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The time has come!

Over the past decades, Americans have watched as irresponsible, self-serving members of congress have repeatedly made decisions that enrich themselves while ignoring or even violating our laws. They have given raises to themselves, stuffed their staff with family and friends with NO accountability or oversight, passed laws that hurt Americans in countless ways, even forcing us to buy insurance which in reality is an unlawful income tax, doing all this while EXEMPTING themselves from every law they pass.

One of the most egregious ways our elected "serpents" have harmed Americans is by creating the conditions that have encouraged people from other countries, largely from Mexico and other Latin and South American countries, to move to the USA illegally. Congress knows this is a direct violation of our immigration laws, yet they have consistently and repeatedly ignored our laws, even going to the point where illegals can live here illegally, get jobs illegally (which we all know were held by Americans), get free benefits here illegally, get free education illegally, free hospital care illegally, and even allow their children born here to be given US citizenship illegally, all at the expense of the taxpayer.

Worse yet, they have allowed cities to openly designate themselves to be "sanctuary" cities where illegals will NOT be arrested, prosecuted, or deported for being here illegally, despite that being a violation of federal law. Now if that were not bad enough, those same elected serpents have allowed convicted felons to remain in the US even after committing violent crimes such as rape or murder. Notable examples of this is the case of Kate Steinlee who was murdered by an illegal who had been previously convicted for felonies, yet who was allowed to remain in San Francisco under its sanctuary city policy. Another heinous case was in Houston where an illegal murdered a US citizen at a traffic light in cold blood. He did not even know the man he murdered. The illegal just decided he wanted to murder an American and the victim had the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the right time, and was murdered for no reason whatsoever. Then there are the countless cases where illegals with multiple convictions for DUI, up to as many as 13, have been allowed to remain in the US, some of which caused the death of US citizens by again driving while drunk.

There are many other cases like these, most of which are not even reported in the liberal controlled media, most of which are in full agreement with the policies of our elected serpents that enable these crimes to be committed. So I believe the time has come to hold those elected serpents responsible for their decisions.

I am specifically calling for ALL elected or appointed officials who have created laws or conditions that allow illegals to come and remain here to be held PERSONALLY LIABLE for ALL crimes committed by ALL illegals. After all, these serpents have created laws holding US citizens personally liable for decisions they make. As a well known example, these law breakers, being congress and others, have passed laws holding bartenders personally liable for serving a patron who later causes death or injury to someone while driving. Since congress clearly believes in holding people personally responsible for their decisions, I believe it is only just that THEY be held to the exact same standard. Therefore, I call on We the People to demand that congress, bureaucrats, and judges who create, allow, or support laws that allow illegals to come, live, and work here be held PERSONALLY LIABLE for ALL crimes committed by ALL illegals. Again, this is just applying the principle THEY created, that being to hold people personally liable for their decisions, and applying that principle to themselves. I don't believe any American believes congress, judges, or bureaucrats should be exempt from ANY law they pass, especially a law that is directly responsible for many deaths, rapes, robberies, traffic accidents, and many other crimes, not to mention the burden on the taxpayers for paying for those crimes, both in dollars and in personal injury.

While we are at it, the same concept should apply to congress and others who have intentionally brought millions of muslims to America despite them knowing that islam as an ideology is fundamentally opposed to the freedom we possess. Furthermore, they know that islam as an ideology, is committed to the notion that islam should be the ONLY religion in the world, and that sharia should be the ONLY, and supreme law in the nation, effectively destroying our Constitution and with it all related laws. Therefore, since islam is a permanent, existential threat to America, and since its members like those in the muslim brotherhood have openly declared war on the US, calling for its destruction, islam is a fundamental threat to the existence of a free America, a fact that is known by lawmakers, no muslim should be allowed to enter the US, and those here should be deported. Also, in keeping with the concept of personal liability, all members of congress, judges, and bureaucrats who have caused muslims to be brought here, housed here, and allowed to work here should also be held personally liable for ALL crimes committed by ALL muslims.

Remember, not ONE of the countless crimes committed by illegals or muslims would have been possible without the intentional, willful decisions & laws created by congress. Nor would the cost in suffering and death of our citizens have occurred without those same intentional decisions. Neither would the trillions of our tax dollars they have spent bringing them here by bribing cities and churches to help them find living quarters, jibs, and navigate the welfare system have been spent.

I understand that congress will not voluntarily pass this law so I am calling on We the People to unite to force congress to pass laws or face arrest under RICO statutes for racketeering which is in all honesty what they should all be charged with. In the likely event that the traitors, yes TRAITORS in congress refuse to hold themselves accountable for their decisions, which I fully expect, we must find ways to arrest them in local venues such as their local districts or states. If the judges, DA's, and local lawmakers refuse, then they are siding with the criminals in congress and should be held equally accountable.

It is time! We cannot allow the criminal acts of congress to go unpunished, for Americans are paying the price of their crimes in suffering, death, and money, all while congress laughs at us. Hold them accountable!

America was created by a people who had little else other than a commitment to the belief that Liberty was worth fighting and dying for. Surely we can do the same thing, can't we? After all, millions of Americans have fought and died for America, so don't we owe it to them to fight for justice, regardless of the cost?

It is time!

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Prove Ovomit is eligible

We all know that Ovomit has hidden every record of his past, including anything that could prove or disprove he is eligible to be POTUS. Both parties are required to certify that their candidate has met the requirements of the Constitution and can lawfully be POTUS.  The DNC actually changed the wording of the certification as they KNOW he is not eligible.  So the question remains, and it is of immense importance to America, how do we know he is eligible?

