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Freedom past, freedom future

True story, sort of, not really - well… it's a story:

 I don’t have a lot of time to get this written and sent, so here’s kind of an overview of the events that happened - most of what follows are excerpts from my daily log of the adventure we were having.

 Of course this is not a full account of that adventure but rather a brief look at what we found inside that strange object – if only I feared less and had more time.

 Day 1 – the ICE CLIMB BABY – YEAH!

We thought it would be fun to go hiking and climb a glacier, so we did, but that's not the amazing part - no time here to get into the details about the actual climb itself. As we stood on the top of the ice flow we noticed a dark outline about 100 yards from us, so we very carefully worked our way towards it. It didn't take long to realize it was some sort of metallic object as some of it was poking out through the ice. The thing was pretty good sized and some of the others thought it may have been like an old station or something that had gone into the ice.

 Okay, so basically it looked like, I don't know… a ship of some sort, not really sure. Clearly human in origin as it had markings that we recognized as being from earth (I guess we were hoping we'd stumbled upon an alien craft or something, that would've been really cool), but anyways – the hole in the side of that ship was really a gash that we could easily walk through and enter into what appeared to be, and this is my best guess here, the fuselage or cargo hold area maybe.

Okay, I have to make this brief as I don't think there's a lot of time left for me to get this message out.

 So we were inside the craft, unsure of what anything was, we did see seats and what appeared to be monitors of some sort (but, like, really advanced, it must’ve been maybe some sort of holographic projection or something? But nothing was on that we could tell.) and other things you'd expect to see. It was sort of like – I don't know – like a passenger transport or something, there were a few seats in the middle of it in three rows. First we looked around and didn’t see much, all we had were a few flashlights. There was nothing in there, aside from the seats and display panels and stuff, we didn’t see any people - heck, we didn’t even see any evidence that anyone had even been in there - that we could tell.

But then we found something really amazing, it looked like the only thing in the entire craft that wasn't part of, or you know, connected to the craft. What we found looked like a briefcase, in fact it was one of those hard cases you might put your computer in or – you know, like the military uses, okay I - I really need to get to the point here - so, not really thinking about the consequences, and being overly excited, we opened up the case. Unlike the Hollywood movies it simply popped open and there was only one thing inside. It was like a really nice tablet computer (best example I can think of, sorry), very large screen and super-thin but flexible – like a sheet of plastic, but had a weird thing at the bottom that I guess ended up being a battery, not sure…

Wow, I really want to explain more of what we saw and what happened but I really have to tell you the main point of this before they catch up to me.

We took the tablet computer out and turned it on (I found the button – it had the power symbol, figured it out), but it was preloaded with some sort of software that just began running a message, we took a video of what scrolled across the screen so at least we have that, okay – okay, I know, we have to hurry – here's what the message said:

~~~July 5, 2023. The greatest minds of our time have accomplished, upon the threshold of these fateful days, that which has allowed us to send this back to you. We know that this singular act could change who we are and what we are now, in our time. But we would rather not be than to remain as we are. Brevity is key here, as those who would stop us are always but a breath behind us.

If all goes as planned this should arrive to you, the still free peoples of America – hopefully near the year two thousand thirteen. The science is new and unexplored, we pray this makes it.

As there are those among us who believe that influencing our present by manipulating the past could be paradoxical, let alone unethical, we have reached an agreement on the content of the message contained herein.

We, the Last Free, bring you this dire warning in hopes that we will be no more as we are. You must decipher this as your mind and your will and your temperance and your faith dictate, therein you will find the truth of this message as we dare say but little about our time.

We, the Last few Free, say unto you, the Free:

"Heed Churchill, heed Thatcher, heed de Tocqueville, turn an ear to the warnings of Bastiat, Robart and Orwell. Heed the warnings of those who, in the past and your present, had the foresight to glimpse the future. Attend to the cautionary statements of Horowitz, of Reagan, of Jefferson, of Madison, for if you do not you will be as we are.

 Flood your streets with that grand statement of declaration that history has afforded you!

Impugn those who would denigrate the blood – bought authority of that established document that is your Constitution.

 To the free of the past we say; keep your liberties, keep your freedoms, honor the virtues that have given you what you are willingly, and with an air of supportive complacency, relinquishing.

Should this Councel and Portend find you: relinquish not your given rights to praise, honor, and venerate as your soul is led.

And finally we, the Last Free, having taken leave of you in a time ahead, request that you ponder this from Spencer: “The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future.”~~~

That’s what was on the screen, word for word - that’s all I have time for, I need to get this uploaded, fast – gotta go.

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Freedom dirge.

Before I watched this video I was very skeptical. Sometimes people use the national anthem for their own twisted agendas (Lady Gaga – halftime shows - anyone?) This young man sang the national anthem in a different key - all the words with the same, he just used a different key.
Okay stop reading right now – go watch the video– no, it’s okay, I’ll wait… 
Ready? Did you watch it? Okay, read on.
What a sad state in time we live in when, while listening to something like this, we can imagine a funeral.
And that is what this song represented to me: This was a funeral dirge for America.
I could just envision thousands and thousands of caskets, all draped with the American flag, burning. I could just envision the enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic, those enemies of freedom, holding the Constitution of the United States and using it as the torch to light the pyres that would burn freedom from the face of the earth.
I could just imagine those enemies of freedom, both foreign and domestic, dancing wildly and euphoric through the ashes of the bodies of men and women who sacrificed for this country. I could nearly smell and taste the choking, oppressive smoke as the sickening glow of the fires reflected off the wrecked and ruined remains of the land of the free and the home of the brave. I could see, in my mind’s eye, men and women lined up with their families to receive their “papers” from the deceptively “generous” government that sadistically ensures them that the government will take care of them. Each person given the same, all personal property seized by the government for the betterment of all. Of course there would be those hopeless few who would try to remain true to freedom and the Constitution – but as the government had already removed, by force, the Second Amendment – it was mere weeks before all firearms were confiscated throughout America. Those who tried to fight against the oppression were slaughtered, in droves, by those who blindly followed the self-proclaimed leadership. I could just see the same person sitting in the White House term after term after term, more a totalitarian dictator than a president, smiling as the serfs that used to be free citizens plod through their hopeless lives, while those who hate freedom sit in seats of power - laughing at those who are subservient to them. I could sadly imagine the book burnings; millions of copies of the Constitution, Bibles, any reference to freedom - all gleefully thrown upon the conflagration that would sterilize America of such notions as liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom in general. The vassals that once stood proud, I saw in my brief vision, slumped with the weight of oppression working only to further empower those who oppress them. Even, for a brief moment, I could see those who would gather in the name of God being punished for their beliefs. I could see entire families being imprisoned unless they renounce their religious freedom, more specifically – their faith in God.
