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Can one individual Tea Party person please get it together here and organize ONE CONSOLIDATED TEA PARTY?

There are way too many different Tea Party web sites going on.  Nothing is going to be accomplished this way.

If we want a TEA PARTY than we need to unite into ONE TEA PARTY.  With ONE WEB SITE.  I am certainly going to not donate to one Tea Party that isn't a associated with another Tea Party.

Come guys and gals!  Let's get it together.


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Do you think that just maybe it is finally time to end this Middle East conflict once and for all?  This conflict and hatred has been going on since the beginning of time and will go on until the end of time unless something truly serious reckons with this idiocy.

I am no fan of Israel nor am I am fan of Palestine and Hamas.  Peace talks don't work.  Does anyone get that yet?  This is absolute insanity.  So I say to Israel, nuke them now, TODAY! and get this whole mess over with.  NOW.

It worked in World War II with Japan and it will work with Israel with the Palestine.

End it now.  Send over your nukes, Israel, and end it all with one big bang.  Children, teenagers, innocent civilians are already being picked off one by one.  What is going on right now has been going on forever and will continue forever.  These two countries will NEVER agree on anything.  They each want what they want and that's it.   There is NO meeting ground for either side.  So I say, go for it.  Send your missles and get it done.  Making amends with each other does not seem to be a viable option.

Enough is enough.

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While watching yet another news show this morning about the lack of Obama's actions on just about every important issue facing the United States of America I suddenly realized WHY.

President Obama is AFRAID.  Mr. Obama has bitten off far more than he can chew with his presidency and he knows it. He may have been successful locally while being a Senator but he was far too inexperienced to take on the role as leader of the most powerful country in the world.

Mr. Obama's rose-colored glasses have taken on the deepest rose to the point where he is completely blinded by what is really happening all around him and those glasses now have blinders on them as an additional hindrance to what he doesn't want to see.

This man is afraid.

We all know another major 9/11 type terrorist attack is going to occur.  And probably soon.

I am certain that President Obama is going to call in sick on that day.  And Biden will probably catch the same illness as Obama.

At this point in time, we have no one running our country.  Instead, we have a leader who is running from his sworn responsibilities.

I propose that when that unfortunate but likely time comes, the House of Representatives take over.

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ZIP IT UP - Go Hobby Lobby!

I am going to say this only once.  No one is "entitled" to birth control or anything else to do with the sexual act.  Birth control, erection drugs, abortions and even maternity and having a baby should not be covered under ANY insurance that is funded by taxpayers.

Does the government tell you that you MUST have children or must NOT have children?  It's YOUR decision.  Responsible people ask themselves if they can afford to have children.  They don't just keep popping them out.  Keep your fly zipped up, keep your legs closed, have some self-control or else PAY FOR THE ALTERNATIVES YOURSELF.

Birth control and Viagara is NOT AN ENTITLEMENT.

I don't care what you do regarding your sexuality.  I just don't want to pay for any of it.  As long as it doesn't infringe on my rights you can do whatever you want with whoever you want.  Just don't expect me to chip in.

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We are assessing the number of unemployed citizens in a totally half-assed manner which in no way represents the true unemployment numbers.

Just because those who had been receiving unemployment insurance have gone down doesn't mean that those same people now have jobs.  It only means they are no longer eligible for unemployment insurance!  It's run out!  They can't get it anymore!  They are now left with no unemployment insurance AND no employment!  But those people are now supposedly employed according to the government's calcuation?

Do you think, maybe, someone could take a survey of the people who are unemployed and have NO unemployment insurance?

I have been unemployed for years.  I am intelligent, highly skilled as a legal secretary and in retail, I am business savvy and presentable but still a member of the "unemployable" due to my age and over-qualification.  I have been INELIGIBLE for unemployment benefits.  I have not been receiving unemployment benefits.  Why have I not been counted as one of the UNEMPLOYED?

I have since taken money from my IRA to start a business but for the most part I have been unemployed for years.

The TRUE unemployment numbers would be astounding if the TRUE number of unemployed were counted.

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I signed the petition to impeach Obama.  How many signatures are needed for this?  What is the status on this?

The year is 2014 and the United States is faced with an unprecedented horror of atrocities.

Obama needs to be forced out of office NOW.  He is totally inept and incapable of defending OUR Constitution.  Our national security is non-existent and our borders are being overrun.  This entire administration is being run like The Mickey Mouse Club and our Commander in Chief' is behaving like we live in Disney World.  Without Annette Funicello!

But if Obama is impeached, then what?  Here is how the chain of command would be passed on:

1.  The Vice President - NO!

2.  Speaker of the House - OMG!

3.  President Pro Tempore of the Senate - Who is that?  I don't even know who that is.

4.  Secretary of State - John Kerry?  What?

5.  Secretary of the Treasury  (Does this person have anything to do with the IRS?)

6.  Secretary of Defense - Maybe we're making progress here.

The good news I heard today is that John Kerry may be sent off to Baghdad.  I wish no harm to any US citizen but perhaps if ISIS parades Kerry's head around on a stick Obama might consider this "Iraqi" conflict to be more than a mere Iraqi problem.

Also, don't be surprised if that "missing" Malaysia jet plane shows up.  I think it would make a great impact on the US embassy in Iraq.  Hopefully while Kerry is visiting.

But who am I to judge?  I am merely an angry United States citizen who is watching this great country crumble around me and suffering from each and every one of this administrations policies.  Never thought I would see this in my lifetime.  But here it is.

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We have no border.

