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21 Men


21 Men
21 men martyred for Christ. 21 men just gave their lives
21 men refused to back down. 21 men now wearing a crown
21 men standing for God ,They did not give in no matter the cost
21 men and the witness they gave,
that Jesus is Lord even over the grave
You may kill my body but you can't touch my soul.
For in Christ I stand with heaven my goal .
So do what you will, but you have not won ,
For I am with God ,and Jesus His Son
Copyright © 2015 John T. Wright

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Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator


It doesn’t get any more Orwellian than this: Wall Street mega banks crash the U.S. financial system in 2008. Hundreds of thousands of financial industry workers lose their jobs. Then, beginning late last year, a rash of suspicious deaths start to occur among current and former bank employees.  Next we learn that four of the Wall Street mega banks likely hold over $680 billion face amount of life insurance on their workers, payable to the banks, not the families. We ask their Federal regulator for the details of this life insurance under a Freedom of Information Act request and we’re told the information constitutes “trade secrets.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the life expectancy of a 25 year old male with a Bachelor’s degree or higher as of 2006 was 81 years of age. But in the past five months, five highly educated JPMorgan male employees in their 30s and one former employee aged 28, have died under suspicious circumstances, including three of whom allegedly leaped off buildings – a statistical rarity even during the height of the financial crisis in 2008.

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There is one other major obstacle to brushing away these deaths as random occurrences – they are not happening at JPMorgan’s closest peer bank – Citigroup. Both JPMorgan and Citigroup are global financial institutions with both commercial banking and investment banking operations. Their employee counts are similar – 260,000 employees for JPMorgan versus 251,000 for Citigroup.

Both JPMorgan and Citigroup also own massive amounts of bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), a controversial practice that pays the corporation when a current or former employee dies. (In the case of former employees, the banks conduct regular “death sweeps” of public records using former employees’ Social Security numbers to learn if a former employee has died and then submits a request for payment of the death benefit to the insurance company.)

Wall Street On Parade carefully researched public death announcements over the past 12 months which named the decedent as a current or former employee of Citigroup or its commercial banking unit, Citibank. We found no data suggesting Citigroup was experiencing the same rash of deaths of young men in their 30s as JPMorgan Chase. Nor did we discover any press reports of leaps from buildings among Citigroup’s workers.

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Two hundred and fifty years ago, American colonists who criticized King George III would find themselves arrested and thrown into prison.  Sometimes they lost their businesses, homes and families because of their sedition to the crown.  The colonists had no freedom of speech to criticize the king, parliament or even a British citizen.

When James Madison and George Mason penned the Bill of Rights, there was a reason why they made the freedom of speech part of the First Amendment.  It was the right to speak freely and openly criticize the government that was a right they fought for.  They knew that in order to have a republic, not a democracy, the freedom of speech was a vital importance to its success.  (In a democracy, people don’t need the right for free speech as the people elect their own dictators.)

POLL: Does Congress need to revive the House Committee on Un-American activities?

Over recent years, we have seen our freedom of speech being challenged and diminished by the whining’s of a liberal minority.  Now, we are on the verge of losing our First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey (D) and New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D) have introduced the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014.  The opening of the bill reads:

“To require the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to update a report on the role of telecommunications, including the Internet, in the commission of hate crimes.”

“The report required under subsection (a) shall— “

‘‘(1) analyze information on the use of telecommunications, including the Internet, broadcast  television and radio, cable television, public access television, commercial mobile services, and other electronic media, to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate, as de-scribed in the Hate Crime Statistics Act (28 U.S.C. 534 note);”



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This may be worth checking out . I have not confirmed it as yet but it does fall into alinement of what they want for agenda 21

New EPA Land Grab, Complete Control Over All Private Land in America

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I do understand what their logic is and it was foretold some time ago what they had planed to do but most do not understand the reason why all the change is taking place and why now , not even those that are in the groups like the gays understand it .
The reason they had planed to fist let the Gays and now the transgenders to come out is not why they are saying . it is not for equal rights at all it is about and always has been about braking down the Moral majority because the Morals and ethics of people like the Christians blocked what they wanted to do . by destroying morel values , taking out the Bible and prayer out of schools teaching things like evolution and many other things , all a part of the braking down the groups that were blocking them from bringing in a one world socialist Government ,, and weather you agree or disagree with me these are the facts . I know because i saw the blueprint of their plans many years ago .It is all a part of the divide and conquer concept. .
They are using the Gay groups as a tool and noting more . In time they will discard them just as they did the Moral majority. ,when they get what they want . This is only the tip of the iceberg to what they are going to do in this next year . when the time is right they will
intentionally crash the world markets ,it will be sometime late this year or early next year.
If you watch closely ,you can see it all happening right bfore our eyes

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possible loophole on Qbomacare

Could this be used as a loophole on obomacare
could the American people could sue the Government for passing a law without reading it .explicitly on this law because there is to be no taxation without representation and how can we be represented if the bill was not read before becoming a law . congruous did not do their job and the American people are being forced to abide by a law that we truly had no representation in

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If you truly want to know Gods heart for America watch this . This word was given to this man years ago and it now is being fulfilled before our eyes


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