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Kay Trudell replied to Admin Dee's discussion Joe Biden is Proving to be Worse than Obama
"Carter, Obama, Biden --- all Democrats. No surprise there. And all recent Presidents. What the h - - - has happened to the Democratic Party of my parents??  "
Aug 25, 2021
Kay Trudell replied to Admin Dee's discussion Report: Biden Is Offering Taliban Vast Sums of Cash to Allow Evacuations to Proceed
"And all of you ignorant and gullible fools who voted for Biden are FREE from having to listen to Trump's tweets or witness his displays of pro-life and pro-Israel support. You exchanged them for Biden's whining and stumbling and cowardice and having…"
Aug 15, 2021
Kay Trudell shared their discussion on Facebook
Jul 23, 2021
Kay Trudell replied to Admin Dee's discussion Inaugural Committee Fails To Pass Resolution that Biden Is President Elect
"Do you hear the marching feet of fraud, fraud, fraud?? Boom! Boom! Boom! We all know it!! This is a sham and a disgrace. Biden is not my President!! This election is being stolen! STOP IT! Do it for the sake of the Republic. Do it for us, the common…"
Dec 8, 2020
Kay Trudell replied to Admin Dee's discussion Trump: We Have Suppression By the Press, You Can’t Have a Scandal If No One Talks About It
"The educated and aware citizens of each state must tell their Electors in states where elections are disputed and evidence of fraud exists that they MUST not vote for a man who "won" via fraud. The U.S. Constitution provides remedies for what has…"
Nov 30, 2020
Kay Trudell replied to Admin Dee's discussion Citizens Stand Up: They Head to Georgia to Stake Out Stored Dominion Computers
"If the corrupt officials wipe or destroy the Dominion voting machines, that would constitute obstruction of justice and is a felony. It might also be enough to convince the Georgia legislature to call the election for Trump. They had better not…"
Nov 30, 2020
Kay Trudell commented on Oscar Y. Harward's blog post GOP Convention Delegates and Alternates may switch from Trump to Cruz
Jul 5, 2016

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  • Kay, I'm glad to have you as a friend!

    - Frankmusic

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