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Four Facts

There are four facts freedom loving folks must face.

1. The main enemy is liberalism.  See http://www.insectman.us/misc/liberalism-is-evil.htm

2. The battle front is for the hearts and minds of our children.  See http://www.insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/index.htm

3. Republicans are not the answer.  See http://www.insectman.us/articles/karls/political-bugs.htm

4. No matter how many political battles are won it will be useless without being saved.  See http://www.insectman.us/getsaved.htm

We must learn from the folks that fired the first shot in the Culture War.  See http://www.insectman.us/testimony/text-book-war.htm

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Where the battle front is located

We are in a war for the hearts, minds, and souls of the precious children of America.  No sane military force sends raw recruits to be trained in the boot-camp of the bad guys.  Please see "Call to Dunkirk" athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRGZLSVph3A

Please also see IndoctriNation at http://indoctrinationmovie.com.

Additionally, please see http://insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/index.htm.

IndoctriNation (http://indoctrinationmovie.com/) disclosed the danger and the Operation Jericho Project (www.operationjerichoproject.com) is showing the solution.

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I have a buggy blog called “Things That Bug Me” (http://www.insectman.us/articles/karls/what-bugs-me.htm) where I use street smarts, country common sense, and a biblical basis to say what Hannity, Limbaugh et al. won’t say.  For example:

We can win everything and lose it all! If we do not win the hearts and minds of the next generation—it is all a waste!! We must rescue our children!!!

Please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRGZLSVph3Ahttp://insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/index.htmand https://www.youtube.com/user/IndoctriNationMovie

That makes some people mad, but it is not just liberals.  I have been banned from both the (sick) loony left Huffington Post and the (self-) righteous right Tea Party Nation and Teabook.

Since my posts were clean and reasonably respectful (but tough with loon-lefty liberals), it had to be because the points stung the HuffPost censors. 

The Tea Party Nation dictator banned me for proclaiming that today’s conservatives seriously need to see what happened in 1974 when this culture war was launched.  That single censor caused lots of conservatives to miss important information.  Liberal censors are loathsome, but conservative censors stink.

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Go Viral for the Resurrection!

God has brought a MAJOR event forward right before Easter.  Evolution is the root of abortion and the impetus of the sodomite agenda.   Too many Christians do not realize this.  Atheists do! Now God has called one of his servants to confront Christian compromisers by issuing a challenge that has rocked caught the attention of USAToday, WorldNetDaily,  The Blaze, Washington Times, Huffington Post, and many other media outlets as well as Atheist blogs throughout the Internet.  Now it is time to go viral with the news in the Christian community!

Please pass the word via your social media, emails, phone calls, and other communications such as local news releases, calls to talk shows, letters-to-the-editor, etc.

Here is the original article:

Creationist stakes $10,000 on contest between Bible and evolution

Thank you!

Please pray for Dr. Mastropaolo.

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PLEASE TAKE TIME TO LISTEN! to this new interview with the Dumbing Down of America Author

We sounded the alarm about "change agents" in 1974.  See http://www.insectman.us/testimony/text-book-war.htm

As a retired public school teacher I am convinced that our only hope is to rescue our children from the public (government) schools and raise a godly generation.
Please see "Call to Dunkirk" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRGZLSVph3A.

Public schools cannot be redeemed. Saying we should not abandon them is like saying the passengers of the Titanic should have stayed aboard because the band was playing good music and the captain was a good man.

Please also see IndoctriNation at http://indoctrinationmovie.com.

Additionally, please see http://insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/index.htm.


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The reelection of Obama (really Demoncrat wolf) will continue the rapid descent toward doom for America.  We will see that God is real and He is consistent.  An old time preacher once said, “If God does not judge America, he should resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize!”  God says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20 KJB)

But, had Romney been elected the descent would have continued at a slower speed.

The election of Romney (really Republicrite wolf) would have removed the rabid Demoncrat wolf from the sheepfold, but allowed a ravenous wolf in sheep’s cloths to enter.  The wolf we have is an obvious danger and we know how he will attack the sheep.  Romney is sly and would have fooled a lot of sheep.  The fold (America) would have still been destroyed—only slower.

Read the rest and see a solution at http://www.insectman.us/misc/wolves.htm

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“We Christians are largely responsible for the current cultural mess. Political and judicial battles may temporarily slow the de-Christianizing of America, but these efforts are doomed to failure.  The true battle is not for control of Congress, the Supreme Court, or the White House, it’s for the hearts and minds of our children. We foolishly focus on electing a few conservative politicians, while millions of new voters graduate each year saturated in the secular humanism taught in government schools. Political action and strong voting have failed. We shouldn’t give up that strategy—just recognize how limited it is.” From page 334 of Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party (http://www.insectman.us/testimony/protester-voices.htm). 

The solution is not to continue to try to reform government schools.  We must RESCUE OUR CHILDREN!

