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If you want to win people to  your point of view, it's usually a good idea to provide facts, make logical arguments and use common sense. Liberals are famous for doing the opposite.

It's unfortunate when someone from our side does the same thing. They fail to use good judgement--these are folks who put foot in mouth and then shoot the foot--

Unfortunately Joshua Black helps those making the argument that Tea party people are radicals. 

If he communicates in this fashion as a candidate, how will he behave in office. To me, he showed little common sense and allowed emotions to rule...he's a poor candidate.

If you want people to respect your opinions and comments, thinking before speaking or writing--engaging brain before tonque wags--is a good idea.

Here's the piece from the last resistance.

"Republican candidate for the Florida House, after this inflammatory tweet:

“I’m past impeachment [for President Obama]. It’s time to arrest and hang him high.”


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