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December 12

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Jay Tenison Jr. left a comment on Arizona
"This is how the death of democracy and the republic starts. Bankrupt the nation with "stimulus programs", provide "free" healthcare and say everyone's entitled to it, legalize millions of illegals, begin stripping away rights under a banner of…"
Mar 28, 2010
Jay Tenison Jr. commented on Ricky Tanner's blog post the next battle is looming
"I live in Arizona. I've seen the parts of the Phoenix metroplex where Illegals have run amok. As you've heard, Sheriff Joe is taking a lot of heat for doing his job and rounding up illegals wherever he can. His task force can't do it all alone and…"
Mar 22, 2010

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  • Jay,
    Listen to "Wake Up America" on "myspace.com/dondonot" These are the thoughts of a old guy, in the middle of nowhere, in Texas. It's a free download if you wish.
  • hi jay thanks for your reply i have never been to a border state with mexico but we have plenty of ileagals here. the same story holds true they hang out around loews and hardware stores and the goverment forced them to build shelters to stay in out of the heat and rain like they invited them. there is some kind of game being played with the american people the republicans had ten years to do something about ileagals they said they were doing the jobs americans didnt want every body i know out of work was a construction workers what ever is happening both parties are in on it. i visited my home town a few weeks ago and in the middle of town they were building a small stage beside the work area there was one of those obama signs saying stimulus dollars at work i am not real sure how it was worded but had the obama world on it. there was one white boss and six mexicans and not one person lived in the area. why would our gov. want millions of more people when total economic collaspe seems to be right around the corner. we have been on down hill spiral that started 30seconds after nafta was signed we are being delivered into the hands of the enemy and not sure who it is china,muslims,russians they all want to see us destroyed we have the enemy living among us who is using every tool to destroy us look at the fema web site on who is a domestic terrorist see if you are one let me know
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