Just then, my friends, as my blood was boiling, my breath was heightened and my fists were clenched in agony at the death of freedom (amazing how fast the mind works) - the song was over. Seldom have I been so moved, seldom have I been so induced to what may equate to hopelessness as when I heard this. Now understand that I believe what the young man did in this video was very appropriate and necessary. I think that most people who will watch us will not make the connections that I have made nor will they see the things that I’ve seen – and that is not a judgment from me upon them - merely a statement. From the crushing depths of hopelessness as my imagination put these images before my mind’s eye, I was desperate to rise.
So I quicly turned and looked at my library and the many copies of the Bible that sit on my shelves. I also looked at the numerous business books, theology books, poetry and prose that I have in my collection and was reassured that we still live in a free America.
I then watched this video: - and now I’m going out to enjoy some of the freedoms that we still have here in America. May God bless you my good friends.
Remain free, my friends and fellow Americans, at all cost!
Ken, the non-politician politician.

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My friends, what we see here is a real failure. I'm not talking about the FAIL videos that we see on the Internet, I'm talking about a failure that has a palpable and negative affect on people. I have served our country, but I am not a hero. The heroes are those who are suffering needlessly while waiting on a system that needs to be dramatically improved. The heroes are those who have put their lives on the line for your freedoms, it doesn't matter what conflict they were in, the fact is they were willing to sacrifice so that you can maintain your freedoms.
It is time that we stopped… We simply need to bring common sense and decency back into America. How much money are we sending to other countries or how much money are we giving to special interest groups? How much money are we literally throwing away on things like multi-million-dollar websites that are complete and utter failures of the most embarrassing kind? How much money will we allow (it is you and I, my fellow Americans, who decide what the government can and cannot do by way of those whom we elect) our government to throw away on things that DO NOT help our country in any way, fashion, shape or form?
I have heard too many times some politician, during a campaign, making promises that we will not have any more homeless veterans or that the veteran healthcare system will be fixed or, or, or,… just sickening as we see that those promises go unfulfilled.
This particular issue hits home for me rather dramatically as I will very soon be reliant upon that very same Veterans Administration for my personal healthcare needs. Please understand that I think the vast majority of those who work for the VA are, themselves, patriots who are trying to do the very best they can for the heroes of this great nation. But without proper management even the best intentions will have caustic and devastating effects - those effects are something that you and I are party to. I am placing the responsibility, inasmuch as I am able to, upon you and I as we are the ones who have voted (or have chosen not to vote) for the people that currently hold the highest offices in our country.
The time for half measures and staying home because you don't think voting will do any good, or you don't like something about the people that are running, or using some other excuse for not voting, is over! It is time to step up, it is time to bring the responsibility for this country back upon ourselves. We need to take care of our citizenry. We need to give a hand – up to those who need it and we need to ensure that proper care is given to those who have fought for this country.

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Before you read this…KNOW that it is sarcasm! This is a rant from a nonexistent person whom I made up, in my brilliant mind, so that I could think like a liberal. Unfortunately we will not be able to ask this nonexistent person any questions due to the fact that after spewing this much garbage from their mouth, when city sanitation came by and scooped up the trash… they were gone. Hey! Enjoy the read.

An emotional letter from: Stu P. Ibrocrat

FINALLY! The goofball jokes mock Christians and those who oppose The Affordable Healthcare Act! Way to go! I mean, that whole 2nd amendment thing is way overrated anyhow... we don't need anyone telling us what they believe. After all, we are not 'tolerant' of those hateful bigotted Christians! ANOTHER thing that is WAY overrated is this whole 'freedom of religion' thing! I think we should shut down all churches (only Christian churches though - like all the rest are OK since they don't really hate the government!) and turn them into AFCA exchanges and abortion clinics! THAT would show those !@#$^%$% 'moral' jerks! We only need the government, subsidies, Obamacare, free stuff, free education, free housing, free food - and the greedy corporate bigshots need to pay for it all! They make too much money! I don't care that they are the primary source for income for americans! They need to be taxed way above the amount they are! If you make more than, like, 100k a year, you should be forced to give 50% to the government! You should also be taxed on the amount that your corporation gives to ANY non-government approved 'charity' (especially if it goes against abortion or against gay marriage! ) ANYONE should be able to marry whoever they want - or WHATEVER they want - YOU 'conservative' !@$%% jerks think that they should not have the same TAX advantages as you 'normal' people, you are such !@#$% losers! In fact, I think that ALL charities should have to be approved by the Government! You should not be able to decide what you do with your money, I mean, like, you didn't build the roads that get your customers to your store - am I right!?!? You didn't build the internet! You greedy mom & pop shops that always complain about the government - SHUT UP! You don't have to have a business! Since you are successful in business you probably stole or cheated some of your employees or probably cheated on your taxes! THAT is the ONLY way ANY business could be successful without the help of our awesome President and government! It is time that we shut down morality in this country! Come on you stupid 'christians' and anyone who does not agree with the government - those days of ethics and morality and personal accountability and responsibility are GONE - you stupid jerks - anyone who disagrees with the government - or EVEN THINKS about trying to regain your so-called "rights" should be tried as terrorists! In fact we ought to re-write the "constitution" after all, it was made by a bunch of bigotted rich businessmen who only made it to get more power and money! We should follow the REST of the WORLD and see that socialism and communism work VERY WELL! The government should control everything! We don't need "states" anyhow - I mean, like there are no lines painted separating them, right? So like there should only be THE government, not individual states, what jerks!!!
AND ANOTHER THING (this is to you hateful 'conservatives' who want your 'freedoms' and guns and 'religion' and 'less taxes' and 'free speech') THERE SHOULD BE A GOVERNMENT APPROVED LIST OF WEBSITES! And anyone saying ANYTHING against the government (or just OUR awesomeness - OBAMA!) should be tried as a terrorist - AND if they are a christian or a supporter of ANY dissenting group (you know, like the TEA PARTY (more jerks) or ANY conservative group) that disagrees with the government - ALL of their possessions should be taken away and given to the poor! AND their families should have to pay the government while they are in JAIL - which should be FOREVER!!

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Cost of running.... ouch!

My good friends, thank you for keeping Conservative Brain Works alive and kicking! We here at Conservative Brain Works discuss the 2 topics that most people steer from: religion and politics.
Now you know, if you have read any of my posts either here or at the tea party command center, my mindset. You know that I am a constitutionally minded patriot who realizes that we need sweeping and dramatic change in the halls of Washington DC. If I were ever voted into Congress you know that my platform would include: introducing legislation that states Congress may never again vote themselves a raise, further introduce legislation that states Congress may only receive the equivalent percentage raise that they give our military, I would also introduce legislation that states Congress must receive the same healthcare as the rest of America (if they insist on the socialized medicine thing). These and many other ideals are what I would run on, including term limits and the requirement to post any proposed legislation online for 72 hours along with a 2 or 3 page colloquial English synopsis.
But… I cannot run and win on ideals alone. I recently found this article outlining the general cost of what it takes to run for political office.
If I ever do become a congressman (or hey, president would work too) I will donate 50% or more of my income to charity.
I thank you all for your continued support and hope that over the next few years, and election cycles, that at some point we can, as Americans, take control of our country again.

