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November 1

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Lee Havis left a comment on California
I provide the tools for unified vetting - http://patriotvoting.com  Go to the site, and affiliate your group to get started.  If you don't have a group, just start one, such as "meetup.com"  That's what I did in Maryland,…"
Sep 2, 2013
Lee Havis left a comment on California
"I think we all agree that electing new, better political leaders is the way to go.  But how to do that is the question.  It's not enough just to tell everyone to do that on their own as individuals.  Unifying efforts of separate patriot groups,…"
Sep 2, 2013
Lee Havis left a comment on California
"Besides complaining about the current California elected officials, is there anything of consequence that the patriot groups are doing to work together to unify political action to mount a viable support for alternative candidates?"
Sep 2, 2013
Lee Havis left a comment for Richard Michael
"Activity of PVC is now primarily focused in Tennessee and my state of Maryland.  What is your state, Richard?  How about we get your state patriots on to the playing field with consensus vetting.  It's all about relationship among committed…"
Jul 22, 2013
Lee Havis posted a blog post
In Maryland, Free State Patriots has conducted forums for vetting patriot candidates, using the tools of the Patriot Vetting Committee.  These are available free to all patriot groups.  We have endorsed several solid patriot candidates who are…
Sep 13, 2012
Lee Havis replied to Lee Havis's discussion Patriot Candidate Vetting in California
There is a lot of "not listening" going on - and it happens inside the patriot groups all too often as well. It comes from lack of experience and knowledge, as much as impatience, fear, and arrogance.

Let's don't let the small minds around us…"
Apr 2, 2010
Lee Havis posted a discussion in California
Isthere any interest among patriot groups in the state to vet candidates? If so, how is this going to be done effectively without unity and consensusamong the groups?  I have some 30 years of experience with lots ofknowledge in this area, and I…
Apr 2, 2010