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November 15

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Jerry Alexander left a comment for Al

Al.You said:   "I can look past his personal indiscretions" So! what you`re saying is that it`s ok if you own father goes down the road,and has sex with some woman that isn`t your mother,and you would still respect you father,and vote for your…"
Oct 10, 2011
Jerry Alexander left a comment for Al
"Right! his campaign staff liked him so much,they quit."
Oct 9, 2011
Jerry Alexander left a comment for Don Thomson
"Thank you Don....Will do."
Oct 1, 2011
Jerry Alexander left a comment for Ray Kelf
"You mentioned being attack.What are the Mexicans doing if not attacking the USA,and! I agree,911 was an inside job."
Oct 1, 2011
Jerry Alexander left a comment for Ray Kelf
"Americas enemies????
I won`t list the Americans that have died at the hands of "Illegal Aliens" only to state that the number is greater than all of the American military personal the that have given up their lives in the Unconstitutional,and…"
Oct 1, 2011

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  • You need to comprehend what you are reading.  First I said I dont condon such activity, second, he's not MY father so your comparison doesnt hold wate, third putting me in a catagory of"gutter stroller" as you put it is offensive.  What your rhetoric does is tell me what an A**h*** you really are.  You sound like a left wing idiot because if you dont beleive as you do your all screwed up!  I have been respectfull to you (until now) because I beleive people have a right to thier opinion  but you do not deserve anymore of my time or an audience.  I have no further desire to communicate with you at all.

  • I'm not here to debate with you.  I like Gingrich and you like Paul.  I dont dislike Paul but he is not my choice.  He is in fact a libertarian.  In my opinion he would be weak on foreign policy especially dealing with very real threats like Iran and Korea.  My opinion!  I am a true teapartier and I will get behind and support anyone who gets the knod.  I think we can at least agree that anyone of the candidates will be vastly better than what we have now.
  • Jerry Alexander.  Its very easy to be self rightous when your not the one under the spotlight. Everyone has something in their past they would not like in public.  Dont misunderstand,  I dont condon such conduct either but in these very trying times I look to what I beleive to be the best candidate for the office.  You have another choice.  Thats what free election is all about.
  • Jerry,  I would appreciate you not saying I care for candidates like Clinton! You dont know me to make such a judgement.   I assure you that is not the case.  My like for a candidate goes far deeper than their personal life.  Our country is at a breaking point and I believe Newt Gingrich  is the right person at the right time.  If you have ever watched and listened to any of his speeches, interviews, even prior to him being a candidate he is most impressive.  During the last debate several candidates were asked who they would like as a vice presidential running mate and all said "Newt".  That  should tell you something.  Again,  I can look past his personal indiscretions and look to whom I think gives us the best chance to get our country back on the right track.  Newt is my favorite choice and you have yours.  I wont concemn you for your choice. 
  • You commented on my wall regarding illegals, which is totally off point, even if accurate.
  • Jerry,
    Listen to "Wake Up America" on "myspace.com/dondonot" These are the thoughts of a old guy out in the middle of nowhere in Texas.
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