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Freedom of speech, more or less...


So, my friends, we have (yet another) problem.

Let us first get something absolutely crystal clear, without any doubt in anyone’s mind, so that what I am about to put forth here cannot be misconstrued or used in a manner that is not consistent with its meaning.

I do not, nor do we at Conservative Brain Works, condone any sort of violence. We do not condone hate crimes as those are spurred by misconceptions and people who misunderstand the true meaning of intolerance. So that being said let us move on to the meat and potatoes of the story.

Here we have another politician, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), introducing legislation. That in itself is, well… It’s kind of what we pay them to do, however this particular one may be more problematic than, at least on the surface, it seems. All I ask is that you go to each of the links that I have embedded and read for yourself. You will find, if you read enough, that a simple reporting of something can lead to convictions, and again that doesn’t seem so bad right? However let’s look at something that I myself was party to recently, now this is a quote from a Facebook post that I responded to here on Conservative Brain Works  - “Any person who raises a weapon against the government should be shot & killed or arrested & prosecuted as terrorists.” Okay, here we have someone who was having a knee-jerk and gut reaction to a story that they had read on Facebook. Naturally the media had done its job very well (or poorly – you decide) and had made this particular story something that it was not. As a matter of fact (and here’s where I make you search through my Conservative Brain Works page to find the story) the intent of the person that made statements was quite the opposite of what the media portrayed those statements to be. Now let’s look at exactly what was said in this post “any person who raises a weapon against the government should be shot and killed…” Now I’m not sure what our federal government would think when this is viewed through the lens of the newly introduced legislation… But let’s dissect this only small portion one piece at a time shall we?

Let’s go with the first part first: “any persons who raises a weapon”… Now that seems to me like it would be pretty much the definition of violence. Okay so here we have someone saying that anybody who raises a weapon against… Sounds like an opening statement to something that could be a very powerful statement right? But now we get to the second part of that (actually let’s go to the end part and then come back to the middle): “…should be shot and killed.” OH - now that sounds like part and parcel of the definition of hate right? So one would think that, at least so far, a post like this would fall right in line with this most recent legislative introduction by Sen. Edward J Markey (D – Mass.), right? Perhaps, and here comes the rub, this particular post may be dismissed as not hateful and maybe even acceptable – and here’s why: were going to go back to the middle “… against the government…” That is where we would see a blind eye turned to something that is perhaps the best definition of hate speech that I’ve ever personally seen. Now let’s look at that post in its entirety so we can get a good, logical, non-emotional, constitutional examination of this statement to see if it really does fall in line with what you and I, as American citizens, would consider hate speech.

“Clive Bundy is a Terrorist. A home grown, bigoted & racist terrorist. He should be arrested and his property and holding seized. Any person who raises a weapon against the government should be shot & killed or arrested & prosecuted as terrorists.”

At first glance this simply seems like an emotional, knee-jerk reaction to a story. But it is a prime example of what our government would consider hate speech. Now this hate speech is not against a particular ethnic background nor is it against a religious viewpoint nor is it against anything that is currently listed in the law (again I have made the links available here so go read for yourself) but it is hate speech against someone who is standing up for their own liberties! It is hate speech against people who would (and you must use this with common sense people) stand up to the government, while staying within the confines of the first and Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Now do you honestly think that the government would have an issue with this? I think perhaps this would be a good question for this particular Senator.

Now if I were to post something on my really awesome webpage under Facebook, Conservative Brain Works, and said that I passionately disagreed with… Oh… I don’t know, something like: abortion, homosexual marriage, high taxes, bloated government, too much government control, too much trolling for information on American citizens, removal of civil liberties (I will stop the list now because I could go on for probably three or four pages!) - You get the idea - I would simply be exercising my constitutional rights. Now as long as I never said I was promoting violence to any certain group or people and as long as I never said I was condoning hatred (which…, we don’t) then no one would say anything right?

WRONG - we have already seen where our own government will target groups and use strong arm and militaristic tactics to penalize them if they disagree with the current administration. But I am partially digressing from the point of this particular article. We are entering an era where freedom of speech is being muted by those in power. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to various websites where people can leave comments on issues and have seen the very essence of what hate speech is. I myself prefer not to use expletives when I’m speaking and I do not like to use them when I’m writing as there are many eloquent ways to express one’s thoughts and opinions in, perhaps, an even more powerful way than just cussing. But that being said I do not dissuade others from practicing their freedom of speech. I do not like it, I would prefer it if people did not use cuss words all the time, I find them to be small minded and repulsive – but that does not mean they do not have the right to use them! Blood has been shed, by many many people, so that people can spew anything they want to out of their mouths. I do not care if you are talking about your favorite sports group, singer, color, whatever – you have the right to speak as you want to speak! Now of course we must temper this freedom with common sense and a duty to protect our own (that would be the American citizens, not just those in power in the federal government) and that would include recognizing real danger when that danger is embedded in the exercise of this freedom of speech.

But when do we say that crossing a line between freedom of speech and oppressive, Orwellian government control is not acceptable? When will we cease to freely, with dull cow eyes, hand over our civil liberties and our freedoms to those who would take them in the “interest of the better good”? At what point did we relinquish our self-reliance and personal responsibility and allow those whom we elect to dictate what we can and cannot say and what we can and cannot do in our lives?

The final question, that I beg your indulgence for, is this: Let’s just say that the federal government begins searching your posts on the Internet (on any site that you may go to and voice your opinion). Now let’s just say, for example, that you posted something that may in some small and infinitesimal way be construed as hateful speech. Let us say, for example, that you highly disagreed with three women getting married and getting the same tax provided benefits as a good wholesome traditional married couple. That, in itself, within the broad sweeping guidelines (and here I’m going to reference the links I have provided: - may be considered hate speech. You may not have any hatred in your heart for the individuals themselves, you may not have any hatred at all! In fact, you probably do not have any hatred in your heart, you are merely disgusted with something that you find vile and offensive! But, if it is up to big brother (I must be on some sort of Orwellian kick today), any time that you disagree with something that the federal government does not disagree with you may be held in contempt of the law. I know that seems a little extreme, but is it really? We have just recently seen the effects of what real hatred is, and that hatred came from within the ranks of our own federal government and the various organizations that fall under federally controlled agencies. We have seen people who were filing for tax exempt status (using current laws, current rules, exercising proper due diligence etc.) being targeted because they disagreed with the current administration.

Ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Americans, my fellow Soldiers, my brothers and sisters – at what point do we say to the federal government that they need to stop infringing upon our rights? Our rights which have been continually renewed with the blood of fallen heroes, Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, all those who would fight to keep America as she was intended by the framers.

We here at Conservative Brain Works believe that the Constitution needs to be upheld. We have rule of law, we have freedoms, and we have a balance between the two. We believe that the states should have the power that the states were intended to have, and that the federal government relinquish its power and gives it back to the states. We believe that personal responsibility, honor, integrity, personal courage, (yeah, if you are or were in the Army you know what I’m quoting here) compassion for those who need help, and willingness to help those who are in need are characteristics of the individual. These are not characteristics that can be given to you by the federal government.