Since we have no original, verifiable, documents that have not been altered to prove or disprove his eligibility, we really do not know.  However, we DO know for a fact that Ovomit was adopted by Lolo Soetoro at which time he became a citizen of Indonesia.  No one can deny that as the document has been factually proven to be authentic.

Knowing this, why hasn't a single member of congress challenged his eligibility?  There are only two answers. One, they are too cowardly to challenge him for fear of being labeled a racist. Or they are complicit with his fraud and therefore his treason.

It is past time to DEMAND that congress charge Ovomit with fraud. If they do not, then they must be complicit and therefore they must be arrested along with him.  Failure on the part of Americans to force this issue will prove we are not worthy of the title of American, and deserve whatever congress does to destroy us.

I for one refuse to accept his presidency for the reasons stated above.  It is one reason I filed charges of Treason against him.  While nothing happened yet, the FBI did acknowledge to me that I was not the only person who had made such charges.

Doing nothing assures that every unlawful act Ovomit has committed will remain in force, and every law he has destroyed will remain destroyed.  So what will YOU do America?

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The government has for decades lied to us about the real unemployment rate among working age Americans.  Ovomit claims the number is dropping and is somewhere in the 6% range.  That is a bald face lie though all politicians do the same thing and here is proof.

Here is the source for the real numbers of unemployed, and surprisingly enough it comes from the US Dept of Labor. http://theeconomiccollapseblog...

The actual number of Americans who are eligible to work but not in the labor force in 2012 was actually 87 MILLION! According to the Federal Reserve Bank, there were 243 million working age people in America in 2012. That means the REAL unemployment rate in America is 36%.

You think our government is full of liars in both parties? Numbers don't lie, but people do, especially politicians.

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Congress is far worse than we even imagined

As Americans, we have a tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt.  In the case of congress, that tendency has allowed congress to lie to us for decades without fear of being held accountable for their decisions which are destroying America.

Let me be clear.  Their decisions have NOT been made in the absence of the knowledge of what their decisions will inevitably cause.  Their decisions have been made DESPITE them all knowing exactly what the result will be, but THEY DON'T CARE!  When you hear the truth, I wonder what you will say and do, for our future and that of our descendants is at stake, so much so that if we do nothing,  our country will collapse.  What makes it worse is when the collapse occurs, the criminals in congress and other elected offices won't suffer for they have stolen so much money that they will simply disappear into some remote hideout while we are left to deal with THEIR criminal actions that destroyed our country.

So to what decisions do I refer? Specifically I refer to their collective, repeated, and intentional decisions to spend our hard earned dollars with absolutely NO concern for any ability to repay the debt THEY have created.  Remember, they have done this INTENTIONALLY for they get reports regularly telling them the truth, but they turn right around and LIE to us so they can hide the truth from us and continue to rob and plunder at OUR expense, all the time getting huge salaries, free perks, privileges, free staff, free offices, free healthcare, etc. all the while exempting themselves from laws they force on us.

The evidence of their collective crime has been uncovered by economists who have found that BOTH parties in congress have leveraged our future and that of our children and grandchildren by making promises they cannot fulfill, all done to BRIBE the people to get their votes so they can LIE more and STEAL more.  Before you dismiss this claim, I invite everyone to listen to this short video which is an interview with Dr. Kotlikoff who is an economist at Boston Univ with years of experience in this area.


His conclusions are inescapable as you will see, and over 1200 economists from across the country PLUS 17 Nobel Laureates in Economics not only agree with his conclusions, but all endorse a bill that will require the government to stop lying and tell the truth about the financial nightmare THEY INTENTIONALLY created. It is their hope that by exposing their lies, Americans may have some opportunity to plan for what is coming which is the inescapable financial collapse of America.

Remember, congress has done this to us INTENTIONALLY just so they can continue to LIE, STEAL, and live a lifestyle of opulence, luxury, and privilege as decadent as any monarch ever dreamed of living, ALL done with the knowledge that THEY created this mess and that WE will be held liable to pick up the bill, while THEY sail off into the sunset with all the wealth they have STOLEN.

I don't know about you but this infuriates me like no enemy of ours could ever do, for we expect our enemies to hate us and work for our destruction. But the realization that our own government has colluded for decades to enrich themselves at our expense, to such a degree that our entire country will collapse leaving us penniless and our children penniless makes me so outraged that I would be happy to see every one of them arrested for Treason, tried, then executed for intentionally plotting and colluding to destroy America which is TREASON, by law.

Some will say I am overreacting, to which I respond what would you call it if an enemy did the same thing to us? What if an enemy destroyed our economy leaving our country in a shambles with the real possibility of tens of millions dying from lack of food, water, basic services or even dying at the hands of looters and gangs who exploit the collapse of our country?  I would call that an act of open war so what is the difference, except that it is our OWN GOVERNMENT who has been at war with us for decades??

You may disagree with my conclusions to which I say you have the right, but just remember when it happens that you were warned, and remember that the traitors in both parties at every level of government who caused our collapse are off in their retreat living off the fat of OUR land and labor, while we starve and die.  When you watch your children starving, it will be too late to help them so you can explain to them why they are starving.  Tell them you were too busy or too cowardly to do anything to even QUESTION the traitors in government who promised they were looking out for you. 

I on the other hand, intend to be as ready as I can possibly be. Meanwhile, I will continue to fight to expose them and hopefully motivate more people to wake up to the FACT that our own government is plotting our destruction while they jet about on OUR money acting like monarchs.  Maybe if enough people get angry, we may be able to restore our Constitutional Republic after the traitors have been arrested and imprisoned awaiting trial.  If not, then God help you all.  All except the traitors who have brought us to this condition.

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