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The Democrats' Scandolous Quid Pro Quo Scheme

The Democrats' obstructive behavior is driven solely by the knowledge that each success President Trump achieves diminishes their odds to regain political dominance they need to transform this nation into a socialistic disaster. However, I’m baffled and concerned that no one has yet called them out to publicly defend the devious scheme they’ve employed to achieve it.

It's to inundate this nation with primarily Hispanics/Latinos; whom they expect to feel obliged, eager and proud to become Democrats as pay back for their devious political shenanigans that either made it possible for them to get here in the first place and/or to remain here after coming here illegally. Their strategy is harboring millions of them in so-called "Sanctuary Cities" and advocating open borders that would allow not only millions more to join them and form an astronomical voting block for the party; even though, open borders would also allow criminals, including terrorists to enter this country unimpeded.

Of course, the Democrats expect them to feel obliged. eager and proud to eventually join the Party as payback for all they've  consistently done on their behalf. It's one of the most blatant and scandalous quid pro quo schemes ever concocted. And it's evidence of their desperation, urgency and willingness to commit any unscrupulous act to regain political dominance; bedamned our security, safety, health and expenditure of our tax dollars on illegal immigrants. And as far as they're concerned; bedamned democracy and capitalism that propelled this nation to become the most powerful economically and militarily that's ever existed. 

.This scheme alone is irrefutable evidence of systemic corruptness within the Democratic Party. Think bout it. California's Governor  designated the state as a sanctuary to harbor and coddle illegal immigrants; while many thousands of his homeless constituents sleep on park benches and on sidewalks. 

I've addressed this matter via letter to President Trump; Senator Mitch McConnell; Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf; and Congressman Kevin McCarthy

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A Prelude to Anarchy

Unless President Obama, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) of this nation goes on prime-time TV and makes an announcement similar to the following; the ambushing and killing of LEOs will continue to increase and spread across this nation. I'm reminded of an old Randolph Scott western I recently watched, titled; "A Lawless Street". What's happening here now, if not stopped, will certainly lead to a lawless nation; and ultimately all-out anarchy. This situation is unprecedented. A cop in one part of the nation is accused of and/or not found guilty of unnecessarily killing a Black person; and some black thugs thousands of miles away, randomly ambushes and murders a White cop; who may have on that very same day, rescued or saved a Black person from death or serious injury. It is absolutely inconceivable and astonishing that Commander-in Chief, Obama has not gone on prime time TV and made a statement similar to the following: "As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this nation; I'm greatly saddened and regretful that it has even become necessary for me to make a speech such as this. However, I want to make this absolutely clear. I will not tolerate LEOs' unnecessary killing of anyone; Black, White, or otherwise, period. Nor will I tolerate the ambushing and killing of LEOs. There are over six hundred thousand LEOs in this nation. And as in every society, race, and profession; and yes, even the ministry and politics; there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thankfully for this nation, the vast majority of LEOs are extraordinarily good, brave, compassionate, and professional people. So listen up and listen carefully. I've directed the Attorney General to closely monitor the judicial process and outcome of controversial killings by LEOs; and the ambushing of LEOs. My bottom line is that in either case; those found guilty in a court of law shall receive the maximum sentence allowed by existing law. And one final warning; if a LEO is found not guilty, I will not tolerate any rioting and lawless behavior in response. And if necessary; I shall authorize deployment of National Guard Troops. And I would expect Governors and Mayors to unleash the full force of their law enforcement capabilities to stifle any such incidents; and to arrest and prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law; period"!

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Due to the ongoing blatant unethical abuse of our current citizenship law, it is absolutely urgent that criteria for U.S. citizenship be expeditiously amended. According to the current law, a child born to a non-U.S. citizen inside the borders of this country, automatically/by default becomes an American Citizen, and immune from deportation. What a golden opportunity such a wide open loophole provides for foreigners to circumvent the law!! Mexicans are by far the primary abusers because of the close proximity of our unsecured border with Mexico. If implemented, the recommended amendment would indisputably close that loophole, and negate the intent and assumption of illegal immigrants that because their American-born children are immune from deportation, most Americans would argue it hateful, cruel and inhumane to separate them from their children. This amendment would mandate that deported illegal immigrants take their children with them. The recommended amendment is very plain and simple, but would be viable, efficient and effective: [Children born to a mother, who is an undocumented/illegal immigrant, shall not by default become an American citizen at time of birth, nor will such child be considered for citizenship]. This change would effectively deter women, some who are already pregnant when they illegally enter this country, from making a conscious decision to come here. I doubt that any sane common-sense person of integrity would find anything insensitive, inhumane or racist about such an amendment.
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