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LYING-The American people can be very forgiving when mistakes are made.  However, history tells us in recent decades that they are unforgiving when lying, cover-up, and deceit are used to deceive the American people.  This is what is going on now with Benghazi and the 12 revisions to the 'talking points" is only one of many inconsistencies. 

The President needs to step forward, not Jay Carney, tell the entire truth, and ask the American people for forgiveness.  Absent that the Democrats will likely take a beating at the polls next year and they could also very well lose the White House in 2016.

Support for our embassy was DENIED, people DIED, and the Administration LIED.

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Marriage is defined as the union of a man and woman for life.  The way a man and woman's body are formed is evidence of this natural union (versus unnatural unions).  Everything else is not a real marriage but instead a civil union or some other term offerring protection under the law.  The Obama administration in trying to slam dunk this issue in the Supreme Court to force Virginia and most other States to strike down their own marriage legislation and it is the highest assault an administration has ever made on America and the Church. 

Focus on the Family Story

Marriage is sacred in the Church and Obama's actions are harming the civil rights of one class of people while advancing his agenda for another (win-lose) while the right thing to do is win-win where marriage remains between a man and a woman and civil unions cover everything else.  Quite frankly I am ashamed of Obama and pray for the day his remaining term is over for the sake of a once great nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all (win-win). rz

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A CHRISTmas Message

As Tuesday approaches I want to wish everyone a blessed CHRISTmas.  As you experience Christmas this year consider the importance of this holiday.  For example, there are over 2 billion people worldwide who not only celebrate Christmas as a holiday but also how the birth of a child permanently changed the world. 

Children are precious.  Keep in your prayers those 20 children who died in Connecticut along with their families.  But life also is about balance.  Therefore balance your prayers to include the 53 million babies and children that are not here today since Roe v Wade in 1973 (out of sight does not mean out of mind). 

For 2 billion Christians, they strive to live out the message of Christmas not just for one day or one month, but as a way of life 12 months a year.  Among those principals include compassion, love, humility, and forgiveness.  From a balanced perspective I say how can that many people be wrong?


Finally, please pray for leaders (Herod? & Caesar?) who have the task of preventing a national catastrophe in the years ahead from their decisions today.  And don’t spend more than you can pay back over the Christmas holiday despite the temptation to follow the example of others as making it seem ok.  And remember those who cannot afford gifts and sometimes even food, not just over this holiday, but all year long.

God bless each and every one as you experience the wonder of Christmas.  Richard

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‎10 DAYS TO FISCAL CLIFF-No deal is better than a bad deal.  Here is what a good deal looks like with a straight line trajectory to 2020>Reduce Federal spending from current 24% of GDP down to 18% of GDP by 2020 which is more the norm in the US outside of a world war.  This means the Federal budget must decline by roughly 25% (6%/24%) which equates to .25 x $3.9 trillion current budget=$975 billion over 8 years.  This means the spending must be reduced by $975 billion/8 years = $122 billion additional each year to 2020.  To reach a balanced budget, that means $1.2 trillion deficit -$975 billion spending cuts = $225 billion of new taxes over 8 years or a phase in of $28 billion of additional taxes each year. 

For those of you who excelled in math the above will all fit together.  The one thing that also needs to be part of the deal is a Balanced Budget Amendment so the Nation can get off its spending binge since there is no single person (ie Federal CEO) managing the budget unlike every major corporation in the world.  It's just been a free for all in DC the last 4 years.  RZ UVA Econ (3.9 GPA) '76 High Honors

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The ROAD to Socialism

I see a lot of confusion about the term socialism.  To separate fact from fiction, truth from myth, I offer the following.  There are 20 variants of Socialism.  In its pure sense it does mean non profit driven control of production by the government representing "The People".  We are currently on the track of one variant of Socialism and that is what concerns many since it is a departure of what made this nation the most productive, profitable, land of opportunity in the world.  The Social Democracy variant is a political ideology that considers itself to be a form of reformist democratic socialism. Whether stated or not, it is a path for peaceful, evolutionary transition of society from capitalism to socialism.[2] It asserts that the only acceptable constitutional form of government is representative democracy under the rule of law (Lawyers sort of become the ruling class).[3] It promotes extending democratic decision-making beyond political democracy to include economic democracy to guarantee employees and other economic stakeholders sufficient rights of co-determination.[4] Common social democratic policies include advocacy of universal social rights to attain universally-accessible public services such as: education, health care, workers' compensation, and other services including child care and care for the elderly.[5] Social democracy is connected with the trade union labour movement and supports collective bargaining rights for workers. Obama and his administration are not pure socialists.  However, assertions to that effect are partially correct because of the Social Democracy variant.  Any questions?  Remember I am a consultant and it is my job to be thorough, honest, and factual even if the truth is unsettling at times.  I am sort of a messenger, so don't kill the messenger :)

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