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October 20

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Joel Dauber left a comment on Alabama
"When I went to college the people that espoused nonsense called themselves Communists,SDS,Socialist, now they are "Progressives". To quote our president "When you put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig" that includes the narcissist in the white…"
Mar 27, 2010
Joel Dauber posted a blog post
When I went to college in the early 60's the campus was full of people who called themselves SDS, Communists, Marxists. Now they call themselves progressives. To quote our 'great' president, "If you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig."These…
Feb 27, 2010
Joel Dauber left a comment on Alabama
"The President's answer to the loss of Kennedy's seat--More of the same old crap. If the toilet is stopped up, keep flushing, it wouldn't dare overflow. How do we get rid of this arrogant narcissistic government?"
Jan 28, 2010
Joel Dauber left a comment on Alabama
"RE: The president and his cabinet --If they were doctors we'd say they were proctologists attempting brain surgury with about the same success rate."
Dec 30, 2009

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  • Joel - Welcome we are embarking on a new era were Americans are awakening realizing they are Politically Unrepresented. We can change that through this movement. Spread the Word and lets retake our Nation.
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