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This is my first posting folks. Hello to all.

I will try to be as sensitive with my questions, some of you may have disabled living at home or in an establishment that have caretakers looking after their loved ones, please bear with me.

In this very crucial  time that we are facing before our Election of a new President,  I have had this burning question buzzing around in my head and I am not sure if others have had this same question yet not is my question:

In States that have disabled people and are not capable of making decisions for themselves,  when it is Election time to cast a vote, how is this done?  Are the disabled asked questions in order to be able to answer, if they can, or is the selection made for them?

Disabled citizens who are in the care of a caretaker on a daily basis, and do not have the capability of managing for themselves, who makes the decision when it comes time to Vote for a Republican Leader or a Democratic Leader?   This has always puzzled me and I know there are those of you out there in cyber-land that may have the answer and put my mind at rest.

You can imagine for yourselves how this may throw votes either way, perhaps someone can put this to bed for me.


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