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October 24

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


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Janet Cucharo posted blog posts
Jul 17, 2014
Janet Cucharo commented on Janet Cucharo's blog post OBAMA IS AFRAID
"I don't believe Obama is smart enough to know exactly what he is doing.  I do understand your point, however, and though this may be his "idealism" he certainly doesn't have enough time left in office to see it to fruition.  But whatever the truth…"
Jul 8, 2014
Janet Cucharo posted a blog post
While watching yet another news show this morning about the lack of Obama's actions on just about every important issue facing the United States of America I suddenly realized WHY.President Obama is AFRAID.  Mr. Obama has bitten off far more than he…
Jul 7, 2014
Janet Cucharo posted a blog post
I am going to say this only once.  No one is "entitled" to birth control or anything else to do with the sexual act.  Birth control, erection drugs, abortions and even maternity and having a baby should not be covered under ANY insurance that is…
Jul 1, 2014
Janet Cucharo posted blog posts
Jun 19, 2014
Janet Cucharo posted a blog post
We have no border.And our nation is in an unprecedented trouble despite the liberal pundits claims that this has been going on for decades.  No.  THOSE illegal immigrants are now mowing our lawns.  It has NEVER been like this.If we cannot protect…
Jun 16, 2014
Janet Cucharo left a comment on Help Desk
"I want to know what I can DO to get this country moving forward in the right direction."
Jun 15, 2014
Janet Cucharo posted a blog post
Before anyone even thinks about "global warming" or "climate change" I strongly suggest they read "Isaac's Storm" by Erik Larson.  Reading like a novel, this meticulously researched book documents the hurricane which devastated Galeveston, Texas in…
Jun 15, 2014
Janet Cucharo commented on Linda Hahn's blog post 17-Yr-Old Girl Who Wants to Actually Represent the People Just Unseated a Politician in W. Virginia
"Go Saira!  Wish I lived in her district in WV so I could cast my vote for her."
Jun 15, 2014
Janet Cucharo posted a blog post
I believe Obama should be impeached because he has failed to follow the Constitution in many respects but particularly in his vow to protect the Constitution.  Article I, the very first, states that national security is first and foremost the…
Jun 12, 2014

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