And our nation is in an unprecedented trouble despite the liberal pundits claims that this has been going on for decades.  No.  THOSE illegal immigrants are now mowing our lawns.  It has NEVER been like this.

If we cannot protect our "border" from an influx of children how are we supposed to protect it from an influx of brutal, technologically savvy terrorists whose intent is to destroy us?

Mexico is no ally in any sense of the word for allowing these children to be transported 1500 miles through their country to get here.  These children should be put back on a caravan of busses immediately and sent to Mexico City to be dealt with there.  No questions asked.  Pronto mi amigo.  Es su problemo.

No one wants to see these children suffer but have you seen the photos and videos?  They all seem to have cell phones.  They are dressed nicely.  Crowded conditions?  I have seen much worse taking the E-Train into Penn Station!  They are getting free food, housing and medical care which is way more than I'm getting!  It's like they are on vacation and carrying a free pass into the United States.  Unlike the starving children in BOSNIA who are out of sight, out of mind.

Imagine this scenario:  The homeless in your town begin to cross your fenceline.  They camp on your lawn.  Your lawn is full of them.  They are children.  They are hungry.  They have chicken pox.  Do you start making sandwiches?  Do you provide medical care?  Can you afford to?  OR, do you call the police and have them taken away?

Imagine this scenario:  You have foolishly had five children you cannot support.  You put them on a bus to another state for that other state to deal with.  Would you get arrested?  Would this be acceptable?

WHAT is going on here?

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama, this is NOT a mole whacking game that you can turn off whenever you get tired of playing.  These INVADERS into our country need to be whacked.  And whacked hard.


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Before anyone even thinks about "global warming" or "climate change" I strongly suggest they read "Isaac's Storm" by Erik Larson.  Reading like a novel, this meticulously researched book documents the hurricane which devastated Galeveston, Texas in 1900.  This factual account imparts the jewel of wisdom that a mere 114 years ago we knew absolutely NOTHING about the weather.

But now only a few short 114 years later we stupidly claim to know all about the weather?  How could this be?

Our planet, Earth (for those of you who seem to forget that we actually live on a planet which is a speck in the greater and grander infinite Universe) has been around for about 4.5 BILLION years.  Of course there has been and continues to be climate change!  But the Earth has managed to survive climate change without any interference or help from anyone for those same 4.5 BILLION years. Thus, we have all procreated to dispute the matter.

The emissions from our factories and cars and the more recently blamed (and supposedly even worse!) infernal cow farts (methane) are supposedly causing "global warming" which has now morphed into simply "climate change" because, quite frankly, no one really knows WHAT is going on.  But consider this.  Dinosaur flatulence must have been huge and even worse than all our little cars and cows combined.  Were the dinosaurs obliterated because of climate change?  No.  They were obliterated by what science believes was an asteroid.

Since the sky is so vast it is very likely that if such an asteroid were heading towards the Earth at this moment we would not even detect it until it is upon us.  Which leads me to be much more concerned about an asteroid smacking into the earth than climate change.

Having said all of the above, I do believe we need to care for the environment.  Like no littering, for example, and get rid of the garbage in a clean way.  But we, the United States of America, cannot control the rest of the entire EARTH and other countries' regulations regarding the environment.  So while we cut off our self-sufficiency by not implementing the Keystone Pipeline and  we impose ridiculous regulations upon our agriculture system (our breadbasket and the farmers) and hindering INDUSTRY we have absolutely NO control over the REST of the planet which is the majority of the planet.  Can we control the destruction of the rainforests which plays a huge role in the cause of climate change?  No!  Not unless we want to declare war on the rest of the entire world and THIS administration wants to declare war on NO one.

I think the Liberals need to really calm down and re-think this whole thing.  I think a whole new government needs to put in place in this country.  One which respects the Constitution and the will of the people and which has a reality based mentality rather than a politcally based greed for power.

We, the PEOPLE of the United States of America (and not, Me, Obama, the President of the United States of America) need to move forward and forcefully towards an intellegent government that will allow this country to realize its capabilities by becoming a totally self-sufficent nation with a strong industry in order to provide employment for our CITIZENS.


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Where Lies the Blame?

I believe Obama should be impeached because he has failed to follow the Constitution in many respects but particularly in his vow to protect the Constitution.  Article I, the very first, states that national security is first and foremost the priority of the national government.  President Obama has just unleashed five top mastermind terrorists back into this world.  President Obama withdrew from Iraq while were just making progress into the war on terror and the terrorists now have a new and strong wind in their sails.  The same thing will happen if we withdraw from Afghanistan.

So we impeach Obama.  But then what?  Who takes over?  Biden?  I don't feel any more secure with Biden.  Still, impeaching Obama would make a huge statement.

I cannot condemn Obama for being who he is.  But I can, most vehemently, condemn the koolaid drinking, bleeding heart, liberal voters who voted him into office for a SECOND term of incompetent administration.  I do not believe that the heart of America has ever been in his corner.  Big changes need to be made in the electoral process.

With the electronic age upon us, one man - one vote, should be the new mantra.  Our SS#s are no secret to anybody, least of all the government via the IRS.  We should vote right on our computers, under our SS#.  PERIOD.  One vote, one SS#.  No other way.  Obama would NOT have gotten back into office, or even into office in the first place, had this system been in place.  The electoral college?  OUT.  No need for it now in the 21st century.

The time is long overdue for a huge change in the running of this country.  Our personal freedom and survival is at stake.  Big government squashes big dreams.  And the unrestricted ability to find fruition of our big dreams is what has made this country great.

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