We are a people under law – but more importantly we are a people under constitutional freedom. We are a people who will use our current process (you know, that whole voting thing) to remove from power those who would sully the Constitution, take away our freedoms, remove our civil liberties, better themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer, and think that they are better than you and I.

So go forth, blog, post, write narratives, express your words as you would express them. Just remember that when someone reads, hears, watches what you say that you are representing not only yourself and your thoughts but the very Constitution that give you the freedom to say what you say.

Sorry guys, wrote this one quickly with no proof-reads, have to run now – thanks.

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Your fellow American,

Ken, the non-politician politician.

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Today is the first day of my retirement from the military. Today is less a day of reflection for me than it is a day of joyous anticipation of the future. I keep only the flag set from my deployment and one other award in my office at home as I do not equate future events with past accomplishments; rather the past and my retirement from it are but steppingstones into what the Lord will have me do next.

But rather than focus on the various service that I have done and my accomplishments etc., let’s focus today upon the other members of our military. When I say things like brave men and women, heroes, patriots, fellow soldiers, I am not just using axioms. To no man is the word brother of more import or meaning than to a person who serves in the military of the greatest country on the face of God’s creation.

To my fellow soldiers, from all the years of my service, I thank you. I thank you for sacrifices that you have made to ensure that this country remains free from tyranny and oppression. I thank you for those times when you have stood outside in torrential rain, or blizzards, or blowing sand, and remained vigilant at your post. I thank you and admire you for the willingness to maintain a value system that is sometimes scoffed by the world. I sympathize with you each and every time you go to a military school or go online for more “mandatory training”. I’m there with you, my brothers and sisters, and feel your pain when you sit through yet another death by PowerPoint presentation that you have seen countless times before. I am there by your side, my comrades, when you’re told at first formation that today is a DAT day. I am there with you as you sit in the “corral” and start guzzling coffee, water, juice, anything that will help you “donate” for the drug test so that you can get on with the business of the day (having been the collector, I will miss that the least!). I am right there with you, each and every one of you, as you sit in front of the desk of the admin NCO (personal pun there) and have to – yet again – provide all your personal information so that your paperwork is up-to-date. I am even with you, and know from experience, when you stand in front of the first sergeant or the commander’s desk and await the fall of the hammer.

And I am also there with you in your pride, pride when you hear your name being called out for a promotion or an award. I am there, as are all the previous members of the military, as you solemnly salute the flag while taps is being played. I am with you as you proudly stand, even when in ‘civies’, and salute the flag each and every time you hear the national anthem being played. I am with you, my fellow soldiers, as you quietly mourn every time you see a coffin draped with the flag of the United States of America. I feel, as you do, that twinge when each rifle shot cracks through the air during a 21 gun salute for a fallen Soldier.

I consider myself not lucky nor do I consider myself fortunate; rather I consider myself blessed to have been offered the opportunity to serve alongside the greatest citizens of the greatest country in the world. Even though my name is known, at present, by many soldiers - over time, those who know me will also retire or leave the service and eventually the memory of me will be nothing more than a name on an old pay roster or report, and maybe a fading photograph somewhere in some seldom viewed archive. But those things matter not.

Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage - more than just values, these things are foundational to ensuring that our Constitution, our civil liberties, and our freedoms remain. Know this, my brothers and sisters in service, that I will always consider you family. I will live my life, post military, upholding not only the Army values but also values that will embody what this country was founded upon. I will remain vigilant, as an American citizen, to ensure that your sacrifices and your service do not go unperceived or discerned by my fellow citizens.

The oath that I took to defend the Constitution holds no less validity today, for me, than it did all those years ago when I first raised my right hand. Now, I have what could be known as perhaps an even greater opportunity to uphold that oath. Should I entertain running in an election, rest assured that my actions will maintain the noble honor that each of you has sacrificed for. Should I but simply live my life in retired bliss (sounds kind of boring), even then I will honor your sacrifices. “Dear God, if there be trouble, let it be in my time – so that my children may know peace”, is a prayer, for me, which does not end on this day.

I have but one entreaty for you: live your life, do your duty, provide your service, and do all in a manner that will not sully the sacrifices of those who came before. Live your life with honor, compassion, truth, faith, and with the hope that what you do today will be viewed by the generations of tomorrow as noble and worthy.

My fellow patriots, soldiers, citizens, brothers and sisters - I thank you for the time I was able to spend with you in service to our great country. As I go forth, on this first day, I carry with me all that I have mentioned here and humbly thank you for your efforts in ensuring that this nation of the people, for the people and by the people indeed does not perish from the earth.


Your brother in service,

Kenneth J. Robart

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Fellow Brainers - Now you know that we love a good argument here! You know that we love debate, we really enjoy having other points of view posted so that we can engage in a dialogue with them. We do not espouse name-calling, aside from fun jabs at a politician or political group in general, nor do we espouse any action that would in any way hinder any of the rights we have in this great nation. We here at Conservative Brainworks do not espouse violence. What we do support is the Constitution and the civil liberties that we as Americans have. That being said I have a disturbing post that I just had to share this with you on this page. This is a sentiment from a person who, admittedly, is a dyed in the wool liberal. Now, normally, I have fun little arguments with this person and we each present our viewpoints and, at least on my side, I laugh it off and realize that this is just for fun and that taking things personally or OVER the top is… Well it’s just stupid so I turn off the computer and join the real world. Now, you all know the rules! Here at Conservative Brainworks we DO NOT; 1. Do personal attacks on anyone who is not a politician (and even then we back it up with annoying little things like facts, video, audio, transcripts, etc.) and we keep it political. 2. Espouse violence upon anyone, ever, outside of the realm of military engagements. 3. Go above and beyond the Constitution of the United States of America, nor do we go above and beyond the rule of law in America - we often disagree with the way laws are interpreted and carried out, and we can have dialogue on that all day long. 4. Think that we are better than anyone else, we are all law-abiding citizens, we are all American citizens, and we are all patriots. Now I want you to read what this person said: “Clive Bundy is a Terrorist. A home grown, bigoted & racist terrorist. He should be arrested and his property and holding seized. Any person who raises a weapon against the government should be shot & killed or arrested & prosecuted as terrorists.” My good friends, this is the mind of the low information liberal voter. What we see here is a knee-jerk and gut reaction to an admittedly biased news report using only emotion and little to nothing else. What we see here is not the rule of law as one would expect from a liberal. Rather, what we are seeing more and more of from the left are things that are conflictingly and diametrically opposed to the tenants that they tell us they hold so dear. The left tells us about tolerance, yet if you oppose their viewpoints and attempt a dialogue, tolerance is the very last thing that you will find they actually have - as is evidenced here. So let’s look at this posting, but let’s look at it with tolerance in our hearts, and logic in our minds. We are not going to simply look at this and begin bashing this person and telling this person anything aside from rule of law, common sense, liberty, freedom, and constitutionally based ideals. This person made a very unconfirmed and un-researched comment that Clive Bundy is a terrorist. Now I want you to look at the word terrorist there: Terrorist – with a capital T. Now this person made this statement as if Clive Bundy had been accused, and charged, with our rule of law, as a terrorist – he has not. So you see just stating that an American citizen is a terrorist does not a terrorist make. Let’s look at the next part of the statement, “a home-grown, bigoted & racist terrorist.” Now this time the word terrorist was not capitalized, however we are given other words in here like bigoted and racist oh, but wait, the word terrorist is at the end of that sentence also. So now this person has not only taken rule of law upon themselves and have charged Mr. Bundy with terrorism they are now, due to their apparent innate, in-depth, and