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Gun Grabbing Killing More Than COVID 19

images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTSwZyQkwkHlXC9FshoMx8wqmV-N7MdfcH9Xnth7YXCmPKabeqQ&usqp=CAURising Crime During Pandemic Shows Why Gun Sales Are Up

“Saying gun stores are not essential in times of emergency isn’t common sense, it’s nonsense”

Reports of increased crime as the coronavirus pandemic continues underscore the renewed public intere

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Gun Confiscation Proof Of Power Lust

4794253666?profile=RESIZE_584xGun confiscation is just a small proof of their newly created power and we’d be naïve to think they will stop there!


Our will was weighed and measured, and it didn’t budge the scale. Our response taught the tyrants that political power was theirs for

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