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December 23

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Joseph Pastoriza replied to Admin Dee's discussion The third wave of the left’s attempted destruction of America
"There are 3500 govt schools where kids are being taught that the American Revolution was about keeping slavery. This is another way the liberals are destroying America from within. If this isn't stopped now it will come back soon to cause many big…"
May 4, 2020
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
I have two issues I want to mention. The first is that right now there are 16 Blue states that want to change the voting system from the very wise electoral college vote to the popular vote system. They're using something called Article II, Section…
Apr 19, 2020
Joseph Pastoriza replied to Admin Dee's discussion The COVID-19 lockdown is a warning of the reality of socialism
"That's what a liberal education does."
Apr 19, 2020
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
I just found out several things after my last posting (yesterday.) Firstly, the reason McCain was shot down was because he was flying low, hotdogging in the jet the people paid for. I believe that he even disobeyed orders doing that. Secondly, he…
Aug 1, 2017
Joseph Pastoriza left a comment for Steve Darnell
"I agree 100% that if Mexifornia or any other state wants to secede don't wait. However, when they turn into Mexico and South America don't come back here looking for any kind of aid. A wall has to be put up between them and the Real states because…"
Aug 1, 2017
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
I used to think that McCain was a hero due to his military service but  after  hearing other things to the contrary I must remain in the middle of that judgement. However, if his vote on the healthcare bill was base primarily on his personal feeling…
Jul 31, 2017
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
When anyone - in this case Sesame Street - wants to introduce Sharia Law into any part of the government they have No Concept of what they have here due to Liberalism being taught in schools beginning in the first grade for 53 years. It's a Miracle…
Jul 23, 2017
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
It could be in the future of this country - God forbid. His name is Abdul el-Sayed. He's a 32 year old medical doctor with links to the American Muslim Brotherhood who just began his campaign for governor of Michigan, the election for which will be…
Apr 5, 2017
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
This is what kids used to be taught in schools When it began to be omitted little by little in gov't/liberal schools problems. I consider Clarke's speech to be somewhere between the Constitution and The Gettysburg Address because of its content.…
Mar 8, 2017
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
Even though I virtually can not watch or listen to anything from the left because of all the Many kinds of lies and hypocritical slander they profess I Must watch the highlights - on Fox of course - of the DNC to see how the right should counter…
Jul 29, 2016
Joseph Pastoriza commented on Michael Douthat's blog post The Revolutionary War
"Yes. You're 100% correct. Somebody once said "let me teach the next generation and I will rule the world." This is what happens when you go to gov't aka liberal schools. Don't teach the kids anything about US history or teach them lies that has been…"
Jul 9, 2016
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
Don't tell anybody know or they'll try to pass $3 bills onto you. Bill Clinton met with Lynch several days before that. Lynch and both Clintons are on the left and she's the only candidate they have for president. Furthermore, the facts that Comey…
Jul 7, 2016
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
Of course. Free speech isn't just free when someone(s) likes it. If that were true it wouldn't be free. There was a young guy at the Trump rally last night who said that it's not free if it's hate speech. That's wrong for two reasons. Firstly,…
Mar 12, 2016
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
Whatever you think of him it now appears that Donald Trump is going to win the nomination especially after last night's resounding victory in Nevada. This is just to iterate that the - always fair and never hypocritical left -  is already digging up…
Feb 24, 2016
Joseph Pastoriza commented on Joseph Pastoriza's blog post Judge Scalia's Death-Natural Causes?
"It's very clear in my opening sentence that I did not say that there was or was not a conspiracy. I just said that the possibility must be left open Especially with all that is happening in this country. "
Feb 18, 2016
Joseph Pastoriza posted a blog post
People who believe that most or all events are conspiracies are just as naive and unrealistic as those people who believe that there are no or very few conspiracies. The opening blog by Michael Savage says it all. When one side - usually the left -…
Feb 17, 2016

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