all-encompassing knowledge of the situation calling him a bigot and a racist. Now I have seen what Mr. Bundy stated on the video, the raw video is very telling. If you look at the video that was already edited by our news media you will find that it does sound very bigoted and it does sound very racist and it does sound like something that it would be unacceptable to say to anyone without them thinking you were indeed a bigoted racist! However if you look at the raw tape you’ll find that this man actually holds dear family values and looks at different peoples plight in America but he stated it in ways that were very very un-tactful and quite frankly he stated in a stupid manner – but that does not make him a bigoted racist, what that makes him is not eloquent in speech and stupid. As a matter of fact there are many individuals coming to Mr. Bundy’s side, (as you notice I refuse to use any reference to any specific group as I believe all people are of the same “race” - we are all created equal) whom other people are using as a tool to promulgate their hatred of a group. In this case that group is anyone who differs with the liberal agenda and the liberals will use their militant attacks to ensure the low information voter remains livid and hateful. Okay let’s go on to the next part, “He should be arrested and his property and holding seized.” Here is another statement made with emotion and that very important rule of law again dismissed because that rule of law would interfere with this liberal agenda. Here again is a liberal who thinks that they should have control over another person’s property and assets without being held accountable, themselves, for the words that they have said. I would love to hear what this person would want to say if I asked them this question: “so after Mr. Bundy is arrested, and his properties and holdings are seized, what should happen to him then? Should he go through proper rule of law? Or would you have happened to him what you have said in the next part of your post?”… And here is what this self-proclaimed liberal said in the next part of this post: “Any person who raises a weapon against the government should be shot & killed or arrested & prosecuted as terrorists.” And there we have it ladies and gentlemen, exactly what the liberals on the left want to do to anyone who steps outside of the box of oppression, intolerance, and hatred that the liberals would shove anyone into who disagrees with them. “Any person who raises a weapon against the government should be shot & killed…” This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what we are up against in this election! This is the sentiment that is held by the liberal elite, by those who are so dogmatically engrained in their hatred and intolerance of opposing viewpoints and rule of law and constitutionality. Here we see the viewpoint of a liberal. Death to those who oppose us! We are literally looking at someone who says that violence is acceptable, as a matter of fact this verse is saying that it should happen. Does that not bring up historical teachings? It does for me, and they are fearfully and horrifically documented – starting with this very same mindset. So now let us look at the constitutionality of this person’s statement. The Constitution, under article 1 states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Now just because the people that were gathered around to support Mr. Bundy had weapons they still were peaceably assembling to the best of my knowledge. I believe the only violence was initiated by the government agents – if I am wrong, then I apologize and please correct, with facts, thanks. So indeed they were following the constraints of law and the constraints under the Constitution under article 2 which states: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” So could this person who has such hatred and such animosity for those who are exercising their freedoms please tell me at what point do you cross the line between law and lawlessness? At what point do those in power simply ignore the Constitution and rule of law? Now we look at article 4, which states: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” So here again unless we see that the due process of law has been followed under the Constitution, what justification do people that say these types of things have for saying that these people should be shot and killed and holding seized? Even if the rule of law and constitutionality was upheld this type of statement still holds no validity and is, itself, a statement that espouses rule by violence and despotism. So where exactly does someone of this mindset place the line between our rule of law and what they think should happen? And now, a serious question – for you, the person who stated “Any person who raises a weapon against the government should be shot & killed or arrested & prosecuted as terrorists.” - Would you have had every man and woman who was there at the Bunny Ranch shot and killed? Would you have had fathers, mothers, daughters, brothers, sons, and, uncles, friends, loved ones all gunned down in cold blood because they had weapons that are protected by the Constitution of the United States? (And as far as I know, did not insight any violence or fire one shot) If you say no to this question then let’s go to the next part of your statement: Would you have every single one of them that I have already mentioned accused of terrorism? And if so, do you know what happens when a person is accused of terrorism? Do you know what that means to the rest of America? Perhaps your statements were hasty and poorly thought out. My friends we are entering an age where those who preach tolerance and rule of law are the very first, as is apparent with this example, to promote intolerance and non-constitutional lawlessness. I’ve only use this example with the Bundy issue as it was thrust upon me with such fervent hatred and contempt for freedom, constitutionality and law. But it is a good example of the chasm that exists between constitutionality and those who would have total government control. Let us not, my fellow Americans and patriots, ever forget that we are the ones who are the government. And that is where we have opportunity to ensure politicians do not strip us of our liberties. We are the ones who give power to the government, we are the ones who elect the people who decide what happens to us on a daily basis. Perhaps there was a time when a congressman was a farmer and had gone to Congress to enact laws and regulations that would be best for those who lived in his district. After all, at some point, he would have to go back home and live under those very same laws and regulations that he helped enact. But now, my friends, we are dealing with lifetime politicians. We are dealing with people who are politicians for the sake of politics. We are dealing with people who do not care about the rule of law if that rule of law opposes their agenda. It is time my friends to clean house in Washington DC. It is time to tell Congress that they may no longer vote themselves raises, get different healthcare than the rest of America, and get ridiculous salaries and pensions. It is time for us to take America back over – as Americans. It is time for those people who are patriots to run for office – not for the sake of running for office – but for the sake of enduring American freedom. With mindsets such as posted by this person, we see that we are not dealing with a group of people who understands constitutionality and rule of law and liberty, but rather a group of people that want to resort to doing whatever it takes to remove it anyone who opposes their viewpoints, even if that includes killing or charging people with terrorism without due process of law. If ever there was a slippery slope, and I used to hate that when they used it in the media, this would be it. Let’s take a look at what other people have learned from the past about this type of thinking: (all the following were taken from “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ― George Washington “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear." [Special Message to the Congress on the Internal Security of the United States, August 8, 1950]” ― Harry S. Truman “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” ― Theodore Roosevelt “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.” ― Voltaire “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” ― James Madison “Because if you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost.” ― Neil Gaiman “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” ― John Milton, Areopagitica “To view the opposition as dangerous is to misunderstand the basic concepts of democracy. To oppress the opposition is to assault the very foundation of democracy.” ― Aung San Suu Kyi, Letters from Burma “If you're not going to use your free speech to criticize your own government, then what the hell is the point of having it?” ― Michel Templet “If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union, or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated, where reason is left free to combat it." [First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801]” ― Thomas Jefferson, The Inaugural Speeches and Messages of Thomas Jefferson, Esq.: Late President of the United States: Together with the Inaugural Speech of James Madison, Esq. ... “The framers of the constitution knew human nature as well as we do. They too had lived in dangerous days; they too knew the suffocating influence of orthodoxy and standardized thought. They weighed the compulsions for restrained speech and thought against the abuses of liberty. They chose liberty." [Beauharnais v.Illinois, 342 U.S. 250, 287 (1952) (dissenting)]” ― William O. Douglas

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After listening to the inspiring words contained within this video I began to seriously ponder some of the issues that are facing us today. There was a time when there was honor and selflessness roaming the halls of our institutions of government. There was a time when the American people had spoken up, and voted in those who would do best for and by America.

