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December 30

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  • Hi Mark, hey, i was wondering why no one here hasn't looked into and pointed out the radical feminist movement besides me a couple times? The base is obviously run by socialist communist Jewish bitch woman? Did you know that? Most of the leaders of the movement have been Jewish woman from the start that have been creating chaos not only in the US, but throughout western Europe for a few decades now. Look into it on YouTube, feminist movement. Alex Jones has a few videos on the radical movement. That is one place we should work together, back and forth without looking as through we're teaming up against Jews and being label anti-Semites. Once you're label one you're shut down on this site. People just close their minds on whatever you say once they label you one and it sink in. Not that i am afraid of anyone person here or the group, but rather i prefer to get my point out there and have members look into my points rather than label me a Jew hater and then close their minds to investigating the issue(s). It seem there are woman here agreeing with my point of view about radical feminist movement, they just don't realize that it's Jewish woman created the movement years ago who are it's base/ the leaders-the president of that communist radical hateful. I have had your back you just haven't realized it. I don't want anyone here thinking we've teamed up against Jews. I believe we can get more accomplished if we're seen as individuals rather than partners against progressive Jews. There will be times where i will come out immediately on our side, other times i will sit back and look to see where it goes.  Look into it.


  • Thanks for the nice words and the confidence.


  • Mark I am with you all the way on this.  This kind of reading is what lately has a hold on me.  The thing of it is, it's just so unbelieveable that people sneer about it, like I used to.  Talk about a huge coverup, and our government is in on it. Money talks and all that, but once this new world order comes in they will have no need for our government, or half of us. The Georgia Guidestones are there to be read by someone telling what is going to happen. As Bush Sr. said, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. You can see that on you tube also. People really need to wake up to this as it is moving along at a rapid pace. I'm still unsure why Diana was killed. I don't believe the story of her being in an accident. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, Chase, the list goes on. They are all involved in this. They are all satanists. The freemasons are involved. They dislike anything Godly, they detest God.  They are pure evil. After I found out about J.P. Morgan Chase, I ripped my Chase credit card up. Thanks for the interesting read, I appreciate it.

  • Welcome to the party. The Tea is strong here, drink up!
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