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“For those who hope to understand Fundamentalist America in the twenty-first century, a good place and time to start would be Kanawha County, West Virginia, 1974... The fight in Kanawha County, as argued by both protesters and historians, can correctly be seen as the birthplace, or at least the midwife, of an emerging populist conservative movement... Thanks to the energetic activist Karl Priest, we now also have an account of the controversy written from a prominent member of the movement itself.” DR. ADAM LAATS (Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for the Teaching of American History at Binghamton University) Dr. Laats states, "I’m no fundamentalist. I have no desire to promote fundamentalism or to crow about its importance." and "I consider myself an evolutionist, because I’m convinced when mainstream scientists tell me they are convinced."  Read the rest at http://iloveyoubutyouregoingtohell.org/2012/05/14/required-reading-protester-voices/

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By Karl C. Priest January 27, 2012

The sign read “Destroy Our Children and You Destroy America.”  It was held by a parent who was part of the battle that launched the current cultural war (1) in 1974. 

Amazingly, American Christian and conservative leaders cannot comprehend that pertinent point!  Sending our children to government schools is akin to our military sending new troops to be trained in Taliban boot camps.

It is easy to read conservative blogs and commentaries and find constant criticism of the acts of our government.  Only someone indoctrinated in that government’s pagan seminaries (2) cannot grasp the inseparable connection.  That is why we have our current president and only a lesser evil (evil is still evil no matter the degree) Republican alternative.

Whatever the 2012 political wins may be, our country will be lost if we allow our obvious enemy to control the hearts and minds of our children.  A dose of Sunday school and a supplement of family devotions will not overcome nearly 40 hours per week of propaganda. WE MUST RESCUE OUR CHILDREN! (3)

(1) http://www.insectman.us/testimony/text-book-war.htm

(2) http://indoctrinationmovie.com/

(3) http://www.insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/must-get-children-out.htm

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Time travel - Education in America…

There has been a war of worldviews taking place in this country that began before you and I were born. Exactly when it began is a matter for debate. However, in the last half of the 20th Century there are battles that are as important and instructive as retrospectives on Antietam or the Battle of Midway. Unlike wars like the Civil War and WWII, the war of worldviews continues to rage in this country and around the world. Territories are taken and lost but as long as mankind lives, the war will continue. 

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Let Government Brainwash Tots (LGBT)

Let Government Brainwash Tots (LGBT)

 By Karl Priest 7 December 2011

 In my book (see below) I disclose the sneaky tactics used by homosexuals to incorporate their agenda into the minds of public school students.  They are relentless and our taxes are being used to help them.

 At http://www.stopbullying.gov/ there are three main features:

Cyberbullying, Webisodes for Kids, and LGBT with a rainbow button over the caption:

“If you experience bullying or violence because you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) youth, or others think you are, there are resources available to help you.”

The “Resources and References” (http://www.stopbullying.gov/references/online_resources/index.html) for the entire site—not under the LGBT button feature the LGBT category.  Of 24 sources, 7 (29%) are LGBT.  The LGBT page has a sidebar with more resources including a message from Resident B. Obama.

Even though diversions such as “cyber bullying” are thrown in only someone educated in the public school system cannot see that this government site is devoted to perverted sexual lifestyles.

From Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. pgs.329-330

 Near the end of my career, I attended a Faculty Senate session for training in prevention of student bullying. The session was promoted by the office of the West Virginia Attorney General. An Attorney General’s office staff member was present to assist in conducting the meeting. The school principal had recruited the two faculty sponsors of the FCA as the teacher liaisons for the anti-bullying policy. The two teachers were unaware of what was under way. Early in the meeting it became obvious that the goal was to promote homosexuality. I created somewhat of a stir by pointing out the absurdity of deviant sexual behavior being considered normal. Soon thereafter, the two sponsors resigned from leading the program and the West Virginia Family Foundation fought the slick attempts to place this agenda in schools statewide.  I cannot say for sure that there was a connection, but the West Virginia Attorney General cooperated with an evolutionist extremist in an attempt to have me arrested (http://www.insectman.us/testimony/henke.htm) a few years later.

Incidents like that stealth Faculty Senate meeting are not going to be noticed by parents. It is impossible for parents to monitor what is happening in the public schools. In fact, the word “public” is not appropriate for describing the schools. They are “government” schools and they are doing a great job of instituting the government’s ungodly educational goals.

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Tea Party Theme Song


Please enjoy the tune and be inspired by the pictures from the event that launched the conservative movement.

A rewrite of the words will make the song the battle tune for today’s Tea Party.

Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin would be honored to stand in the shadow of Alice Moore.  Today’s’ preachers should try to follow the footsteps of preachers Hill, Graley, Quigley, and Horan.  Those Tea Party patriots put it all on the line for God, country, and (most of all) their children. 

May God grant that this video will be the turning point leading to the redemption of America.


In God’s perfect timing the video was posted on July 11, 2011.


Evil had 911. May Grace have 711.


Most importantly, let's pray that God will use the video to open hearts and minds to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


Please pass it on.

Here are tentative partial lyrics for the Tea Party Theme Song to lead us into 2012 and beyond.

Tea Party patriots are looking for reform--what are they doing in this country stirring up a storm?

Don’t they know they’re rousing people ‘round the USA, telling folks right from left and God fearing ways?

Well, the first to stand were at Boston in seventeen seventy-three...

Next to stand were West Virginians in nineteen seventy-four…

One nasty election in twenty-oh-eight liberals were everywhere…

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