My dear friends what has happened; how have we allowed the degradation of our freedoms, our liberties, and our conscience?

What have we done? When was it that we accepted the rule of those who would remove our freedoms for the pursuit of an agenda? When was it that we accepted the diminishing of America on the world stage? When was it that we, you and I, allow this thing called American exceptionalism to fade away into the darkness as if it were something not worth keeping in the light? When was it that the might of America became something less than the greatest beacon of justice, liberty, and freedom in the world? When did we place our own self-interest and our own desires above the need for liberty and freedom?

POLL: Is the United States headed toward a Civil War?

My good friends there was a time when American exceptionalism meant something. Brave men and women who suffered more, possibly, than you or I could ever imagine for freedom, did so without a guarantee of success. They knew that the legacy they left behind would be what their children and their children's children must endure. That legacy would not be one of slavery, oppression, or fear of government, but rather that legacy would be one of patriotism, love of freedom, states that were united, and the continued pursuit of happiness. From the beginning of this independent nation each generation has fought, bled, sacrificed, and died so that the next generation could remain free from oppression. The prayer that has left the lips of unnumbered soldiers; "dear God if there be trouble, let it be in my time, so that my children may know peace", is a prayer that echoes still. If you have ever stood and looked out across the Gardens of Stone or stood at the base of a black wall engraved with countless names or walked among the many monuments to freedom, then you have felt the sacrifice of countless families and men and women who have fought for liberty and freedom. And although President Reagan’s address was about Easter it was also about the continuing fight for freedom, not only freedom of religion but also freedom from oppression of any government that would steal the liberties of the citizens who grant that government power.

On this day we must send out a call to all Americans to remember the sacrifice that past generations have made so that future generations need not make those same sacrifices. On this day I call out to all Americans to remember that thing called American exceptionalism, and to know that it is not about being grandiose or thinking that we are better than others.  No, American exceptionalism is what has forged this country into the greatest nation that has ever graced God’s creation, and is a force which has an identity - it is you, it is all of us. You, the great Americans that are the backbone of this amazing country are what embody American exceptionalism - we simply need to bring it back into the light.

American exceptionalism, patriotism, liberty, freedom and all of the things that were envisioned by the founding fathers and all those who came before us - these ideas have but one enemy, oppression.

During this election season we must stand united, we must send a message to those who think that they can take away our freedoms and civil liberties. We must elect leaders who love America, who are patriots, who are freedom loving individuals, we must elect those who will not stand for tyranny nor stand for the removal of civil liberties. It is upon us to ensure that our future, and for those who will inherit that future, is a future that maintains freedom, maintains civil liberty, and maintains a pursuit of happiness, without the fear of government. We must bring back America to Americans, we must bring back power to the states that are united under the stars and stripes. It is time for the citizens of this country to vote for leaders who will maintain a constitutional mindset. I call for the citizenry of this nation to vote for those, from among us, who will move the power that the federal government has taken from the states and give it back to the states. I call upon the voting public to send a message saying that we will stand on the Constitution.

The next elections will be the most pivotal and important for this nation of ours in determining the course of America. We can continue down the path we’re going and allow those who think that they are our betters, who continue to usurp our freedoms and liberties, to maintain power, or gain more power. We can allow our elected officials, to whom we give the power, to keep a bloated federal government and an unsustainable debt. We can vote for those who would call American citizens “terrorists” while at the same time disarming Americans. We can continue to vote for those who would spend our future, tax us in the present, and dishonor the memory of the past. We can exercise our right to vote and vote for those who believe that they know better than you how to educate your children, who believe they know better than you how to raise your children, who believe they know better than you how to spend your money, believe they know better than you how you should get your healthcare, who believe they know better than you how you should live virtually every aspect of your life. We can remain complacent and uncaring and vote for those who would defile our freedoms and our privacies. We can vote for those who would weaken America’s military. My friends we can continue down the path we’re going and vote for those who are more concerned with self-aggrandizing and party affiliation than they are with the very constituents who put them in office.


We can vote for those who are patriots, those who would stand on and for the Constitution, those who would give the people and the states the power that they are entitled to constitutionally. We can vote in those who would shrink the federal government, lower taxes, strengthen our military, and bring America back to being what so many people have sacrificed to ensure she became.

It is inherent upon us to vote for those who would ensure that government of the people, by the people, for the people, indeed does not perish from the earth.

Ken, the non-politician politician.

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Okay, here is a list of things that require photo identification (as taken from - so part of this is in jest as some of these things are irrelevant regarding constitutionality. But now just for fun let’s take a look at things that require a photo identification, and of course this is a very partial list and I’m sure I’m missing many many things that require photo identification, but let’s take a look:

 -Boarding an airplane

-Writing a check
-Cashing a check
-Using a credit card
-Driving a motor vehicle
-Applying for a business license
-Applying for permission to hold a protest or rally
-Securing employment 
-Purchasing a house or real estate
-Renting a domicile
-Renting a motor vehicle
-Purchasing a firearm (Includes BB guns)
-Applying for a hunting license (waived for 16 and 17 year olds when their legal guardian provides a photo ID)
-Applying for a fishing license (waived for 16 and 17 year olds when their legal guardian provides a photo ID)
-Purchasing alcoholic beverages
-Purchasing tobacco or products that contain nicotine
-Purchasing a motor vehicle
-Initial registration of a motor vehicle 
-Applying for a building permit
-Receiving prescription medicine
-Purchasing OTC medicine that contains pseudoephedrine 
-Serving on jury duty
-Getting a bank account
-Cash transactions of $5000.00 or greater
-Sales tax exemption for people aged 80 and above

Okay, so let’s just imagine for a moment that you’re running for political office (like I will be in the near future), and you have gone out and campaigned and spent your money and got a whole bunch of people to back you. You have a fantastic platform like mine (had to get this in here somehow!):

My platform - 
Congress should:
1. Take a 50% pay cut.
2. Not be able to vote themselves a raise – ever.
3. Receive a 3% pay increase or the equivalent percentage pay increase that they bestow upon our military.
4. Have term limits initiated - if it's good enough for the president it's good enough for them!
5. Receive healthcare that the rest of America receives - if it's good enough for you it's good enough for them!
6. Receive a pension no greater than in E7 with 20 years of military service.
7. Create a colloquial English (plain language) synopsis of every bill. This synopsis must be easy to read, outlined, and understandable. The synopsis should be available on a specified website for a full 24 hours prior to any vote.
