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Passive Aggressive Language

A new word from the "weather" media.. Derecho, have you heard it? Know what it is?  Here ya go. derecho (də-reh-choh, from Spanish: derecho "straight") is a widespread, long-lived, straight-line wind storm that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms. 

Now stop and think about this. Is this unusual ?   Nope... we get them all the time... but SUDDENLY the new word comes up making a line of thunderstorms into something different than before.   

Derecho, what's the underlying possiblity?  This word is a spanish word meaning Straight.. just that simple so why the "hype"?   Possibility ???   Indoctrinating the SPANISH language into our daily lives ONE WORD at a time.  How many people do you know who greet you with the word Hola???  I see it more and more every day.    What happened to HEY !  or Howdy ??   Or simply Good Morning ???   That is ENGLISH .. Hola, Derecho is NOT !!!   

WAKE UP AMERICA !!    Passive Aggressive is the way of TODAY !    Don't fall into this pit of manipulation.     

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What a bully

Is there any way to get this to STOP before November ???    He is bullying everyone who stands in his way !!!  


President Barack Obama has again threatened the Supreme Court over ObamaCare - this time indicating that if the Court does not rule his way, he will take his revenge on senior citizens by destroying Medicare.

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