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March 31

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Michael W. Elliott posted a discussion in Pennsylvania
I for one am utterly disgusted and angered at the government over the latest violation of our basic liberties.  Socialism is defined as a ruling government that does and provides everything for you. It is one step from communism.  Social security,…
Jul 6, 2012
Michael W. Elliott replied to Robert Shipman's discussion Restoring The Constitution as the order of our Government. in Michigan
"Although I agree, until We the people show some teeth and have principals to stand on it will never happen. Of my current principals on which I stand is to never again buy from, or support, Government Motors or Chrysler. Rather than fire or demote…"
Nov 14, 2011
Michael W. Elliott replied to Todd Lee Hinkle's discussion Gas Prices in Michigan
"To expand, it is the individuals in suits that speculate, or as I call it "guess", on what the price is going to be in the future. What burns my ass about crude oil, as well as all of the other commodities, is the fact that these speculators can…"
Nov 14, 2011
Michael W. Elliott left a comment on Pennsylvania
"The hidden problem with any government controlled program, including welfare is this. The government pays the individuals at the local agencies and their various state and federal offices. To these employees, those who apply for the program are a…"
Jul 29, 2011
Michael W. Elliott posted a blog post
Shortly after King George III declared an end to cessations in the United in early 1873, and the signing of The Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783 ( The ACTUAL independence Day of this great country), The President and Congress were faced with the…
Jul 23, 2011
Michael W. Elliott posted a discussion in Pennsylvania
An issue that I don't see as a forefront discussion would be state level lobbying. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has no limit on what gifts or amount of money may be given to  our elected officials. This must be changed. politicians are elected…
Feb 25, 2011
Michael W. Elliott commented on tom whitmore's blog post Time Out! Tea Party!
"Very, very well put. I do, however, believe that someday most of the individual tea party groups can be organized into one. The Constitution of the United States is proof of that in it's self. So many people, so many ideas and beliefs. Yet they…"
Nov 18, 2010
Michael W. Elliott posted a blog post
I have not posted in few days, I'm doing some research on a future subject. I need the facts from the source first as I do not take the word of others as the entire truth, they are usually only one's opinion. but that's another story.I live in…
Nov 18, 2010
Michael W. Elliott commented on wayne cherry jr.'s blog post Republicans Trying To Use Tea Party Movement!!!!
"And? That seems to be a great thing considering that her views, those of Rand Pauls, John Boehner, and others are in line with those of the Tea Party Movement. Do not misunderstand me. I would gladly support and vote for ANY democrat that shared…"
Nov 8, 2010
Michael W. Elliott commented on Michael W. Elliott's blog post Change the course
"I stand corrected. Thanks. A collective group would be the proper course of action. The point I am trying to make is that the tea party movement in general needs to be more organized as a whole."
Nov 7, 2010
Michael W. Elliott posted a blog post
It has been said again and again. Not only was the past election a wake up call to those elite few in Washington, DC that We the People are a force to be taken seriously, this should also be our wake up call. The Tea Party movement is disorganized…
Nov 6, 2010

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