector of antiques, had seen most of his collection trashed or stolen by burglars.When the Dunblane Inquiry ended, citizens who owned handguns were given three months to turn them over to local authorities. Being good British subjects, most people obeyed the law. The few who didn't were visited by police and threatened with ten-year prison sentences if they didn't comply. Police later bragged that they'd taken nearly 200,000 handguns from private citizens.How did the authorities know who had handguns? The guns had been registered and licensed. Kinda like cars.Sound familiar?WAKE UP AMERICA , THIS IS WHY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS PUT THE SECOND AMENDMENT IN OUR CONSTITUTION." does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."--Samuel Adams
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Well, we did pretty well, all things considered. Made a little History, kicked a little but and swept away a few odious monsters from the "People's House". Good Job!And we know we have to keep up the drum beat, stay on our representatives to insure they do our will, and not the will of the progressive movement and the lobbyists on K Street.But there is something else I want to just put out there, and tell you about and ask you to join me.If you took notice, SEIU and all the other Union Goons in Nevada and California saved Reid and Boxer. Sure, they will lose some clout and all - but that isnt good enough. They arent humiliated either, by the tough race they went through, far from it.I say, VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS NOW and all though the next election cycle. I wont be going back to Vegas (or anywhere else in Nevada) that is run by unions...DO YOU HEAR ME HARRAHS EMPLOYEES?!I will NEVER take my kids to Disneyland in California again, until vampires like Pelosi and Boxer are gone.We MUST do more. This fight isnt over and we cant be schitzo about our behaviour - it MUST match and be in concurrance with our principles.I will NOT reward Nevada or California with any potential economic gains while they continue to re-install these radicalized Liberal vampires. Just say no. Go to a red state and spend your money there. As Daniel Boone once said, "you can go to hell, as for me, I am going to Texas.
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What's the difference? Its JUST a 1% tax!

A forward from a friend.RE:H R. 4646I have gone into THOMAS (Library of Congress) and printed out and read all 15 pages of this bill which has been given the "Short Title" of "Debt Free America Act." It is the most socialistic thing I have ever read. Just think, if you deposit $5,000.00 into your checking account or savings account the bank has to take out 1% or $50.00 of that money and send it to Washington. Then, any checks or cash you take out of your bank they will deduct 1% from what is still in the bank and send it to Washington. Total put in the Bank $5,000.00. $100.00 of that you give to Washington.This bill, spells it out that everyone will pay the Government 1% of their gross income.Page 9 states the House and Senate shall convene not later than November 23, 2010 and Page 11 states the vote on passage shall occur not later than December 23, 2010.SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO CONTACT THEIR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATOR AND TELL THEM TO VOTE NO ON THIS BILL.If you don't know who your Congressman or Senator is, go to Google, type in"(your state) Congressman email address". When it comes up, click on "Complete E-mail address for Congress/House, Senate, Governors and get both e-mail and FAX info.The bill is HR-4646 introduced by US Rep Peter DeFazio D-Oregon and US Senator Tom Harkin D-Iowa. It is now in committee and will probably not be brought out until after the Nov. elections. Suggest that you pass this along and also to your state senator and representative and US Congressman and Senators.One percent transaction tax is proposed. President Obama's finance team is recommending a transaction tax. His plan is to sneak it in after the November election to keep it under the radar. This is a 1% tax on all transactions at any financial institution. e. Banks, Credit Unions, etc.. Any deposit you make, or move around within your account. e. transfer to, will have a 1% tax charged. If your pay check or your social Security or whatever is direct deposit, 1% tax charged. If you hand carry a check in to deposit, 1% tax charged, If you take cash in to deposit, 1% tax charged. This is from the man who promised that if you make under $250,000 per year, you will not see one penny of new tax. Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be amazed at what you learn.Some will say aw it's just 1%... remember once the tax is there they can raise it at will.
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