8. Read every word of every bill that is ever presented, in full, on the floor, with all members present prior to any vote. (No more passing something to find out what’s in it!)
My fellow Americans when I am voted into Congress I will donate 50% of my pay to charity until such time as #1 can be implemented. I will fight for pay raises for our military members, better care for our military families, and the proper treatment of the families of our fallen heroes. I will work to ensure that there are no homeless veterans on the streets of America, but rather veterans working to help other veterans with a hand up – not a handout.
When I'm elected into Congress I will push each and every one of these issues so that those sitting in seats of power will truly have the best in mind for their constituents – because after their term is up they will have to go back and live under the rules that they've implemented.
My fellow Americans it is time to bring America back to the people, back to the states, bring back the constitutionality of our system of government.
It is time to reduce the size of the federal government and put the power back in the hands of the states and the people.

You have this thing in the bag right?

Uh, no.

You show up on Election Day and cast your vote (hopefully for yourself) and then you go back to campaign headquarters and… Wait. Tensions build and tensions mount as the numbers begin posting on the new services and at first you’re doing great! Then, as the night draws on, you see the numbers beginning to favor your opponent, and after all that time and effort and money and hope and dreams your opponent wins. But one of your campaign helpers gets a tip about some voter fraud that occurred so you press the issue… Only to be maligned by the media, called names, and doors are shut your face everywhere you go when you try to find out if the fraud actually occurred.

Did it occur? Did it not occur? Did somebody vote more than once? Did a bunch of dead people vote? Who voted?

Look fellow CB’ers -

As long as there is no requirement for voter identification, then how is it possible to ensure that voting fraud does not take place?

It is high time that we had something in place to ensure that:

  1. you are of voting age
  2. you are a citizen of the United States
  3. you only vote once
  4. you are a real person
  5. you are a living person

So, I challenge anyone to bring to the table a valid argument why voter ID is not a good idea. But of course no such argument exists for the very reasons that I have already so eloquently pointed out.

Thanks for reading, sincerely: Ken the non-politician politician.

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Ladies and gentlemen we are sitting on the brink of what could be the most fateful election in the history of United States of America. Of course I'm looking at this from our current timeline in our current perspective, so I am a bit bias as to just how fateful this election will be. We are currently residing in a country where political correctness has overtaken common sense. We are living in a country where a zero-tolerance policy, in some cases, has been taken to such extremes that idiocy has taken the place of common sense. We are living in a country where the people are beginning to have fear for their own government. We're living in a country where laws are made in past without proper constitutional process. We are living in a country where those very same laws are arbitrarily changed on the whim of one person. We're living in a country where it is dangerous for the individual to speak out against the current administration, even if that speaking out is fully justified and is done under the constraints of the Constitution. We live in a country where our president has literally bowed before another ruler from a foreign country - and that is just unacceptable. We're living in a country where leaders of governmental institutions are claiming the Fifth Amendment while they are being questioned in court. We're living in a country where our leadership make statements like "what does it matter" (paraphrase) – when it comes to the death of Americans in foreign countries. We are living in a country where the federal government is overstepping its constitutional bounds. We're living in a country where we are being told that the government knows better than parents how to: teach our children, raise our children, feed our children, clothe our children, basically take care of our children.
We are living in a country where our freedoms and our civil liberties are being eroded - and yet young stars who are doing moronic things, and other celebrities who are doing moronic things get the lion's share of the media's attention.
But thank God that we still have America. America is… You. America is a hard-working men and women who struggle each day not only to provide for their families, but also to do their civic duty and provide for those around them as well. So, on the upside, we live in a country where Americans are still great. We live in a country where Americans are beginning to realize that their liberties are being eroded, and that the freedoms for which so many men and women have bled suffered and died are in jeopardy of disappearing from this great country. It is time to bring conservatism back to Washington. I'm not talking about the Republican Party, after all there are no R.I.N.O.'s allowed! It is time for leadership with the backbone akin to the founding fathers. No more will we as American standby while our country is usurped from the people and given to the Democrat elite in Washington. It is time for us to stand up, take charge of this country, and clean house in the upcoming elections. I always joke about running for Congress, however if I did have the finances to run for that office - I would.

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Are we an ism, a cracy or an archy?

You know, back when I was at the National Training Center in California (NTC - if you've been there you know exactly what I'm talking about) - we were told that if we harmed a desert tortoise that we would be charged (and here the figures varied) right around $50,000. Of course I myself did not see any desert tortoise, I don't know of anyone else who actually saw a desert tortoise, but the threat was still there. So, if indeed the BLM did damage the desert tortoise home, then the BLM should be charged (after a full and complete investigation including armed guards for those during the investigation, a full clean tent enclosure, multiple specialists on the desert tortoise, etc.) for each and every desert tortoise that was in any way harmed by the BLM.

Okay, obviously that's just silly, but look at what the federal government is trying to do in this case. What we have is a federal versus state land dispute. If indeed the BLM did damage that farmer's property and kill his cows then the government of the United States (which would be our tax dollars by the way) should be fully financially responsible for any damage that was done to the farmer's assets. The federal government should actually watch the news - oh wait, never mind this type of news is not reported on any of the big 3 networks. Okay then, the feds should watch Fox news or go to some of the independent news sites and actually see what Americans are doing in the face of this type of nearly fascist (Full Definition of FASCISM: 1 - often capitalized :  a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. 2 -  a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge>) administration.

Now those may seem like very extreme words, and something that may be in some people's point of view a little over-the-top, to call our current administration names like totalitarian, aristocracy, autarchy, autocracy, bureaucracy (government by civil servants), foolocracy, hyperarchy, kakistocracy, kleptocracy, snobocracy, squatterarchy, despotocracy, but it is sad that such terminology can even be thought of with the office of the president of the United States in mind.

Rather than those terms wouldn't it be great to look at the United States government and think terms like: aristarchy, capelocracy, democracy, ergatocracy, heroarchy, idiocracy, merocracy, mesocracy, nomocracy, psephocracy (minus the voter fraud), theatrocracy? We are a democratic representative republic, the problem is those who represent us are taking their own interest to heart before ours. Vote for me, and let's start down the road to real recovery towards reclaiming American exceptionalism!

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If you are visiting this page then I can probably count you among the great American citizens that are conservative.  What type of a government demands an apology from a doctor who outlines a fantastic way to avoid Obamacare? The answer is simple, the government cannot believe that anyone would possibly disagree with anything that the current administration says. When someone does disagree with them, those very same people are targeted by various segments of the government and harassed. Dr. Carson eloquently outlines what we can do to fix the health care system in America, but rather than take the advice of a brilliant man like this, what does Obama do..... He demands an apology. Ladies and gentlemen it is time to clean sweep Washington and get a good conservative, constitutional-minded base of elected leaders.
