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Ridding Us of Our RINOs

We need to rid our states of RINO US senators and representatives.  We need to publish, via every disposal at the Tea Party's command, a list of RINO senators and representatives.  A list must be juxtaposed, with that RINO list, containing the names of primary opponents and their contact data.  We can then become involved with the primary candidates of our choice.  If we can unload the RINO candidates in the primaries and win the general election, we have accomplished a great thing and helped them to overthrow the RINO office holders.  We need 60 Tea Party thinking US senators and a majority in the House whose members align with our thinking and those of Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows and their caucus.  For instance, PA Senator Pat Toomey is a flaming RINO.  He needs to be removed during the primaries. But who are his opponents?  What is their contact data?  Will the Tea Party officials start the ball rolling in this effort??  Will you help me encourage them to do so? We need this list started now and updated regularly!  Action starts now!  GET INVOLVED!  LET'S ROLL!!!

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If you were the new President, would the following be an avenue you would explore?

Please respond first with YES or NO

and then offer an explanation if you so desire.

A Republican president, who is interested in demonstrating that the Republican Party is interested in the economic health of former USA businesses, should rescue those businesses from the other countries, by offering incentives that are too attractive for businesses to resist.  The cost of moving back to the USA should be tax deductable with all receipts and invoices presented.  The cost of purchasing property on a percentage of property required to place the buildings will tax deducted on a three year schedule.  Those businesses that do not relocate in inner city districts or who are not concerned with manufacturing will receive free property tax for ten years in addition to an income tax fee of only 50% of the going rate.  No matter what the company's function is, and no matter where it is located, the company will have those regulations that make it difficult to exist removed.  Desired results: Returning former USA businesses to the USA; skilled and non-skilled people who have been accessing government assistance would no longer require government assistance; skilled and non-skilled people who have been working inn positions whose compensations are less than what once the worker's standard may return to a higher plateau of salary.  There would be a creation of small stores surrounding the businesses with food and other needed items which would also help in the tax base and with unemployment reduction; and company-school relationships could be established to create scholarships to workshops, to work-related camps, and/or to college, and to sponsor field trips; and to cause a lowering of the inner city unemployment rate.

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