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January 24

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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Len Turner left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"I do not attempt to make moral judgements---that, indeed is The Lord God Almighty's work.
YET may I make an observation from the Holy Bible which illustrates how self-centered carnal nature effects the entire nation.
Israel was engaged in war. Some…"
Dec 17, 2013
Len Turner left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"Can you say "too late"?

Barry Soetoro, criminal alien, citizen of Indonesia, is a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. BS has displaced 75% of our highest ranking military leaders in 5 years. BS has spent "We the…"
Dec 15, 2013
Len Turner commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Should Detroit Receive $100 Million From Obama With Government Shutdown Looming?
"No, it should go for BHO golf outings and flying the White House pets on vacation..."
Sep 28, 2013
Len Turner commented on James C. Watson DC's blog post Never forget this!
"Question: Would it be a criminal act to kill an illegal immigrant who is illegally in a high position of government, and indiscriminately risking injury and death to multiple citizens of said nation?
Treason: betrayal of one's country to an enemy.…"
Feb 4, 2013
Len Turner commented on Ken Smith's blog post Food for thought!
"By edict the undocumented, unqualified, forger, Kenyan (non-American), Black Liberation (America/white hater) follower, Muslim with Indonesian citizenship/passport will make law abiding, second amendment adherents CRIMINALS!
Where will law…"
Jan 17, 2013
Len Turner commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Patriots, Snap out of it! America Too Extraordinarily Precious to Surrender!
"It will require life threatening committment to reclaim the republic!!!
Mine is written in blood. Just as Jesus died for my sin. So, too, do I pledge to risk life, liberty and my degree of happiness to return the United States of America to it's God…"
Jan 4, 2013
Len Turner left a comment for Eleanor Jean Turner
"U sound like a radically conservative rebel rouser----
I like that!
May 24, 2012

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