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Jose Renan commented on Art Phillips Texas Director's blog post America
"We have to stop funding this rogue government. There must be a way, a legal way. "
Oct 14, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Caroline Condit's blog post An Open Letter to the Obama Administration
"Well said, Carol! We should pay for a page in our national papers with this open letter. This letter spells out exactly how I feel and I believe everyone's feelings, too. We can do this. What do you say?"
Oct 8, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Amy W's blog post Day three of the Shutdown
"Any "thinking" American knows that this "shutdown" - to borrow from the Dems and the WH - is their idea. They just won't NEGOTIATE with Congress. No matter how Congress tries to end this thing, the Dems and WH just won't allow it. They are…"
Oct 4, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Victoria Hite Witty's blog post Dear Tea Party
"Welcome, Victoria! Like you, I am one tired American. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Congress has passed a budget that funds everything EXCEPT Obamacare. It's now up the Senate. Now we flood our senators with emails and letters…"
Sep 23, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Fifty Years After His Speech: What Would MLK Say?
"What with Sharpton, Jackson and Barry continuously playing the race card instead of finding solutions for the betterment of the black community MLK should be turning in his grave. Most of the speeches given on the 50th anniversary of MLK's I Have A…"
Aug 29, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Ana Maria Adams's blog post IMPEACH OBAMA
"It is the SPINELESS Congress that allows this travesty."
Aug 23, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Jerri McCall's blog post Is Obama Going To Prison? SECOND Source Comes Forward: Egyptian Official Claims to Have “Documents and Proofs”
"Please just stop the talk and lay it out. Whatever these sources have that will help "open America's eyes" I say let the world look at it."
Aug 22, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Greg Woiak's blog post Baldwin and Petri
"This is sad. The POTUS lies to We The People at every turn. Now Congress too? Very disturbing indeed. It seems we just have to vote TP candidates from now on."
Aug 21, 2013
Jose Renan commented on John J Buffo's blog post Obamacare
"Obamacare is the flagship of Obama's campaign. The Republican Congress was hoodwinked by Pelosi to "approve it first then we'll see what it is" .. Now we know this law is a trainwreck and it contains broken promises. After signing into law, Obama…"
Aug 21, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Jose Renan's blog post beyond frustrated
"I honestly believe that if our elected Senators and Congressmen would want to redeem themselves from being accused as RINOs, they can by funding government programs EXCEPT Obamacare. Take care of this first then the other issues can follow."
Aug 21, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Jose Renan's blog post beyond frustrated
"@John J Buffo.. BOOM! If We The People know, how could our elected representatives in the Senate and Congress NOT KNOW anyway? Laying blame on Republicans for anything is "common practice" for liberals. It still blows my mind. There seems to be a…"
Aug 21, 2013
Jose Renan commented on Jose Renan's blog post beyond frustrated
"@Mary Gomez .. we'd have enough of RINOs in Washington. The Republican Party has dumped the conservative ideals they were supposed to uphold. Boehner and McConnell and the rest of them are "traditional politicians" that have to go. We have to…"
Aug 21, 2013
Jose Renan posted a blog post
As a conservative, I am beyond ftustrated at the inaction of the Republican party on various issues and the violations of the Constitution. Most of which are impeachable. Why is the minority leader of the US Senate and the Republican congress not…
Aug 20, 2013

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