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Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
Apr 25, 2015
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
First before I post the "GIVE AND TAKE" of this FACEBOOK POSTING let me say this individual is a recent convert to ISLAM and has changed his name. You have probably seen his face in the rampaging mobs in the FERGUSON riots. This posting is to serve…
Jan 18, 2015
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
OBVIOUS, COLD, CALCULATED....STINKS!! The Picture here bottom right is "Mrs Louis Farrakhan with Michelle Obama" Op-Ed By: Rev James M Wesley Jr, Thursday 8 January 2015 @ 12:13 PMOBVIOUS, COLD, CALCULATED....STINKS!!  OBAMA, ERIC HOLDER,RAHM…
Jan 8, 2015
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted blog posts
Dec 30, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
 PEOPLE!! SOMETHING IS WRONGWITH THIS PICTURE! "OOOH SAY CAN YOU SEE?"   <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/nTc0mjyCbvE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> DOMESTIC JIHADIST TRAINING CAMPS/VILLAGES...You know…
Dec 6, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
OUTLINE OF THE "OBAMANATION"Op-Ed by: Rev James M Wesley Jr. December 4,2014 @ 7:25 ESTHis (OBAMA'S) ability to look into the TV CAMERA and double talk and lie about issues which literally will determine the destiny of this nation is limitless. His…
Dec 4, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
Please let me address this issue of FEAR.Question. How much do you love our REPUBLIC? Are you a "HYPHENATED AMERICAN OR AN AMERICAN"? IF YOU CAN DECLARE FROM YOUR HEART "AMERICAN" CITIZEN OF THIS REPUBLIC! Yes it's to late to worry about how much…
Dec 1, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
WHEN THE REVOLUTION COMES??WHAT WILL YOU GET?CHANGE?ORCHUMP CHANGE.You know as I look and listen to these "so called BLACK revolutionaries"...it hurts me to know that there is not one recorded SUCCESSFUL BLACK REVOLUTION anywhere!! When speaking of…
Nov 26, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
Black Leader Says Justice Served in Ferguson, Brown Not ‘Raised Properly,’ ‘Trained’ to Serve God By: Heather Clark November 25, 2014 LOS ANGELES – A prominent black Christian leader who works with youth states that he believes justice was served by…
Nov 25, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted blog posts
Nov 24, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted blog posts
Nov 22, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
OPEN LETTER TO THECONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATESOFAMERICA From: James M Wesley Jr. Land O Lakes, FLTo: The House & Senate of the United States of AmericaSubject: Constitutional Responsibility to Remove Barack Hussein Obama from Office, and to try him…
Nov 20, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF "MARTIAL LAW"THIS IS NOT A TEST BUT RATHER AWARNING Judge Promises Obama Will Serve 10 Years To Life For This Major CrimeREALLY??AMERICANNEWS.COMOp-Ed By: Rev James M. Wesley Jr Jail time won't matter if Obama institutes…
Oct 23, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
A quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. applies to this situation"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity"HEADLINE: FERGUSON, MO. THREAT OF VIOLENCE "WE'RE GOING TO BURN THE TOWN" IF THE COP'S NOT…
Oct 6, 2014
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
Jun 9, 2013
Rev James Mack Wesley Jr posted a blog post
feature=player_embedded&v=EBz5Fx1KEx8be.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EBz5Fx1KEx8Mr Bond your position reflects how the NAACP is lost in a cloud of self destructive deception. It is struggling to maintain relevance in the face of 21st century…
May 19, 2013

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  • Ironic that you accuse me of being a Pharisee. Paul called himself a Pharisee of the Pharisees, the premise being that he was set apart to the service of God. It does not bother me in the least. The law has never passed away. Jesus said that heaven and earth would pass away but that it would be impossible for one jot of tittle to pass away from the law. Then again he said plainly that he had not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. As for the examples set by the heroes of the faith all of those things happened for ensamples to us upon whom the ends of the world have come. Plainly those examples are still examples so that men and nations would live godly. The Apostle who told us that they did not make void the law by faith, also emphasized that rather they established it. If modernist think that they can build again their new tower of Babel, and call it a sacred and righteous thing, they would be wise to learn what happened to the first tower.

    I thank you for providing me with an opportunity to defend my heritage, and the honorable heritage of my ancestors, my state, and the brave and honorable nation of my ancestors. As always, when exposed to the light truth triumphs over myth, and glory of their valor in their heroic and sacrificial struggle for freedom and defense of their nation will shine in the Chronicles of History long after political correctness has died. Friend there is just too much documentation that is preserved to us to support the mythos of the late attacks on the Southern people and the attempts to re-subjugate us in the distorted and corrupted mold of what politicians call the New South.

  • Mr. Wesley. Do you see the Icon picture on the corner of my name. It is a plaque that I make on a CNC machine. I programmed it, machined it an placed it on the grave of my Ancestor who was a veteran of 27 battles, who was wounded 3 times, and endured hunger, exhaustion and grueling long marches for the sake of his country. Greer Wood owned no slaves, he did not fight for slavery. He fought to defend the soil of his homeland against a savage invader. For this I honor him and his comrades in arms. I am willing to endure the slander that they endure and embrace it as my own. They were the bravest of the brave, and history will remember the soldier of the blue and gray long after the plastic artificial heroes of the left are forgotten. 

    You see, if you really studied the scriptures as you say, you surely know that the commandments say "Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long in the land that the LORD thy God giveth thee".  Some think that means do what Mommy and Daddy say, but it means much more than that. David slept with his fathers after his death. The sons (descendants of Rechab) would not disobey the commands of their ancestral father and God said that they would not fail to have a man to stand before him forever.  On the other hand, when a people repudiate their fathers and mothers and curse them as political correctness demands that they do, their days in the land will not be long because like Esau they have sold their birthright cheaply and despised the gift of God. Another shall sow their fields, others will possess their cities.  Even now the judgement is upon the land because the people have sold their birthright and given it to strangers.  The Rulers seek to build again the tower of Babel and call it a holy endeavor when they forget that the Almighty destroyed the first tower of Babel.

  • Do you have a profound understanding of the scripture? I question that? The term reverend means nothing only God is Father and only God is to be reverenced. When I was in seminary I found that many of the young men were determined to avoid real work. It is easy for you to call names, but you have shown no knowledge of history. So how do you call my knowledge of real history perverted. I am proud of my people. I refuse to sell my birthright cheaply as Esau did. I care not at all for your contempt of me or my people. The question was never a defense of slavery which was introduced to America in the 1600s. My defense of my countrymen is based upon their dedication to the high moral principals that led them to fight heroically against an enemy that had 4 time the military manpower. 20 time the industrial capacity, and 12 time the naval power of the Southern Nation. This is about the sovereignty of nations, and the self determination of peoples.
    Even your Lincoln said of my countrymen that " if it were not already among them they would not have introduced it. and if it were not already among us we would not have readily given it up".
    This you and the Tea Party need to understand. Without the South, you will fail. If you continue to alienate the Southern people the Tea Party will be just another casualty of political correctness. That is a fact and Tea Party Command needs to come to grips with it. Sacrificing the Southern people on the alter of political correctness in order to ingratiate themselves to those who love neither truth nor the liberties that are dear to the American soul, you will fail.
    By the way, you need not instruct me in either Hebrew or Greek, I seldom read my Bible in either language, but there was a time when I read it in both languages on a daily basis. You may have the advantage of an audience, and have favor with the Tea Party hierarchy, but I know the history and the truth. That is really what matters. You can keep your popularity contest. Popularity has nothing to do with what is true or what is false.

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