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Aside from the interracial marriage (there is one race -the human race...) This guy embodies the reason we need to clean house (and senate - get it?) - we need stron American conservative leadership. We need people to stand up to this sort of idiocy! I would be happy to btw.

“Now, I’m for interracial marriage. I’m for same-sex marriage. I’m the one that introduced the bill to have same-sex marriage. I don’t care who marry who. If a man meet a little mule and he wanna get married to the little mule, as long as he and the little mule get along all right, that’s fine with me. It doesn’t bother me any kind of way.” Democrat Alabama State Representative Alvin Holmes

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Go out and be yourself, and enjoy free speech and your rights (unless you are a Christian, or a conservative, or a constitutionalist, or a capitalist, or a red voter, or don't like Obiecare, or want to see the libs (that includes R.I.N.O.s) in Congress fired, or want accountability from our leaders, or want personal responsibility, or disagree with the regime, or support traditional marriage, or don't want your tax money funding abortions etc.)..... so go out and be yourself - but remain in a nice Orwellian line.

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Recently I've searched the Internet and found actual signs posted by the BLM (federal) - that state "First Amendment zone" - the problem with this is the Constitution of United States covers the United States. The Constitution of United States does not have gray areas or blackout areas or areas that it doesn't cover within the sovereign land of the United States of America. Now the very people who have sworn to uphold the Constitution are the ones who are defiling the Constitution by stating that there are only certain areas within the borders of the United States of America that the Constitution applies to - in other words the "First Amendment zones". There are no such thing as amendment zones or constitutional zones or any other zones for that matter when it comes to freedoms of the people of the United States of America. The citizens of the United States should not have to fight against the federal government, rather the federal government should be fighting for the people of the United States of America.
When Americans fear their own government and that same government is limiting our constitutional rights it is time for a change in power, so get out there and vote!

Catch phrases that could be used are too numerous to mention but none of them really drive the point home. We do not want a country where the words "hi I'm here from the federal government" cause fear and panic among the people.
There is no reason that the United States of America should have snipers targeting citizens who are exercising their constitutionally given rights. Now that being said, if those same citizens break the law, then of course rule of law must be maintained. But rule of law must be maintained within the boundaries of the Constitution.
I ask you to go to and just look at some of the quotes regarding big government and federal power. You'll find there are some very frightening similarities between what he was saying then and what is occurring now. What we need is a strong conservative leadership - no R.I.N.O.s, no establishment Republicans nor "moderate" Republicans - just strong conservative leadership that could give a hoot about party affiliation.
It is time that America woke up to the problems that we are facing; it is time that America took back America from the federal government and gave it back to the states and the people.
The government cannot govern without consent of the governed - that is you, you are the governed people of the United States of America.

1st 5- read them.

The Amendments
The following are the Amendments to the Constitution. The first ten Amendments
collectively are commonly known as the Bill of Rights.
Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the
free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of
the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of
Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms. Ratified 12/15/1791.
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the
people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Amendment 3 - Quartering of Soldiers. Ratified 12/15/1791.
No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the
Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but
upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the
place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Amendment 5 - Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings. Ratified
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a
presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval
forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall
any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor
shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived
of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be
taken for public use, without just compensation.

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My platform - 
Congress should:
1. Take a 50% pay cut.
2. Not be able to vote themselves a raise – ever.
3. Receive a 3% pay increase or the equivalent percentage pay increase that they bestow upon our military.
4. Have term limits initiated - if it's good enough for the president it's good enough for them!
5. Receive healthcare that the rest of America receives - if it's good enough for you it's good enough for them!
6. Receive a pension no greater than in E7 with 20 years of military service.
7. Create a colloquial English (plain language) synopsis of every bill. This synopsis must be easy to read, outlined, and understandable. The synopsis should be available on a specified website for a full 24 hours prior to any vote.
8. Read every word of every bill that is ever presented, in full, on the floor, with all members present prior to any vote. (No more passing something to find out what’s in it!)
My fellow Americans when I am voted into Congress I will donate 50% of my pay to charity until such time as #1 can be implemented. I will fight for pay raises for our military members, better care for our military families, and the proper treatment of the families of our fallen heroes. I will work to ensure that there are no homeless veterans on the streets of America, but rather veterans working to help other veterans with a hand up – not a handout.
When I'm elected into Congress I will push each and every one of these issues so that those sitting in seats of power will truly have the best in mind for their constituents – because after their term is up they will have to go back and live under the rules that they've implemented.
My fellow Americans it is time to bring America back to the people, back to the states, bring back the constitutionality of our system of government.
It is time to reduce the size of the federal government and put the power back in the hands of the states and the people.

Ken the non-politician politician.

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The foremost priority of the federal government is to protect the people; the foremost priority of the people is to control the government.

Each and every morning as I place my hand over my heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance (yes the entire thing) I am reminded by those stars and stripes of what America really is. America is not one man in the White House, nor is America the representatives that sit bickering in what used to be hallowed halls. We the people… That, ladies and gentlemen, is America. You the small business owner, the factory worker, the teacher, the farmer, the truck driver, the railroad worker, the timber worker, the sailor, the soldier, the Marine, the airman – and all of the others that I did not list – you are America.
It could be said (and it is said by some) that the days of civil liberties, basic human freedoms, religious freedoms, and common sense have passed us by and are now in antiquity. I not only zealously disagree I laugh at such a notion.
We are a representative republic where the states should have control over much of what the federal government has taken from them. We are the United States of America not the federal government of America.
Thousands and thousands of men and women have sacrificed their very lives so that the dream of America would not die. How is it then that we are allowing our freedoms, those very freedoms that they fought and died for, to be taken from us while we complacently sit by? How is it that we are more concerned with our social media, actors or actresses, sports figures, entertainment, and plethora other distractions then with the state of our beloved union?

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It is time for Americans to take back America from the professional politicians in Washington D.C.  We need leaders that are public servants first, politicians last. 

Our leaders (whimper from the thought) make more money.... they have better healthcare (huh?).... they get a better pension....  than most of the people they 'serve'!

And this is why I will run for political office first, politicians last. And this is why I will run for political office.

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Hey y'all! Gee golly whiz, I'm supposin' itz 'bout time to git one of them thar 'puters and do some surfin on the in'ernet, whoo hoo! Cause - we ain't smart enough to Obamacare?! Is that right Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker?

I cannot believe the arrogance, the droll repugnant vicious nature of the Liberal Democrat elite. First we are told that Americans can't "Internet" properly, now were told that a certain group of Americans aren't smart enough to "fathom" Obiecare. This is the heart of the problem currently in America – there are divisive people (just like this one) with the ear of the liberal media. People like this are trying to tell us that they are smarter than we are, they are better than we are, they are more 'gooder' educated – therefore they must be our betters. It is time to bring America back to the people, bring America back to Americans where she belongs. Not in the hands of liberal elitists like this. I will run for Congress and help put an end to the ridiculous joke that Washington has become.

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