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We now know why no one at Columbia University ever saw him attending there. During the 1980's Columbia University was having financial difficulties and was rated last among the elite Ivy League Universities. Prince Klalid Monsor showered Columbia with millions of dollars if they would give Obama a full degree. They gave him a 4-year degree two years later, even though Obama never attended one class there. Obama during these two years was actually being trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan as an Alqueda agent. Fox news around the 2008 election was able to contact 400 former Columbia students who would have seen Obama during these 2-years, but not one of 400 recalled ever seeing him.

After getting the phony unearned degree from Columbia The Saudi's then paid his tuition at Harvard who evidently were impressed with his phony grades at Columbia. It is believed that Obama was originally somehow clever enough to contact the Saudis while he was in Indonesia and sold the Saudis on his being able to be an agent for them, as he could provide them with valuable info on Indonesia, which at the time was a concern for the Saudis. 

The Saudis saw Obama as a long term investment. They wound years later after Obama was in the Senate and running for president, funnel millions to his election campaign. Obama actually received  close to 2-billion dollars to get elected, though he only declared 650-million to the Election Commison. The Saudis supported Obama so that he would push for green energy and not open up any more oil wells in America, thus making Americans more dependent on Saudi oil.  When Obama went to visit the Saudis he was given strict orders to bow deeply to the Saudi King to show his gratitude, which he did.

Obama met his future wife (Michelle Robinson) at the Sidley Austin law firm in Chicago. She was assigned to be his mentor there. The wife of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers ( Bernadine Dohrn) was a paralegal at this law firm and came to know Michelle. Because Dohrn had a felony conviction she was not allowed to take the Illinois bar exam. The parents of Bill Ayers knew and help support Obama when he had foreign exchange student status at Occidental college where he flunked out after one year.

The link below should be shown to every legitimate American voter.  This video explains Obama's unaccounted for time.




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The more we become aware of the Obama Whitehouse the more we and the American people need to  ask ourselves, just who are these people anyway. With the latest disclosure of Chicago Congressman Danny Davis having Communist ties, is there anyone in the close circle of Obama appointees and Czars who does not have some form of radical background, be it Marxist, Socialist, Leninist, or Communist? It is about time that we spend the remaining months vetting Obama primarily and his cabal of radicals secondarily. 

Although the Tea Party and Republican groups have been probing various facets of Obama's background we are still in the minority of people who are aware of; his radical background, various covert/overt actions that are counter productive for Americans, long range plans that started in his highschool days in Hawaii under mentor Frank Lloyd Davis and then progressed through Occidental college, Harvard, and through the rest of his time after Harvard. He clearly does not like the America that you and I grew up in!  

There is such a litany of information on Obama that has been kept under wraps that as more information becomes known we are left swatting at yet more detrimental actions of his. We simply cannot use a scatter gun approach to neurtalizing Obama, as how much of it can actually stick. While we interact with each other on the Internet, etc., much more needs to be done outside of the Internet, including but not limited to the following: 

(1). As most of us work we need to spend out energy wisely and in a focused fashion. I suggest that we individually choose one or two actions that we can actually follow up on to bring about positive action, such as:

(2). Working locally with those who are filing and/or working on legal actions against Obama, working to force hearings on his eligibility to be on a local ballot where you live. Signing various petitions that are going to republican politicians in your locale. 

(3). If you drive a car get a bumper sticker that has a clear message on it. Thousands of people see your car daily, so lets get those people who see your message something to really think about, such as ' are you better off today than you were before this imposter took office? '. I have 2 different bumper stickers (front and rear) - Debt or prosperity your choice in November - Marxism or democracy your choice in November - 

(4). We must use some of the same tactics that Democrats sucessfully use - Advertising and Marketing. We must promote our conservative pro-American brand. We MUST be visible! Signs on yourlawn, in your windows, on your car, etc. We must overwhelm the Democrats the way they have been overwhelming the American voter, and in the process inform Americana.           

