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March 4

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John Fulkerson left a comment for Jennifer E Darnell
"I do not vote for Rinos. I didn't vote for McCain and Wount vote do sanctury Ciry Romney.

Yes, ill be sitting this election out... Once again.

Give me a conservative like Sarah and I'll vote for her.

Otherwise, no thanks .

But the coy try will…"
Mar 29, 2012
John Fulkerson posted a blog post
How come the tea party is not running its own candidate?  Its obvious that the GOP is running a bunch of RINOs so Barry will win and be in office when the double dip hits and therefore be the one with egg on his face when we are all eating…
Oct 17, 2011
John Fulkerson posted a blog post
The GOp is trying yet once again to run RINOS. Look, if we let Obama win once again perhaps the GOP will finally get it that we want a real conservative. It may take this for them to hit bottom. I don't care if Sarah is dumb as rocks, at least she…
Sep 5, 2011
John Fulkerson posted a blog post
It has been the policy of the Republicans to offer up Rinos in the hope that guys like me would consider them the lesser of two evils and vote for them instead of the democratic candidate for president. Well, it worked for a long time but now I am…
Jun 21, 2011