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August 2

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Kevin R Haigh commented on ryan maddison's blog post Honest queistion is anybody here willing to pick up there rifle and go fight. That's a big. Quition and nobody wants to answer it.
"I'm certain if the govt tried to quell an organized revolt with deadly force via union organized police force, they would fire on their own citizens. On the other hand, having served in the Marines, and knowing those around me, most military units…"
Mar 24, 2012
Kevin R Haigh commented on Cal's blog post Tee'D Marine
"Our govt seems to be really pushing stirring of the pot. We hear about any "perceived" racialy charged crimes, class warfare, unions upset, how we're giving up on education to tax breaks to "evil" corporations. "fair" taxes, where all people…"
Mar 23, 2012
Kevin R Haigh posted a blog post
2 judges in WI have said requiring ID to vote is unconstitutional and voters would be disenfranchised. Aren't We citizens then being disenfranchised each time we're required to show ID for Sudaphed, cigarettes, alcohol, traffic stops, cash checks,…
Mar 23, 2012