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Jim Griffin left a comment on Maryland
"We need to Get Anti Immigration March/Events organizied all over Country.....Control News Cycle....PUSH....PUSH.....ATTACK....Get Something Big Going In D.C.    Union Halls all over Country are having Anti Walmart...Pro Immigration Events…"
Nov 29, 2014
Jim Griffin left a comment on Maryland
"WW2 D.C. Event.   Patriots " Don't Give Up The Ship"  2014 We Will Take God & Country to The Enemies of The Constitution !  God Bless You All !"
Jan 12, 2014
Jim Griffin commented on Bob Russell's blog post Gun Control By Dictate: Abolishing the 2nd Amendment<br />                         Yesterday I wrote about government dictating how illegal aliens are going to be legalized by the “Gang of 8” scheme.  It ma
"We are not one year into second term.......Where will we be at end of Big O's second term ? Will there even be an America....or North American Union ?????           All Heil Grande Muftie !!!!!   ( May The Lord Please Give us Strength to Keep up The…"
Apr 24, 2013
Jim Griffin left a comment for TeaParty Patriot (TPP)
"Hi Greetings from D.C. Metro !!!"
Mar 29, 2013
Jim Griffin commented on David M Batten's blog post All About Executive Orders (not to be confused with executive Fiats)
"DEFIANCE BEST FORM OF PATRIOTISM.                             Thank you Mystery Patriot !!!!!                  Remember The Oath We Took !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jan 11, 2013
Jim Griffin left a comment for Gary L. Long
"Hi Gary, Pro-Life Event D.C. 22 Jan 2013  12:00pm The Mall...Then March. I am pushing for TeaParty Groups to Join ; fly flags, Bring Signs....Signs that get to the POINT of our Fustrations.....Semper Fi   my  Brother."
Jan 9, 2013
Jim Griffin commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Patriots, Snap out of it! America Too Extraordinarily Precious to Surrender!
"Hey Wake -UP ! Lets Quit Taking it...Time To Take it TO THE STREETS !  22 Jan 2013 12:00PM D.C.The Mall.  Event / March.20-30 Congressmen to speak. Lets Take over Pro-Life March / Event and Fill it with Flags, and Signs !!!.....Have You Got a Better…"
Jan 3, 2013
Jim Griffin left a comment for Jack
"When it comes to Kicking ass and taking numbers...None is better than Jack for taking the fight to the enemy.........."
Jun 28, 2011
Jim Griffin left a comment for Jack
"Hi Jack, You really know how to take the fight to the enemy.  Keep it up The Captain"
Jun 28, 2011
Jim Griffin left a comment for Bruce C. Guthrie
"Hi Bruce, You asked how many people are members of Maryland?   Does it matter find us More. !!! God Bless North Carolina !!!!...Get off That Sofa!!!Pick up that Sign in one Hand, Flag in another and get to a TEAPARTY TODAY!!!!!    The Captain !"
Jan 11, 2011
Jim Griffin left a comment for Brent W Cool
"Hey War Eagle, Destiny is not hard to find. Just don,t be afraid. Today I want to the Pro Life Rally in D.C. and I wore a Captain America Costume with a 10'/15' American flag on a 20' alm flag pole. My Goodness never give up on America ,This Country…"
Jan 22, 2010
Jim Griffin commented on Tea Party Founder's blog post Tea Party's Mission Outlined Contrary to Obama's Mission
"Hey Dale Your Tea Party Mission is Truly a Masterpiece. If Chris did this God bless him. Thanks for your help and support,Patience, at Wednesday's meeting. Have you seen any pictures of my truck anywhere? Take Care Jim"
Dec 19, 2009
Jim Griffin left a comment for David J. Murrow
"Hello Big Event in D.C.15 Dec 09. National Day of Prayer,National day Bill of Rights . Sir Where is Palmyra, va.? I live in Md near D.C. and I never heard of it. Take Care Keep the Faith Fellow Patriot. Jim Griffin"
Dec 5, 2009
Jim Griffin left a comment for Robert E. Tomlinson
"Hello Rally in D.C. 15 Dec 09 I am event Coordinator. And I played Paintball at pevs for many years as Team Death Squad. (near Nova C.C.) Did you play? Jim Griffin"
Dec 5, 2009
Jim Griffin left a comment for Lisa Jensen
"Hello Big Event in D.C. 15 Dec 09 National Day of prayer, National Bill of rights day. I used to play paintball at Pevs in Woodbridge... Did you? I am event Coordinator jim Griffin"
Dec 5, 2009
Jim Griffin left a comment for Mike Long
"Hello Mike What's happening Brother Patriot. I am MD Coordinator for the Tea Party DEC 15 In Wash DC hope to see you there. And if it is cold ... bring a heat wave!!!Jim Griffin"
Dec 5, 2009

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  • I'm deeply honored! Thank you.

  • Thank you for the add Jim. Semper Fidelis
  • Far all that you do!
    Keep up the good fight and thank you for being such a great American!
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