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September 11

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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Noah replied to Admin Dee's discussion Lindsey Graham Defends Taxpayer Money to Pakistan in the Stimulus Bill
"He must be related to nincompoop Oblamer who put the U. S. in trillions of dollars in debt."
Dec 24, 2020
Noah replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Michigan Protesters: "We don't support Biden! We support Karl Marx!"
"Joe Biden--biden' his time.  Karl Marx--dead and gone.  Lots of similarities."
Dec 24, 2020
Noah left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"Roberto Benitez, There have been about four major revivals in America and they were known as "The Great Awakening".  Jonathon Edwards was one of the last leaders of the cause.  What do I recommend?  For those of us that know where we stand…"
Jan 6, 2014
Noah left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"Jeff Noncent, the likelihood of America seeing this nation change for the good is about as slim as an onfire revival by the church taking place in America."
Jan 6, 2014
Noah left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"Thank you for the enlightenment, Roberto Benitez.  I appreciate your comments concerning impeachment and the nickname of BO."
Jan 5, 2014
Noah left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"I voted "Yes" on the question should oblamer be impeached, however, the truth is, he needs to be thrown out of office by the Senate and all of the stupid laws he has passed would have to be thrown out with him since he holds the office illegally as…"
Jan 3, 2014

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