 In sum; we have an arduous task ahead of us if we are to overthrow this Marxist/Leninist regime that flourishes in the Whitehouse, and with only modest confrontation by Republicans. As we go about our tasks, ignore the polling that is publicized by liberal leaning pollsters. Only our physical actions outside of the Internet can bring us victory in November. Our actions to have a ripple effect across this great country that we want to take back.                    

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People, there is no need to panic when choosing twixt Romney and Santoroum. Lets first take a brief look at Romney - Of course he is not a Reagan Republican.  There is too much over concern about his Mormonism. Among evangelicals he scores higher than thrice married Gingrich. There are Mormons in the Senate right now. He also served his required 2 years as a missionary in Sudan. He had to do the best he could in getting elected in ultra liberal Massachusetts. He knows if elected he will be under tremendous heat if goes liberal on issues. He has no ties to Washington insiders composed of Senators and Congressmen and is on the same page as ultra conservative Paul Ryan. He understands how China is raping us. He appears strong on defense. I never hear of Mormons going to prison or being involved in extra marital affairs. Romney also has the right temparment to make well thought out important decisions like military action, etc.    

Now lets look at supposed squeaky clean Santorum. Santorum evidently blackmailed some animal rights organizations to get certain bills passed. As president he will not be negoiating how bills are written up. He appears to be prone to being hot-headed. He like Romney appears hawkish on the military. Santorum may be more well versed on a wide range of issues from his time in the Senate than what Romney knows. However, Romney knows how to put brilliant people alongside of him from his days as a businessman. I expect Romney to make good cabinet choices, perhaps slightly better than Santorum would.


In sum , we must NOT devour our candidates as that only plays into the hands of the Obamamaniacs and left wing media.  It is too late for any Reagan-like Republican to step forward, so we have to play the political hand we have been dealt as far as candidates goes. Both Romney and Santorum have far more integrity than the traitorous Obama. We have to believe that both Romney and Santorum are aware of the radical Islam threat, but lets not get overly paranoid. Much of the radical Islamist are now splinter groups with no real head, as many of their leaders have been assassinated by our military. I hope Sarah Palin keeps any negative comments about Romney to herself or those negative comments about Santorum spoken by others. Both of these men would be fantastic improvements over Obama.              


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Tonight on the State of the Union speech Barack Obama will ask the secretary to Warren Buffet to stand up and then point out that she pays more in taxes than her boss. If Barry is honest of course (there is always a first time) he will qualify that by saying that it is her tax rate that is higher than Warren's not the amount of taxes that she actually pays. This will be part of Obama's class warfare approach to the American people.

Warren Buffet picked up the phone and told Barry do not authorize the keystone pipeline (that would create at least 20 thousand jobs) ! Why? In South Dakota where unemployment is at 3.9% thanks in part to the drilling of oil and natural gas, the oil is shipped by the Burlington LLC railroad that is is owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. Warren doesn't want the competition obviously. When Warren and George Soros tell Barry to jump he merely asks how high oh great puppeteer of mine.

Is Newt really more electable than Mitt Romney? Maybe not! Newt might be able to out debate Obama, but the media will have more dirt on Newtie than it thinks it has on Romney. Including, but not limited to: (1) Newtie voted for cap and trade. (2). He was for going green and the global warming propaganda before he was against it, as he sat with Nancy Pelosi on a sofa in the Whitehouse to supposedly share like concerns. (3). The media and Obama will gleefully point out that Newtie was drawing a $25.000 a month salary from Freddie Mac while said entity was in the process of creating the mortage fiasco. 

(4). Newtie is clearly a Washington D.C. insider, so how much schmoozing can we expect from Newt with the Democrats. (5). How did Newtie create jobs as speaker of the house? Others were actually responsible for that with Newtie just happening to be there during the job growth under reagan. (6). Although politicans will play to their particular audience, Newt will say what is convenient to the people he is talking to. At one campaign stop he took credit for being on the Barry Goldwater bandwagon early on when the conservative movement as taking hold. Yet, at another campaign stop he said he proudly served as an aid to Nelson Rockfeller at the same time, the liberal Republican from New York who would become a V.P. under Nixon. (7). Newt is a serial cheater. One affair perhaps is a lapse in judgment , but to casually enter into another one bespeaks a morally flawed person.  

