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June 29

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?

July 4 1776

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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various Tea Party organizations, both within Indiana and nationally.

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Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises?


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Kevin Earley posted a blog post
The presidential campaign season has begun.  This nation is faced with Barack Obama for the left and Mitt Romney for the right.The favorability of federal officials is pretty low, down to the single digits.   Local and state officials fare better.  …
Apr 28, 2012
Kevin Earley commented on Kevin Earley's blog post Is responsibility dead?
"Thanks Max.  I love all the comments made, allows me to get a different perspective on things outside of my own, sure does allow me to contemplate and be empathetic to all sides.  I really want to surround myself with all points of view on…"
Jun 23, 2011
Kevin Earley posted a blog post
Something to be noted of all the "events" occurring in America.  The underlying position, below all the bluster from both sides, seems to me to be the idea of responsibility.  The primary dividing line among Americans comes down to this;  Do I…
Jun 23, 2011
Kevin Earley posted a blog post
Part of the frustration of both sides of the issues of importance to the continuation of this Nation is the lack of any action.  We hear. all the time, that the other side is foolish and they have no clue, that their ideas will bring the end to this…
Jun 18, 2011

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