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What are we allowing our government to do? I have long been a seeker of honesty in our government and I agree that we need to regain our freedom to create value and be wealthy, happy and at peace within our country. For so long we have had our rights to happiness and prosperity taken away in order for career politicians and other cheats to make their unearned living at the expense of us, the hard working individual American. I believe that the only function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill the purpose of human life which is to prosper and live happily. If there was a party that could guarantee that function of government and could prove its intentions in an honest way, I would join it in a second!We are so overshadowed by big governmet that we can no longer see our dream forest for the crooked trees! remI invite all Americans to comment on this blog and perhaps we can make some very real changes happen before we implode as a nation.
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