The only real conservative in this race and who would also do a vary credible debate job with Obama is Rick Santorum, but he isn't funded that well which will severly handicap him. Yes, Romney is not capable of being as verbally viscious with Obama as Newt would be, but the media has far less ammuntion to use against him than it does against Newt. Hopefully, Mitch Daniels of Indiana who will give the response to Obama's speech tonight, is considered strongly as a V.P, on whomever gets the Republican nomination.    





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Thursdays debate in South Carolina showed that Gingrich has enough required visciousness to put the media in its place and to put Obama in his place if he gets the nomination. Romney is just too gentle of a man to call the media out and to expose Obama in any final debate should he get the nomination. Santorum showed he is not bashful either when it comes to expressing himself, but he still hasn't called the media or Obama out enough. Romney pretty much treaded water as he generally does. The moderator pretty much humored Ron Paul, knowing he will come in fourth at the final primary vote total.

It will be very important who the Vice President is chosen by the Republican nominee. While Sen. Rubio has a supposed citizenship issue he would almost make the Republican ticket a sure winner in November. It appears highly unlikely that any other candidate currently debating would be chosen by the Republican nominee, given the acrimony of the debates.

The very conservative Sen. Mitch Daniels will be giving the Republican response to Obama's state of the union address due shortly. He would make an excellent V.P. but is apparently wedded to Indiana politics. Congressman Paul Ryan would also be an excellent V.P. choice but he is wedded to his Congressional agenda. The Republican ticket MUST be strong on top and bottom.       

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(1). A former campaign handler of Ron Paul who has recently deserted, having seen the handwriting on the wall, told the Washington Post that Ron Paul knows he is not going to win the nomination but he just wants to come in a strong 2nd or 3rd in the final nomination. This because, he believes that a strong runner up status will make the Republicans allow him to speak at the nominating convention, in addition to accepting some of his ideologies into the Republican platform. From Paul's perspective I can definitely see his thought process.  

If the Republicans humor Ron Paul and allow him to speak at the convention, his speech better be limited to the Federal Reserve and/or downsizing of various departments. They would not be wise to let this loose canon have a microphone for more than five minutes.  

(2). The past debate on Monday night from South Carolina hopefully showed Mitt Romney that if he does get the nomination he had better take the velvet gloves off and be in full attack mode ala, Newt Gingrich, who brought the house down at the debates a couple of times with his very blunt plain talking replies. In the final debate with Obama the Republican candidate better be in full agressive mode. Gingrich has shown he will  bloody up Obama, and Mitt Romney would need to leave his country club demeanor behind and do likewise if he is the one.

In sum, we have much to be hopeful for in the 2012 election. With gas prices going up again, sanction problems with Iran in additon to their nuclear ambitions, plus unemployment still stagnant, Obama can run on only demonizing whoever the Republican candidate is. He can't blame congress as he had the majority for the first two years of his illegitimate presidency.   





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New York times journalist and author Jodi Kantor recently authored a new book titled 'The Obamas'. The title alone hints of friendliness towards Barry and Michelle. Excerpts from the book were released that mentioned seemingly controversial actions taken by Michelle and/or staff members. The morsels of info mentioning Michelle's trivial questionable actions are far outweighed by glowing accounts of Michelle and Obama in the whitehouse.

The objective of this book was to neutralize the negative books written about the Obamas. However, after the trivial negative comments were leaked to the media anti-Obama people rushed out to buy and/or examine the book, only to find out it is actually a glowing account of the Obamas. The pro-Obama people have ignored the book thinking that it is a hatchet job on them.  So, what is the end result of this book?

Evidently there are more anti-Obama people than pro-Obama people as book sales of this book have been brisk, though of course buyers have been disappointed, having been duped into thinking they were buying an anti-Obama expose. Author Jodi cleverly created a ruse that demanded people bite on the premise that Michelle and Barry did some questionable things but the reader comes to the designed conclusion they are just wonderful people who really just love this country.

In sum, don't waste time either reading, and certainly not buying this Obama propaganda publication, that pulls you in thinking that it is exposing the Obama negatives but in reality accentuates a lot of phony positives.     

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