Menasha, WI

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John D. commented on Steve - Tea Party Co-Founder's blog post The Government Is About To Crush The Godly
"I have not taken pills inabout 15 years...no asprin, energy, suppliments etc...
However I have taken antibiotics perscribed by my doctor about 3 times in 10 years. This was by choice. If I lose my choice to decide what goes in my body there will be…"
Jun 1, 2010
John D. commented on Bob VanDeHey's blog post Rajjpuut's Folly: TEA Party Taking Wrong Fork in the Road?
"I think we should start a party to end all parties....Not one group of people or "party" should have control of something that the people should be in control of."
May 23, 2010
John D. left a comment on Wisconsin
"I got an owi in this state for refusing a blood test. In my eyes being attacked with a needle to prove my inocense is wrong. I blew a .05 while in jail. We definitly need changes!!"
May 23, 2010
John D. left a comment on Wisconsin
"I will run for Governor.....Sign me up !!"
May 23, 2010