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Is America a republic?

Yes because he has been put in office by the richest men in the world to destroy the US of A and start a new world government. Our best work to rid he and the Devil form the white houses is Women and the Tea Parties, Most men in d.c. never have their minds above their belts. He should be tried for Murder of unborn children.

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Joe Marshall left a comment for Admin Dee
"Lee, I have about quit making comments about Obamacare and the Racist Muslim in the white house because like our government, the Devil has taken over. Our political hacks are talking and doing nothing but spend more of the Few True Americans money.…"
Dec 8, 2013
Joe Marshall left a comment for Andy Morris
"He is or will be just another leech as all political hacks are never bothered by the truth, they can lay down beside of it and sleep like a baby on our money and our stupidity."
Jul 31, 2013
Joe Marshall commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post The Gladiator: Sarah Palin We Need You Back in the Arena.
"I sincerely appeal to Sarah Palin not sink back into the lowest of level and that is politics. Instead I have been Praying for her to start being an evangelist for Our Lord and son Jesus. The Lord is going to put the U. S. Of A down since it has…"
Jun 16, 2013
Joe Marshall left a comment for Chris
"Chris not only appears to me as a smart person and uptodate. As he appears to be a True Christian I expect our Lord will welcome him as a Good & Faithful Servant. During our years ahead spending Eternity with Our Lord and his son Jesus Christ, I…"
Jun 3, 2013
Joe Marshall left a comment for Walt Hutchens
"I am a True Christian that does beleive in who is without sin throwing the first stone. But, if you will check out Jesus'  Luke 22:36 He that has no sword to defend himself, let him sell his garments, and buy one. Amen. The European peole layed down…"
May 30, 2013
Joe Marshall left a comment for Jim Coles III
"You have written words of wisdom about the British and they are true. Our history with the british has always been with the except of working (Tony Blair) with George W. Bush. Like in most European people the Muslims are taking over. There are many…"
May 30, 2013
Joe Marshall commented on Rebecca M.'s blog post ISLAM FOR DUMMIES: Basics 101 - Understanding the Threat of Islam!
"Explaining Islam-Muslims is simple. Dig up Mahammed's grave and you will find his bones. Open Jesus' Tomb and you will find nothing, because Jesus arose and is sitting at the side of his and our Father God our Creator. Stupidity and Muslims and its…"
May 28, 2013
Joe Marshall commented on Rebecca M.'s blog post ISLAM FOR DUMMIES: Basics 101 - Understanding the Threat of Islam!
"The women;s movement has always so far to the left, they are most certainly run by communists who are ignorant idiot followers of the Muslims. The women are more endangered by the Muslims than are the men. I advise you ladies and men go to Luke 22:…"
May 27, 2013
Joe Marshall commented on Rebecca M.'s blog post ISLAM FOR DUMMIES: Basics 101 - Understanding the Threat of Islam!
"The orders are to all Mulims to move to every nation and prepare to take over each nations government. They are the majority in many nations now. This a wonderful layout on what islam is and what they plan. A perfect answer to doubters is Open…"
May 27, 2013
Joe Marshall left a comment for Thomas Schuckman
"Thomas welcome as a True Chrisian, send me your snail mail address and i will send you some info. bigkcola@cox.net God Bless You and yours"
Apr 27, 2013
Joe Marshall commented on Richard R. Allen's blog post Who is the American Anarchist
"Dingy Harry is just one of many who care nothing for the people of America and most of Congress has turned their backs on God our Creator and his son jesus Christ. We can only pray for their lost souls, because as True Chrisians Our Lord tells us…"
Apr 27, 2013
Joe Marshall left a comment for Dr. Gene Sanders
"You forget Trump back Obummer the first time. I am an olde duck of 79. Yes I am on S. S. Me Bride and I give more than 10 per cent to our church. We are just average good ole country folks very active in Our church. I have spent several thousands of…"
Mar 16, 2013

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  • Joe, your right He should never been in that office in the first place. The fact that he is certainly on a campaign to destroy us is evidence enough for him to be gone along with his counter partners. Tea Party & Rush are under his crawl right now he knows we are Not going away. His blame game is back we broke through the core now the onion must be peeled and cooked. Women, Men,Children, our Vets & Soldiers will prevail. I love my country, family,I believe in God, guns and hard work we have that in us that's one thing his followers don't!!!  HE is fleeting moment.Commitment is not there forte nor is work me me is there dilogue. Thanks we need all energy on the prize. Rid us of evil & evilest in  WH

  • Joe ... hope the following doesn't change your opinion of me, but I'm not Christian ... I'm a half-assed Buddhist ... half-assed because I'm too lazy to do the serious meditations (and I like my red meat and hard liquor too much to give them up for anything!)  but I really and truly accept the premises of Buddhism ... that said, I am closely aligned with Christianity in all of its forms -- Catholic, Protestant, and various Orthodox groups; including the Copts ... and even if I weren't I'm seriously anti-Islam ... have spent a good deal of my life working with Arabs (of many 'nationalities') and Asian Muslims ... I despise everything that political-cultural-religious system stands for.

    I used to be a serious student of history and cultures ... I'm old now and haven't learned much new recently but I'm happy to share what little I know with like-minded folks.

    We shall overcome the Left in the end ... but getting to that end could be right-ugly.

  • Thanks, Joe ... You flatter me with your friendship.

  • Joe

    Of course you are correct about Trumps support of obama, but my thought was that until obama makes himself king, people are still entitled to change their minds.  And, I still think we could use his money to help fight the insidious politics we're having to deal with every single day with obama and his maniacal hordes.

    Too, I'm sorry about the "put your money where your mouth is" remark. 

    However, to put my question another way, it is not clear to me what Trumps religiosity has to do with the fact that in the fight we are currently in with obama, et al, we desperately need all the money we can find to fight these people and as I recall Gandhi wasn't too concerned about whether his adherents were Buddhist, Muslim or Sikh, as long as they were willing to stand up and fight next to him.  So I think that it is unwise to reject someones potential support based on less than accurate information from a less than supportive pro-obama media.

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