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May 25

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Jonathan Dunbar posted a blog post
Jun 15, 2011
Jonathan Dunbar posted a blog post
"We didn't truly know the dangers of the market, because it was a dark market," says Brooksley Born, the head of an obscure federal regulatory agency -- the Commodity Futures Trading Commission [CFTC] -- who not only warned of the potential for…
Jun 14, 2011
Jonathan Dunbar posted a blog post
Just informing the locals
Oct 11, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar posted a discussion in Arizona
For those Tea Party members, I will be attending 1 of 2, and hopefully 2 of 2 rallies this week in the Phoenix area. I hope to meet and talk with many of those on here that will be attending!Here are the locations:Tomorrow Oct 12th: Fire Harry…
Oct 11, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar left a comment for Craig Viscusi
"Hey Craig!!! How is it goin? Too bad you missed NARAM 52. Geoffry took 4th in E egg alt! OK, well its been crazy and its likely to get crazier. I am starting to volunteer in a couple of local groups and I WILL plater big Teaparty.org lettering on…"
Aug 31, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar commented on Albert R Fromberger's blog post WHY ARE THE MUSLIMS BUYING UP PROPERTY ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES ?
"Answer: They can't kill us on the battle field, so brainwash us on our own streets! Get the children under your control, and within 30 years, you have the nation under control.


Aug 26, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar replied to Jonathan Dunbar's discussion Some don't have a photo of themselves in their avatar ... are we worried it may be used against us? in Arizona

Its going to be tough... I realize that the teaparty does attract the NEGATIVE far left and far right. I am sure there are some klansmen here that hate the fact that I would join, just as there are some ACLU/NAACPers here that hate the…"
May 19, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar left a comment for R.J. Sanders
"R.J. Welcome. Grab a tankard of cider, pull up a chair, and get involved in the discussions!

May 18, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar posted a discussion in Arizona
Citizens, What say you?  I want to place a picture of myself in my avatar as some of you have done.  Does it worry you or are you to committed to the preservation of our Republic to let it stand in the way?  I am going to place mine up there right…
May 18, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar left a comment on Arizona
"Hey we are starting the ball rolling towards a true Representative Republic!

Rand Paul: 'Here We Come' - Tea Party support has taken KY!

Arlen Specter --- GONE! Its over, the corruption of power is no more! Joe Sestak Accepts Pa.'s Democratic…"
May 18, 2010
Jonathan Dunbar left a comment on Arizona
"Jonathan Dunbar here reporting for duty sir!

Hope to start the ball rolling in my local area. I am fed up with this crap; we all know of what crap I speak of.

I will add photo and more information in the upcomming days.

By the way, I am…"
Apr 15, 2010

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  • Hi Jonathan!

    We only have 40 some days left!

    How are you getting the message out? This is one of the ways we are ---> God Save Arizona Click Here

    The links on the right are all Hot Links check out the videos if you like them please feel free
    to forward them by going to the bottom of the page and Clicking on forward.

    Don Burgess
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  • Hey Jonathan! How goes it this first week? Kathleen
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