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October 26

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Joe Green replied to Jonathan Dunbar's discussion Some don't have a photo of themselves in their avatar ... are we worried it may be used against us? in Arizona
"I have posted a picture of my Cat as my Avatar. It's not a good idea to post you picture everywhere. You never know who is visiting sites like this one."
Jun 26, 2010
Joe Green replied to Sonny Craig's discussion Sonny Craig's Tea Party Articles at Examiner.com in Arizona
"The more demonstrations we get, the more real americans are going to join Tea Party Groups and take about out country in the 2010 elections. Please demonstrate all you want you left-wing liberal socialist-communists. Show the American People your…"
May 1, 2010
Joe Green commented on Tyler F James's blog post Read the Arizona Immigration Bill
"I didn't realize, living in Arizona, that because we passed SB 1070, I am now a rasist , a biget and the worst person who ever lived on this planet. I just hope many other states will pass a illegal alien state inforcement bill. If the Federal…"
May 1, 2010
Joe Green left a comment on Arizona
"It strange that progressive, cap & trade and pro-ilegal John McCain now is ant-illegal and wants the border closed. Don't believe him. It's just another plan to get more votes. If he get re-elected he will be back to his old stand- citizenship for…"
Apr 27, 2010
Joe Green posted a blog post
I am very disappointed that one of the Core Values of this Tea Party Group is not PRO-LIFE. I am sure that most Tea Party Members across the US are PRO-LIFE. Please send this important value to your Core Beliefs list.
Apr 25, 2010