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February 20

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

Long time supporter of TEA Party and worked for conservatives' election. PLUS, I would like to suggest that the organization revive the 'TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!' slogan and post it across this nation on billboards and everywhere possible! The citizens are being 'brainwashed' by the Left about WHO the TEA Party member/supporters are, and I believe that the 'slogan' will resonate with more and more Americans who are FINALLY awakening to the 'strangle-hold' of the bho adm on our lives and their 'power-grabs' which are destroying and hurting the most vulnerable: elderly, disabled, youth and young adults of every educational background who need jobs, and the un/underemployed citizens 'struggling' to care for themselves and their families! Also, AG HOLDER has to go, since he, long ago, abdicated his responsibilities to be the American citizens' legal rep! He has completely insulated bho from every unconstitutional edit and lie he has told, plus approves of 'muslims' bho has appointed to DHS, DOJ, DOD, etc.! jk

Is America a republic?


If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

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Judith E. Kassel replied to Admin Dee's discussion Bloated Infrastructure Bill Forces Americans To Pay For A $100 Sandwich
"Congress is voting to spend trillions of $s that will put Gov't in control of almost every aspect of Americans' lives!  WHY can't we Citizens demand that our Congress NOT allow piling debt upon debt!  WHO in Congress is listening to economists &…"
Jul 22
Judith E. Kassel replied to Admin Dee's discussion Teachers Union Plans to Promote Critical Race Theory in all 50 States
"It's time to dismantle the Dep't of Ed! It was started in 1979 & was immediately infiltrated by America's enemies with a goal to take over the minds of the children!  Now, some 40 years later, that mission has been met & higher education continues!…"
Jul 5
Judith E. Kassel replied to Admin Dee's discussion Can We Withstand the Unremitting Attacks on Common Sense and Values?
"DC is legislating SECULARISM as America's National Religion to replace the Judeo-Christian Foundational Principles that inform every aspect of our lives! Millions & millions of Citizens have been working for over 200+years to establish "Justice for…"
Apr 10
Judith E. Kassel replied to Admin Dee's discussion Six RINO Senators Joined the Democrats to Call the Impeachment Sham Constitutional
"These RHINOS are cowards & hope if they join demwits, they will not be persecuted like President Trump!  Republicans never UNITE on anything  & citizens need to recall these traitors!"
Feb 9
Judith E. Kassel replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Judge rules Virginia's late election law changes for mail-in ballots were illegal
"If a mail in ballot has NO postmark, how is it considered a "mail in" ballot??  The 2020 Election was fraudulent & demwits are determined to shut down evidence & voices PLUS our Supreme Court FAILED Americans!  Now, the Constitution-Our PLAN of…"
Jan 31
Judith E. Kassel replied to Admin Dee's discussion WaPo's Eugene Robinson: How Do We Deprogram Trump Supporters
"Persecution of dissenters is major part of overthrowing Gov't & these steps have been put in place over the past decades as Soros bought into every media market & set up his more than 100 (est to 200) subversive organizations that he sponsors to…"
Jan 12

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